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While hiking along the old road to Central from Eagle Harbor I wondered when the road that replaced it as the main route to the Harbor was built and what the circumstances were that prompted its construction. We call it the "cutoff road" and some maps label it "Brockway Mountain Drive". What's the scoop on this?

My dear George,

Word has come to me that you would like to know about the Eagle Harbor cutoff road. I am pleased both to provide you with the story and to have the opportunity to chat with you and the people who are usually in cars whizzing by me. As you know from some correspondence we had a year or so ago, I am not unfriendly. I am naturally reticent, but not withdrawn. I have had good friends through the ages.

But I digress. You are interested in how the cutoff road came to be. In fact, long ago, shortly after one of my good friends rolled down the cliff when I did, she became restless. You see, we had been on top with a wonderful view and she just wasn't satisfied. (Once you get used to Lake Superior on the horizon-well, you know what that's like.)

My friend was also dismayed at the lichens which were beginning to dot her surface. Taking the old adage about the rolling stone, she decided to see what was on the top of the hill. I can tell you first hand about part of her journey; the rest is hearsay.

I watched her strain and struggle to get as far as where the Garden City Road comes in now. She was a very large rock, even beyond boulder size! Small trees and tall grass were no match for her as she rolled along. She paused briefly but I could hear the excitement in her cry, "Water ahead!" The next thing I heard was the splash as she hit Jacob's Creek. The cool water obviously refreshed her and on she went. That hill must have been a challenge-she was no longer able to keep her progress in a straight line.

About that time, I lost sight of her. As you know, we rocks sometimes have problems with fragmentation. That was a lucky break (no pun intended) for me. The small stones that broke from my friend rolled back down the hill to me and kept me informed of her progress. I learned almost everything that she did until she reached Copper Falls. At that point, I hoped that she would stop, since she could see the lake clearly. But alas and alack, she must have kept going, panking a path that cars could use as she went. It's only through the tires on those cars that I got any news from there on. (Stamp sand can carry tiny tales.)

From what I understand, it's pretty much downhill from there on. The force of gravity seized her and she plummetted down, past Eliza Creek, wiping out larger trees, thimbleberry bushes, perky little pines, and anything else in her path. I heard rumbling and even around me, the earth around me trembled.

Well, as you might expect, a rock like her has no way to stop once it gets to a certain speed. Bears were leaping out of the way, rabbits were running alongside. (You humans who approach her speed in the annual Popeye Run--not even close.) The water of Eagle Harbor loomed ahead of her. On she went: across the dry sand, the wet sand, and into the cool water. Through the waves, deeper and deeper. How good that must have felt! She swam like a rock until she reached the mouth of the Harbor, when she rested quietly, now a crib.

So that's the story of how the Cutoff Road came to be. Thanks for asking--and if my friend really is there, would you say hello to her for me?


Popeye Rock

Harbor Web Editor's response to Popeye Rock's ghost writer. (Names deleted to protect the not-so-innocent!)
"Oh, ----, what have I (you) unleashed? Another wonderful round of rock stories? I hope so!
I was of course hoping for a more learned response to my innocent query. This is, after all, a search for knowledge. We must also think of the image Harbor Web content projects to the eagerly attentive world of Harbor watchdogs. Do we want people to think of us as thoughtful, intelligent guardians of truth and civility, or as just a bunch of nice folks having a good time while perched on a Superior rock? Think of this my friend!
I eagerly await the response from brother ----."

To: Eagle Harbor Web Publisher (Eyes Only)
Re: Cutoff Story

I am very dismayed with the apparent laissez faire attitude demonstrated by your editor (one George Hite) in his dealings with “tailings” of Mr. Popeye Rock. Mr. Hite appears to be unable or unwilling to apply his otherwise unquestionable character when dealing with Mr. Rock. I first noticed this during Mr. Rock’s malicious attack on my dad’s reputation a year or so ago.

Most recently, he allowed Mr. Rock’s tale on the origin of the cutoff go unchallenged. Mr. Rock would have us believe that based on his Jeanie-ology study we should give credit for the shortcut to his family. This is because he has “a friend” (Obviously an older sibling) who went over the hill, around the bend and took up permanent residence near the mouth of the Harbor. GIVE ME A BREAK. I too, have an older sibling, who is over the hill, apparently has gone “round the bend’ and has also taken up permanent residence near the mouth the Harbor. (Note: that while both Mr. Rock’s sibling and mine both have signs of white topping their respective heads I do not believe the source of the white to be the same.)

Now, were I to try and claim credit for the shortcut for my family, do you honestly believe Mr. Hite would allow this to go unchallenged? I DON’T THINK SO. I strongly urge you to have a long discussion with your editor and clearly explain his editorial responsibilities not only to you but also to all Eagle Harbor Web readers. If he truly wants people to think of Harbor folks as “thoughtful, intelligent guardians of truth and civility” he must be willing to stand up and put a stop to Mr. Rock. (You might want to do this in private since seeing you talking to your editor might raise more than a few eyebrows)

If you are unwilling or unable to adequately address this manner my only recourse will be to take the matter to an elected official say the Township Supervisor. (Now there’s a thought that could make even Tarzan wail)

Because I am a sensitive and caring individual an do not want to cause my sibling any undue stress please do not mention her by name. Thank you.
Bill Medlyn

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