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1998 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

First Annual Eagle Harbor Inn/Eagle Harbor Store Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival Awards.

Pumpkin Award Category Awarded To:
Martha Stewart Award (most creative) Bob & Sue King (turkey)
Bob Taylor Award (funniest) Ann Back (green with envy)
Should Have Been A Pie Award Anonymous (not for public display)
Newt Gingrich Award (most political) George Hite (vote olson)
Bill Clinton Award (most politically incorrect) Dick Lantz/Patti Asselin (bill & monica)
Keweenaw Award (best Keweenaw) Bruce Olson (cat harbor lighthouse)
Jim Boggio Award (best promotion of Eagle Harbor) George Hite (eagle harbor web)
Foxy Award (cleverest) Jim Boggio (harbor inn regular)
Doris Day Award (cutest) Joe Monroe (small heart)
Mary Probst Award (best smile) Patti Asselin (pretty lady)
Jack the Ripper Award (most aggressively carved) Patti Crampton (ugly face)
Marilynn Monroe Award (most glamorous) Jeane Olson (monica)
World Wrestling Federation Award (big pumpkin champ) John Wakeman (big boy)
Patti Crampton Award (friendliest) Tom & Jean Ellis (snowman)
Priority Mail Award (most travelled) Angela (Geiss) Smith (small fry)
Michelangelo Award (most artistically carved) Alice Kipfer (cameo lighthouse)
Take Home Award (most like to) George Hite (harbor lighthouse)
Lighthouse Keepers Award (best lighthouse) Nancy Sherk (harbor lighthouse)
Beachfire Award (bright as a beachfire)) John Wakeman (big boy)
Wicked Witch of the North Award (best witch) Gerry Johnson (witch)
Volunteer Fire Dept Award (best burner/smoker) Ginny Schubert (spook's tummy)
John Glenn Award (best effort by a senior) Dick Lantz (trick or treat)
Heaven's Gate Award (most angelic) Jill Vandermeer (tiny troll)
Abby the Wonderdog Award (best nose/ears) John Clarkson (snoopy)
Count Dracula Award (most ghoulish) Ginny Schubert (spook's tummy)
Eagle Eye Award (best eyes) Barb Martin (hard nosed)
Holiest Award (best shotgunned) no entries
Dick Lantz Award (most devilish) Marilynn Ehrenreich (skull)
Vampire Award (best teeth) Dale Willoughby (gargoyle)
Not In My Back Yard Award (least likely to be taken home) Jim Boggio (harbor inn regular)
WOW! Award (most awesome) Dale Willoughby (gargoyle)
Madonna Award (most bizarre) Ann Gasperich (monster)
Spook Award (best ghost) Nancy Clarkson (ghost)
Penmanship Award (best lettering) Mary Probst (eagle harbor inn)
Humpty Dumpty Award (best upside-down) Anonymous (head stand)
Thimbleberry Award (best small) Mary Probst (cat)
Littlest Angel Award (most beautiful small pumpkin) DeeAnna Gariepw (bat)
Pumpkin Carver Prodigy Award (best entry by a youngster) Angela (Geiss) Smith (small fry)
Troll Award (best entry from below The Bridge) Judy McGrath (wry smile)
Cat's Meow Award (most admired) Nancy Sherk (harbor lighthouse)
Pumpkin Patch Award (pride of the patch) Barb Sickler (packer fan)
Shaggy Bear Award (best hair) Mid Willoughby (sad sam)
Brockway Mountain Drive Award (most majestic) Ann Johnson (castles)
Humble Pie Award (most humble) Peter & Patricia Van Pelt (shy one)
Sam Walton Award (most entrepreneurial) Patti Crampton (feathers for sale)
Peoples' Choice Award (most coveted) Alice Kipfer (cameo lighthouse)
Impersonator Award (best impersonation of person/people) Jeane Olson (circuit court)
Avant-Garde Award (most exciting new concept) Annie Kipfer (evil eye)
"Boo!" Award (scariest) Patti Crampton (ugly face)
Eagle Harbor Award (best Eagle Harbor) Wayne Sickler (eagle harbor)
Pagliacci Award (saddest) Mid Willoughby (sad sam)
Best Of Show (last to rot) Unknown

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