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Ann and Gerry Johnson are Eagle Harbor veterans and astute observers of the local scene. Luckily for us, Ann is also a wonderful writer. Their quarterly "letter to taxpayers" is a Harbor institution, eagerly anticipated and read by many Township property owners, especially those who are yet to make Eagle Harbor their permanent home. A big "Thank you" to Ann and Gerry for contributing their letter to George's Eagle Harbor Web.

March, 1997, News from the Johnsons at Eagle Harbor.

Greetings from the BLUE SKY COUNTY OF KEWEENAW. Without a cloud in sight this day after St. Patrick's Day, we are seeing the deepest blue above Eagle Harbor ever. The sparkles of the sun on our fifteen inches of new snow is blinding, but exhilarating.

You should hear the tales of travel horror from Nancy Wakeman and the Clarkson's who were all returning from down-State meetings last Friday. No visibility and some 360-degree spins were reported. Luckily they all made it on Saturday after stopping overnight on the way. (The highway from Munising to Marquette was closed.)

We had become too complacent after six or seven weeks of very light or no snow--never even fired up the snowblower in February. That changed with a thorough driveway cleaning on Saturday. It is so white and lovely--we wish we could figure out how to make snow banks melt from the bottom so the top stays clean.

The March Board meeting was delayed until the 17th because of the travels of the Supervisor and a Trustee. The third Monday is the regular meeting of the Volunteer Fire Fighters, so we had a delegation of VFD members at the Board meeting. It was an opportunity to hear their concerns and their "wish list." They said, "We have the training, but not the equipment to do the job we feel the property owners would like." Newer trucks with much greater tank capacity and a building large enough to house them is their dream. We will be hearing more proposals from them in the near future.

Good friends and neighbors have filled some Township needs: Fred Kellow has made a permanent donation of the TV and VCR that the aerobics group had borrowed for the winter; and, John and Ruth (Opland) Dawson are having a flag sent from Washington that has flown over the Capitol. A call had gone out for a new flag for the ballyard flag pole. Thanks for these donations!!

The early morning view of the "Hale-Bopp Comet" has been spectacular from this area. We actually had some clear skies and with little interference from lights around us, it has been a wonderful opportunity to see a historical sight. Our days are lengthening rapidly. We have more than twelve hours from sunrise to sunset as the sun moves northward.

The Board of Review completed the two day March hearings. The Board handled about twenty inquiries or protests in person and by mail.

As spring meltdown approaches, Harborites are fleeing like Lemmings. Many who lasted through the "hard" winter months are finally looking for heat and beaches in the Southwest or Florida. We have no dog sitter, so will stay and watch the birds and animals come out as the weather warms. In the meantime, the cross-country ski trail is still great. We had a glowing note from the Bollingers who spent a weekend on the trail up here. More of you should try the winter scene next year.

Actually, this has been an easy winter with less than 300 inches of snow so far and not too much zero weather. No wonder we have more families making the Township their year-round home. There are six or seven permanent residents at Gratiot Lake now. (News Flash! It is now Wednesday, the 19th and snowing like crazy. Also groups of snowmobilers are coming and going on the trail from the cemetery.)

As we see the terrible aftermath's of floods, tornadoes, heavy rains, etc., all over the country, we appreciate our area. True, we have lots of snow, but great preparation for it. We feel more in control of the elements, or, maybe, these elements are just easier to cope with. After all, we can stay in the house, build a lovely fire, share a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine, and feel safe and relaxed!!

The Eagle Harbor Inn will close this Saturday for their spring break. No more Friday night gatherings for awhile. That is truly a high point of the week during the winter.

Now, looking forward to Spring and Summer and the return of our part-time neighbors----

You will see someone other than our faithful Don Keith at the Solid Waste facility after May. Don has practically donated his services the past years and we can never thank him enough for the care and concern he has shown all of us up there. His patience is legendary, but enough is enough and new personnel must be found. This may require change in the hours the facility is open, so be sure and check for information when you return to the Harbor. Please, don't get your "knickers-in-a-twist" if you are asked for identification by a new attendant. We want to be sure we aren't disposing of trash for the surrounding townships and counties.

The aerobics group has been working faithfully all winter. It has been lots of fun and healthy, too. We are looking forward to many summer people joining us. If 8:00 AM is too early, a session could probably be arranged for later in the day. We have a fabulous library of tapes--Richard Simmons, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jazzercise, step workouts, and walk fit tapes--something for everyone!!

The Keweenaw County Road Commission has promised to rework the cut-off road this year. It will be done like the Cliff View road from Ahmeek to Phoenix. We can hardly wait because the patches on patches on patches get rougher every day. Crews have been cutting trees along the right-of-way for weeks and providing lots of firewood for the locals. With luck, when you come back to Eagle Harbor this year, you will have to take the Eagle River-Sand Dune Drive road or deal with construction.

See you all by the Fourth of July--the Parade may hold some surprises!!

Ann and Gerry

Ann & Gerry Johnson
HC 1 Box 280 B
Eagle Harbor, MI 49950

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