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1999 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

Second Annual Eagle Harbor Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival Awards.

Pumpkin Award Category Awarded To:
Martha Stewart Award (most creative) Elaine Finke (Witch's Tree")
Bob Taylor Award (funniest) Mary Beyers (Nose Job)
Should Have Been A Pie Award George Hite (Duct Tape)
Calrence Bach Award (best impersonation of a celebrity) Patti Keith (Hop Sing & Admirer)
Romeo & Juliet Award (best lovers) Rich Probst & Kelly Bryant (Smooching)
Harbor Web Award (editor's choice) John & Nancy Wakeman (Something On My Mind)
Jim Boggio Award (best promotion of Eagle Harbor) George Hite (Pumpkin Festival)
Foxy Award (cleverest) Peggy Johnson (M&M Witch)
Sandra Dee Award (cutest) Angela (Geis) Smith (Battery Pal)
Mary Probst Award (best smile) Anne Boggio (Life Is Good)
Jack the Ripper Award (most aggressively carved) Barb Martin (Cookie Cutter)
Sue King Award (most glamorous) Nancy Clarkson (Sassy Lady)
AARP Award [American Assoc. of about to be Retired Pumpkins] (best pumpkin advocacy) Rick Finke (Eat Spam Pie)
Patti Crampton Award (friendliest) Elaine Finke (Wink)
Pamida's Choice Award (best use of store carving pattern) Elaine Finke (The Klansman)
Michelangelo Award (most artistically carved) Patti Crampton (Artist's Tree)
Popeye Rock Award (best recovery from a fall) Elaine Finke (Splitting Headache)
Lighthouse Keepers Award (best lighthouse) No Entries
You'll Hear From Our Lawyer Award (best unauthorized use of copyright) Doug Schubert (Packer Promo)
Wicked Witch of the North Award (best witch) Ginny Schubert (Witch)
Thimbleberry Award (best small) Ann Bach (Carrot Top)
Senior Prodigy Award (best effort by a new senior) Barb Sickler (Pumpkin Man)
Tall Tale Award (best interpretation of a tale) Gerry Johnson (Tall Tail)
Abby the Wonderdog Award (best furry friend) JPatti Asselin (It's A Cat?)
Pumpkin Patch Award (pride of the patch) Ann Johnson (Trick or Treat)
"Boo" Award (scariest) Nate ? (Skull)
The Punpkins' Choice Award (best "traditional") Paul & Bobbie Freswater (Happy)
Peoples' Choice Award (most admired) George Hite (Peregrine)
WOW! Award (most awesome) Mary Probst (Frankenstein)
Don't Knock At My Door Award (most frightening) Dick Lantz (Overboard Sailor)
Littlest Angel Award (most beautiful small) Elaine Finke (Little Piggy)
Fred Kellow Award (most like to have stop by for a visit) Calrence Fisher (Hear All - Tell All)
Best Of Show (last to rot) Unknown

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