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Feedback Archive January, 2000

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"Good Morning, George from sunny Tucson, AZ. We want to tell you how much we look forward to your web page everyday. That is one of the first things we do every morning. It's a treat to hear about things that are happening "at home". The Lac La Belle fire chief (Wendell) is interested in hearing when Eagle Harbor will be getting their new fire truck and if there will be a picture of it on the web?" (Wendell & Audrey Carlson, 1/31)
The truck is due sometime in February. There will be a picture on the Harbor Web on the big day!

"I love your web site. It is informative as well as amusing. I really like the idea of being able to find and contact other Yoopers, in fact I have found several old buddies from your site. Very cool. I live in Sarasota, Florida. I am not getting much sympathy from family and friends living in the Copper Country, when I tell them how cold it has been here the last week. I have told all of my four sons about your site. They absolutely love it! Thanks for the enjoyment." (Jeanne Hoganson, 1/30)

"What nice thoughts...Must have been a beautiful day to be out, enjoying better weather and the quite solitude of the place. Your writing is very enjoyable, and I must say it gives one a feeling of being there...that's a great gift and I'm so glad I found your site and can "tune in" to enjoy your observations and recantations. Abby sounds like a great dog. Well, its cool here in Tampa--I played hockey this morning (inside) and golf this afternoon--I was much more uncomfortable playing golf.... Thanks for the "musings" and I'll look for the pictures!!" (Pat Bingham , 1/28)

"A friend of mine here in Thompson/Center Arms , Rochester NH gave me your web address. When I was in the service, I spent much time a TDY at KI Sawyer AFB mostly in the winter. I really enjoyed it up there. So Mike thought that I would really enjoy your page. He was right. It brings back many memories of what I saw. Wish I had made up as far as your area. I will be returning to this page." (Pete Castine, 1/26)

"Really enjoyed your Journal today... I've got 20 yrs of sand in my shoes, but definately miss the majestic winter weather-particularly up where you are!! I've got you bookmarked so you'll hear from me again. oh yes, let sleeping dogs lie??!! I'd like to be there with you both." (Pat Bingham, Tampa, 1/25)

"What a great site! I had the opportunity to visit Eagle Harbor last summer, if only for a little while. My family and I were visiting relatives in Houghton, and I escaped long enough just to drive around. I just fell in love with the whole area, and we hope to return next summer."(Eric Pyle, Morgantown, WV, 1/24)

"Hello from Ohio, it sounds like your weather is very cold and snowy. It is just very cold here today and not much snow which is how I like winter. I get on and check things out in Eagle Harbor almost every day, we sure do enjoy your site. We are all ready for summer and our annual vacation in your beautiful country. Our email address has changed it is and we are from Kansas Ohio. Your winter pictures are just beautiful and we use the sunset picture as a screen saver. Thank you again for the wonderful site."(Clark Boatman, 1/24)

"I check the web page regularly and enjoy your musings and journal entrys very much. Quite often when I am reading your information etc I am reminded of the story of the big city meteoroligist who was interviewing a sage old Indian chief reguarding the upcoming winter season. He asked the old gent what his prediction for the upcoming winter would be to which the old gent replied, " It' gonna be a long cold winter." The meteoroligist pressed further and asked, " What signs do you have to support this forecast? Do the owls have thicker feathers? Did the beaver build higher thicker houses? Did the trees drop their leaves early? or maybe the fox has thicker fur?" The old Indian stroked his chin and smiled wryly saying; "No check um those things. No need, It's easy. White man got um big wood pile." I don't know if you had heard that one before but it has been around for a long time and still brings smiles to faces when told with the proper timing. Keep up the good work and shake up that Heikke Lunta (Hank Snow) a little bit after all you must live up to your reputation as the midwest snow capitol."(A former yooper, Roger Janke, 1/24)

"I think I need to point my browser in the other direction. We're close to 0 here today also. Looks like from the live cam that you're having or going to have some more snow but cold too! brrrr Loved that photo of the bear. Good thing he's dressed up - at least that's what it looks like with the snow on his head & back. I have to admit I've borrowed this photo to show a few of my friends at work. Thanks as always for such a great page." ( Priscilla -freezing but sunny in northern IL., 1/22)

"Just visited your web page and loved it. My parents (Ruth and Mack Kelly) are your summer neighbors and I've just visited (your web page) for the first time (I had some free time at work and could quickly look at all the pictures -- next time I'll slow down and be envious). It's great and a lot of fun. Makes me wish I were there -- at least for a visit. I'm in sunny (or not so sunny as the case is today) California but will stop by for a visit on the web frequently now. Don't know when I'll make it back to the Harbor -- it's really far away now. My e-mail address, at home, is Thanks again -- I may even try to look up some old friends." (Thea (Kelly) Wagner, 1/21)


"Wow, I didn't even realize how much I missed the harbor until I realized that I go there every day and then when my dad asked me how much snow there was I could tell him exactly. It was pretty interesting that I have picked up so much from this site. My dad is grew up around Houghton/Hancock. I come up to see my grandparents very often. It wasn't until about 6 years ago that we started going there and we have ever since. I love the fires at the beach at night, sitting on the beach or swimming, or just walking around the harbor and taking in the friendly spirit. For the first few years I really didn't know too many people that were around. In the past years I have made friends who I REALLY miss. This website is really cool, not to mention that web cam that I go and look at a few times a day. I hope to be coming up around Easter just to visit for the day but I will be back in the summer! Thanks for such a great website!" (, 1/20)

"I am one of those regular silent/anonymous visitors to your website. I was born & raised in downstate Michigan, altho my parents are both from northern Minnesota. I think the call of the north was in my blood and led me up to MTU in 1978. During my years at Tech, I spent a lot of time wandering the Keeweenaw and enjoying the magic of the area, but I always found Eagle Harbor to be particularly special. I don't know what it is -- its not just the snow -- because I enjoy a visit to the Keeweenaw any time of the year. There is something very down home and comfortable about the people and the land. I certainly get good vibes from your website. You do a wonderful job capturing the character of the Keeweenaw. I visit your website every day. It feels like coming home. Thank you for bringing this to us -- it means more than you can imagine.
Speaking of coming home, I wonder if you could post a message/request for me. I'm interested in renting a place in Eagle Harbor this summer for a week or two in July for my family of 5. Thank you." (Shawn Rathbun email address:, 1/19)

"Your 1/19 rumination on why this local little website gets 5,000 hits per month sounds to me like prologue for a front page Wall Street Journal article. Our cousin Lila Daley, architect of the long standing "let's keep E.H. a secret" foreign policy, must be doing 1000 rpm at Pine Grove! We leave now for California (computer now going into box) knowing we won't be out of touch. Keep up da good work! I'll be looking forward to a brochure on scheduled Peregrine sailings after the record low snowfall." (Paul Freshwater, 1/19)
Paul, with a full season forecast of an embarrassing 171", thinks he is in the cat seat for the "big prize": a sail to Isle Royale onboard Peregrine. I forgot to tell him it's one-way.

"I ran into your web site while searching for snow info for a snowmobiling friend. Can't quite recall just exactly how I got here, but I've been back every day since. While my wife and I have spent our vacations in Eagle River for the past 20 years or so, I have never experienced the area in winter. That will have to wait a few years till retirement. Until then, I'll have to rely on your pictures. Thanks." (Dane Christensen, Flint, 1/19)

"I live in Saginaw, Micgigan and am a retired streets department employee of the city, which meant I also drove those "big orange plows". I do realize that "my" plow I'm sure was nothing like your plows up there. But I know those drivers appreciate your entry today. More often than not, all you get is complaints from citizens about the plows. So it was with great thanks I read your entry is always nice to hear the letters of appreciation for the wonderful (and yes, nerve wracking) job these men (and women) do!! Again, thanks!!" (Paul Schultz,1/18)

"I'm going to send you information about a bright light box. You sit in front of it for 15 minutes and you'll feel like a new person!! I'm serious, it's been a big help to me. When I saw you were trying to figure out how many times the light at the lighthouse would go around before shipping season opened again I thought, "He's lost it." :)" (Sue Adams, 1/17)

"I was researching snowfall with my 9 year old daughter for her science class and came across your site. It brought back fond memories of my years there including 78-79's snowfall of what I felt then was a biblical proportion. She got a kick out of the information and you included some useful data that she is going to include. Thanks! I am going to go over some family photos, as both sides of my family had mining lineage (Boston Location, Delaware, Phoenix, Eagle River and Harbor). Maybe there are some historical pictures that you might find interesting. I will come back to the site regularly now. I yearn to see the area again, and now through the site's cams I can! Keep up the good work!" (Bill James, 1/16)

"I believe "Shoot" was the very word used a couple of years ago by Bill Jackson as he rounded a curve on picturesque, snow-packed US 41 -- and plowed into a tree. According to a passenger riding with Fritz Ehlers in his fatal encounter with another tree on the same snow-packed highway, his last word was the Saxon version of the same thought (albeit in English instead of his native Hun). Net -- George, you can put a beautiful face on anything, even the local lethal louge run! Keep up the good work. And we leave next week secure in the belief that my parsimonious snow estimate of 171 inches will prove to be a gross exageration! Pile on the chili sauce!" ( Paul FresH2O, 1/14)
Oh "shoot" Paul. "Parsimonious"! Don't you mean avaricious?

"Fun Site! My wife and I live about 35 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin in Janesville. (Too close to Illinois.) Haven't a good snow in years so headed up to Lake Superior this past New Years to find the white fluff. Stayed at Pinewood Lodge in AuTrain, just west of Munising. Right on the shore. Nice B & B. After that trip I got the idea that we should check out the Keweenaw Peninsula next. I had heard that you were famous for the amount of snowfall each year, so we might actually get to use our cross-country skis, and STILL waiting to try snow-shoes. We might make it up to Eagle Harbor this winter, but for sure this summer. I'm a sailor myself. Have been into Lasers and Windsurfers, since I learned to sail in DaNang in 1969-70. I sometimes think about moving north to a smaller, more outdoor-oriented place, near the big sweet waters. I do have a question, and haven't seen the answer on any of the web sites I've been browsing. How do you pronounce "Keweenaw"? I really enjoyed your photos and excellent writing. Keep it up" (Tom Backe, 1/13)
Thanks Tom. It's "key-when-naw".

"I heard about this site from my 18 year old daughter who is a freshman at Western Michigan University. I am not sure how she found it. I have only been computer literate since this summer and still learning. I enjoy this site because my husband was born and raised in Calumet and we spend time there at Gratiot Lake at his Dad's every summer. I enjoy the winter scenes because we are never there in the winter. Hope you can continue this site. We love it." (Bunny Hosking, 1/13)

"I am Richard Creed, a columnist for the Winston-Salem Journal and a native Southerner, a snow nut who detests our nondescript winters. That is why my wife, Marie, and I will be leaving here at noon Friday for our second visit to your domain. We hope to arrive on Monday, depending on driving conditions. We were there nine winters ago and loved it. We stayed at the Eagle Harbor Inn and became addicted to the baby back ribs. This year we will be at Fanny Hooe. Doing some research the other day, I stumbled across George's Eagle Harbor Web, and what a delightful stumble it was. Part of my reason for writing to you is to confess that I shamelessly stole from it for my weekly column, giving you full credit of course. Cheers. Let it snow!" (Richard Green, 1/13)

"My grandparents are Clarence and Anne. They told me about your web site so I decided to take a look. It looks GREAT!! The pages load quickly, it's well laid out, has many interesting stories and pictures and it's easy to read. I didn't get to look for very long, but I didn't see any pictures of your boat out to sail. My grandparents have told me about your cruising around the lake and I am very jealous! My wife, Heather and I got married last August in Eagle Harbor. I was a little concerned about the weather, but I needn't have been. We had 75 degrees four days in a row with no rain and minimal wind. Everyone we invited up fell in love with the Keweenaw (no surprise) and they all are planning to go back up to celebrate our 1st anniversary- with or without us! Everyone wanted to see why Eagle Harbor is called Eagle Harbor. I have been looking through old postcards, but I can't find the picture I'm looking for. I bought a postcard at Koop's about 15 years ago that had a picture taken from either a plane or helicopter showing the whole harbor. The best I've found at Koop's recently shows only the West wing. Would you happen to have a picture or know anyone that does. I would love a copy." (Trevor Bach, 1/11)

"You don't know me but I'm a Tech grad of '77. I am writing from work because I took a break (need a fix) to visit the harbor cam and saw your link. Even though I'm only 200 mi. south I envy your location and climate. I try to make it back there each year or so but long for the winters. I always said I would retire there if it's not all gone by then." (Frank Drake, 1/10)

"Thank you for letting me see where my son spends his summer with his papa and grandma Nancy ( AKA John and Nancy Clarkson) In all fairness I should drive up there. however, it looks so nice and peaceful I don't think I would come back to the city." (Ann Marie Muno, Harper Woods Mi., 1/9)

"A few summers ago we had the serendipity to make the acquantance of a couple of ladies who were renting the house near the lighthouse. We ended up staying the weekend in our van at the light house and spent a most memorable weekend taking in the sights sounds and smells of Eagle Harbor. We met the lady on the bike, who graciously spun us some yarns about the locals and generally we had a wonderful UP experience. My husband Bernie is from Detroit, but it was my first visit to the UP. We check into your site often. We look forward to spending some time in the UP again soon!" (Kathy & Bernie Shea, Craig, Colorado, 1/9)

"I will be helping mom move up to Calumet the end of January. We definately will be having pasties while I'm there. I'm sure mom will love it also!" (Barb Boorman Williams, 1/8)
Barb, our December Snowfall Forecast Champ, and her mom will enjoy the pasties donated by the good folks at Pasty Central.

"I congratulate you on the Harbor Web site. The effort you put into this venture must be enormous. My birth place was Laurium in 1918. My dad was part owner of Harvey Bottling Works. My Harvey grandparents owned a large home in Eagle Harbor, where grandmother, Harriet, hosted board and roomers. I graduated from Sacred Heart High school in 1935 and moved with my family to California. At present I live in Poulsbo (Little Norway) Washington, in Kitsap county on the west side of Puget Sound. In 1992 I founded Kitsap Computing Seniors (KCS) and as of 12/1/99 there were 637 paid up members in the club." (Rampton (Ramp) Harvey,, 1/7>
"I linked via my sister's "Yooperpage" and discovered your site. Your fantastic graphics caused me to stay longer than I intended. Thanks! Your page created a bit of homesickness, having grown up in Baraga Co. and making many trips between Houghton and Isle Royale. I'll have to make it back soon. I now reside in Atlantic Beach, Fl and work for the Coast Guard in busy District 7. Thanks to folks like you and the Internet for providing the brief view of home." (Larry Ala, 1/7)

"Love your site. As a sailor in the 40's, I have been through the waterway three times. it left a great impression on me. I have since returned to the Keewenaw twice on vacation trips. Still just as impressive as ever. The pictures of your area are beautiful and the articals and people you write about are very interesting." (Lloyd McAllister Tavares FL, 1/7)

"The sign about the air was located on US 41 coming into Houghton around the area of the Summer Place restaurant. I don't recall one by the snow sign. And the snow continues to fall!! It has been coming down real hard all day. This morning I came from the doctor's office to work on the transit bus. The driver told me he'd picked up a lady this morning who just got off the Greyhound bus. She wanted to be taken to the Holiday Inn by the lake. She'd come all of the way from Colorado. To make a long story short she was supposed to be in Houghton Lake which is over 300 miles south in lower Michigan!! They had given her the wrong transfer somewhere along the way. :) What a story." (Susan Adams, 1/6)

"Just saying hi. My name is Rodney Deck. I come up to the Keweenaw every year for a week or so. I love it up there and wished I lived up there. It is the most fun I have every year. We usually stay in the Eagle Harbor area. I live in Michigan in a town called Hillsdale, way down south." (Rodney Deck, 1/3)

"As my family and I ice skated at the Harbor's fancy rink, (where do you hide the Zambonie?) we watched a happy dog trot by from the direction of the Inn. She went with great purpose up on the porch of a house across from the rink, waited without a sound, the door opened and she was given a bone! She then went, even more happily, back in the direction of the Inn. I'm betting everything that we saw the one and only Abby. But I did call the name, (one of my daughter's is Abby) and the dog did not respond, so I'm not so sure. We had a ball skating, at least until I landed on my hand which carries a painful black and blue reminder of the path to the rink! Oh well, the skiing and pizza were good. :)" (Alison Pontynen, 1/3)
Sorry Alison, the Wonderdog was snoozing under a Christmas tree in Minneapolis. Begging for bones from friendly neighbors is certainly her style. She will be ticked to discover that another pooch is poaching on her territory. The rink was a big hit (not the kind you incurred) with everyone. We all owe thanks to Rich Probst & Kelly Bryant for this idea and their rink building.

"What a great site you have. My husband and I travel through Eagle Harbor on our way to Copper Harbor. We love the area. I was so excited when I found your site a couple of months ago. Today I found the beautiful digital pictures. They are great. I was checking on the amount of snow you had up there. We are form Eagle River, WI and only have about 16" , eight of which fell today. I love Lake Superior and everything about her. Guess we'll have to take a trip up your way this winter. We also enjoy the Jampot and the delicious goodies they make." (Mary Shepard, 1/2)

"Happy New Millennium and New Year. What happened to the snow? My question: I thought, when I was stationed at Calumet AFS, that the sign (map) on Highway 41 (the one located adjacent to the Snow Measuring Stick) had the words "The purest, most vitalizing air on earth" on it. Am I mistaken? Anyway, hope you get lots more snow before May 2000." (George T. Milonas, 1/2)
The air's the same, but you're right, the sign is gone. Anyone know what happened to this sign?

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