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Feedback Archive January, 1999

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"We can hardly stand to think of Eagle Harbor these days. All this talk of pasties and snow! All those great walk-about pictures. We actually have more to do at work than to lose ourselves in dreams of Eagle Harbor, but you just keep putting in more interesting stuff and distracting us from the rat race."(Daphne Holldorff, 1/17)

" I read your headlines today of a warm up... this is typical of a la nina winter. The artic air retreates only to build up north along the northern Candaian prairies and back over Alaska and Russia. It will return unfortuantly with a vengence...May take untill next weekend or so. So enjoy the break. We had another 10"s last tuesday, which brought our total on the ground to 21"s and 29"s or so have fallen since the 2nd. Our Jan. record is 35.6"s, not to far away. We will melt alot as rain..possibly hvy rain will return today. Keep up the great web page and pic's."(Bob Pratt St.Johns,Mi, 1/17)

"Phil Boggio forwarded me your web page and you folks live in a beautiful place. However, this southern boy probably would not be able to handle your snow and cold! Anyway, the wife (Janie) and I throughly enjoyed reading about the activities and looking at the beautiful photos. Truly a marvelous place on this good earth! We will be looking in on you from time to time - and by the way Phil and Bill Jacka are pretty good folks - we're still working on young Billy. Stay warm and God Bless!"(Ray & Janie Lenderman Birmingham, AL, 1/16)

"Your pictures are fantastic. Whenever someone talks about setting up a website I tell them about really is the best!! I like cold weather, but having never lived where there is a lot of snow, I don't know if I could adjust or not. Eagle Harbor is beautiful all year long. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70's here (Dallas), time to put the top down on my car. I guess I'm going to have to live vicariously through your pictures."(DB, 1/15)

"Just a note to let you know that I am enjoying your Page on the Net. Found it from Rhonda Lakes Lake Lins from Lake Superior Magazine on the net while I was looking around for vacation info for later this year. The wife and I visited your area about 10 years back and are considering a return trip and I have really enjoyed your page, saw some things we remember and some new one to check out if we get to return.Great way to spend a cold winter day down here in Ohio also, looking at all of your snow pictures."(Thomas Becker, 1/15)

"We are from Livonia, MI and happened to find your page when we were looking up the Eagle Harbor Light. My mother was born in Eagle Harbor and we have been up there several times. We have gotten about 21 inches of snow in the last few days and I can't imagine what its like with the snowfall you get up there."(, 1/14)
"Just logged on and saw the picture of the cottage. Great shot. A neighbor and I will be there the first week in February for some skiing and by the looks of the picture some serious scooping. Save a day for us for a leisurely trip around the EH trail. By the way, tell Carol Bogart she has been down south too long. You eat cabbage salad not slaw with pasties. (Prepared and served in an Alice Reynolds Thimbleberry Bowl if youíre really lucky). Pasty, Ketchup (not Catsup) and Cabbage Salad are the correct ingredients for a pasty diner but it might be interesting to hear some of the incorrect combinations other folks use. I had never heard of apple sauce and pasties before Carolís note. Dad liked chow chow with his - but then he also liked cod fish. In Cornwall a couple of years ago we got Pasty and Chips-now that will set your cholesterol level soaring. Probably the worst I have seen (including the gravy at the Parkside) was Charlie Morgan smearing mustard all over his pasty."(Bill Medlyn, 1/14)

" The students of Amos Elementary School in Arlington, Texas would like to thank you for your wonderful pictures of winter! We are learning about winter in the 1st grade, and our librarian, Mrs. Bogart, showed us your pictures of a lot of snow! Mrs. Bogart says she really knows you for real, and Abby-the-WonderDog, too. We read a book about a snowplow named Katie, and then we saw your picture of a real snowplow! We don't need too many snowplows around here. Mrs. Bogart tells us all the time about where you live and all the snow you get to see. She said she saw a lot of it and skiied on it at Christmas, but she couldn't bring any of it back to us. Please keep the snow pictures on there so we can learn about your winter and dream of snow."(Your friends in Texas, the Amos Elem. 1st graders. 1/14)

"Thank you for putting the Lindblom, Taipale, Trainor cottage on your harbor scenes. I made a copy to show my friends here. It has been a long time since most of them have seen snow even though there is some on the island of Hawaii as of last week. I have my thermometer by my side and keep up to date on the year's snow fall. George, you give so many people so much pleasure with you site. I look forward to you journal entries especially. Aloha."(Barbara Ann Lindblom, 1/13)

" I can't even began to imagine how everyone is moving around up there. Is it ever going to stop snowing? Thank you for this web page. When things get a little crazy at work, I log on and look at the live picture of the lake. Back to reality. I have a new e-mail address and would love to hear news from the harbor."(Jennifer Houston,1/13)

"I am not a current or former resident of Eagle Harbor, but I felt compelled to write you. I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Over the last 20 years I have made many visits to the Keweenaw peninsula. I was originally introduced to your wonderful part of the world by my best friend who has a cabin over on rabbit bay outside of Lake Linden. I have actually been to Eagle Harbor several times. It is a wonderful, beautiful place. On Sunday I was surfing around on the Web looking for any information I could find on the Keweenaw area. Imagine my delight when I found your Web page. What a breath of fresh air! It is very much like a small town newspaper only better. You have done a marvelous job and are providing a marvelous service to anyone who views your site. I wanted to write to say thank you, and to tell you I will be visiting your site often."(Tom Christofferson, 1/12)

"I really enjoy your pictures of the fresh snow giving a new look to everything in town, especially when I don't have to shovel it. We're looking forward to our shipment of pasties next week, thanks to my lucky SWAG. After reading their sad letter, my deepest sympathy goes to the Bogarts - they must have forgotten that December has 31 days, and that last day seemed to make a difference! They may have to resort to the consolation prize I was considering until the accurate winning number came in - paying for an order. Or better yet, hitting the jackpot in January."(Dick Van Pelt, 1/12)

"My father was a yankee who married a Texas girl. Out of his five daugthers, I'm the only who likes the cold weather. The Dallas area has finally cooled down enough so I can enjoy winter. Your added pictures from your walkabout are fantastic. This web site is the best that I have ever seen. After reading about the residents and past residents, I feel a small part of what it must have been like being able grow up in that community."( DB, Dallas, TX,1/12)

"What could better build Pasty Centrals sales, than perhaps Pasties for the Winners, the errored and still deserving winners, and those that were a mere .2 away from pasty heaven. Let me explain: I, Rick Finke, near Pasty winner, would like to ask the fine folks at Pasty Central, to hear my plea. I am currently a Texan. Sweatin' down here in Cattle Country, trying to predict some snowfall accumulations in the great white north. Obviously the closeness of the contest will cause great problems in future contests. No longer will people send in requests in whole numbers...I lost by a mere .2 inches. If only I had said 60.4 inches...I'd be sittin' outside our deluxe 2 story McDonalds eatin' them there Pasties. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now your making me eat another dog-gone Big Mac. Got sauce stains all down my shirt. The people that had to suffer the agony of our editors error deserve special recognition. To have fresh Pasties, taunted about their face by the Editor, and then wisked away, how tough a man he is... Besides, thought the rules were like THE PRICE IS RIGHT, you know the rules. But, guess I'll sit here with my dirty shirt wishin' that I could have a dog-gone Pasty. Pasty Central can really improve customer relations with Texas. Give up some more pasties... Pasty Central always has been my favorite pasty...:)"(Rick Finke, Houston, Texas,1/11)

"I live in Sterling Heights, Michigan and really enjoy going into your web site. As a child I lived with my Grandparents, Joe and Mary Butala who were from Laurium. After I returned downstate I visited every year until 1983, but returned in September of 97 and again in Sept. of 98. The family camp is now owned by my cousin, Dave Butala. The camp is the first house north of the Monks home on the right hand side of the road on M26. My mothers cousin was George Thomas, who once owned the home the Olsens live in. Not a day goes by that I do not go into this site looking at the scenic pictures, bringing back fond memories, realizing that the daily rat race, it exactly that, RAT RACE. The past two years that I was up there I stopped by at the Jam Lady (or as I call him, the Jam Man) and stock up on thimbleberry jam for the winter. I remember picking these berries as a child with my randparents, ofter up at Copper Falls. I understand that a pound of picked berries sell at sixteen or seventeen dollars a pound. That was unheard of in the 50's and 60's. I also enjoy the updates of your dog, as I am a dog lover and have my own four legged companion named Seney. (yes she was named after the town of Seney). Keep up the good work and all the wonderful pictures."(Carole Krueger,1/10)

"My sister sent me your URL for me to take a look at...sure enjoyed your site. I've added it to my favorites and look forward especially to more GROOOAAANS and digital pictures of the area. The site is running well...easy to read and lots to look at. Thanks for sharing it with us on the web."( Camille Timm, Ubly, Michigan, 1/10)

"I just spent about an hour on your web page and didn't want to leave. You have done a wonderful job. The pictures are beautiful- I have one as my wallpaper right now. Please keep up this great site, I have it on my favorites list and will visit frequently. I grew up in Detroit but have been living in Tenn for about 12 yrs now. I especially enjoy your winter scenes as we only average 10" of snow per season."(Glenn Gray, 1/8)

"I really love your website. I look at it quite frequently. You have taken some really beautiful pictures. I just wanted to let you know someone appreciates your work."(Michelle Dominowski,1/7)

"Having just received from a friend a very special package containing thimbleberry jam, I thought I would surf (snowshoe?) through your site and check out your walkabout pics. In August I visited Eagle Harbor for the first time. One of my experiences there was cleaning thimbleberries in preparation of jam making. My favorite parts of your site are the Harbor Journal, and of course, the pictures. The Journal really gives a feel for the places. The snow pictures look wonderful! I'll be thinking of Eagle Harbor when I open my jam!"(Laurie Martin, 1/7)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love seeing the pictures of the Harbor in winter. It makes me even more nostalgic than I normally am at this time of the year. I love reading your musings and can feel myself sitting in our living room experiencing life at the Harbor right along with you."(Barb Been Stewart,1/7)

"I really enjoyed your profile and, of course, your latest "walkabout" pictures. I check your site almost daily and was glad to see the updates today. My sister visits your site regularly also-she's in Miami so she really appreciates the snowy pictures! I would love to be able to spend time up there in the winter but work does not permit it for a few more years. Thank you for your wonderful Eagle Harbor Web! "(R. Bush, 1/5)

"I can't say enough about your web site. Thank you for taking me back to my childhood days. Thank you for the great pictures. Thank you for you and all your work. It was magical."(janet m hughes, 1/6)

"Just a jot to say "h'lo" and that I enjoyed your pages, eh. After getting a message from a colleague at MTU, I was longing for some views of a wintry Keweenaw tonight. So motivated, I ran a search on AltaVista, and, lo and behold, there YOU were with some photos of what I wanted to see. I'm trying to talk my wife into a going to Eagle Harbor for our 20th anniversary on July 28th. We spent our honeymoon there (as did my folks in '47), and, until the kids (8 and 11) came along, we summered "upta" Copper Harbor every year."(Eric Grandstaff,1/5)

"What a wonderful web site you have for Eagle Harbor. I discovered the site tonight and will be visiting often to keep taking in the beauty of Eagle Harbor from afar. I first visited the area back in 1975 as a student at MTU. Even after twenty some years there is some kind of spiritual magic for me in the Keweenaw Penensula. I also find your enjoyment of life in Eagle Harbor refreshing. Your life style and enthusiasm for life are great. Thanks for sharing life in Eagle Harbor with us."(Bob Cunningham Granger, IN, 1/5)

" Thanks for providing such an interesting web site. I have had the opportunity to visit Eagle Harbor several time in the past few years. As we passed through on a snowmobile trip, we visited the cemetary which is located just off the trail. I frequently recall that visit because of a grave stone of a man that perished in the Central Mine accident. I think the date was something like 1847. For some reason this marker has really challenged my curiosity. I often wonder what it would be like to live in that era of U.P. HISTORY. The photograph of Eagle Harbor Lighthouse is beautiful. I have been interested lighthouses for several years and have been wanting to visit again in the wintertime to photograph this light. Your web site is well organized and full of interesting stories and photos. Thanks again for the effort you have put into your site. I will be certain to share this with friends and family."(Scott Mitchel,1/5)

"I loved the page. At work, it loads pretty fast. At my friends home system, it was slow. One thing that might fix that is fewer pictures on the front page. Maybe use a brief description of some of them instead, kind of a "teaser" to get them interested enough to jump to a "picture page".
My name is Alice Gerhardt, and I am a mechanical engineer down here in troll-land. I graduated from MTU in fall '94 and again in spring '97. I found your web page through the MTU Alumni page, although I may have stumbled across it in my search for info about the Harbor.
Why am I interested in Eagle Harbor? Because next to Gay, it's my favorite place to be! My family has roots there, and there was always a "fight" between my great-grandparents over whether it was better in Gay or the Harbor. One of my best summers ever was in 1990 when I stayed with Grandma in Eagle Harbor and worked at Koops as a waitress (mostly the morning shift). You've gotta love a place with only 3 rules: in by 11pm, don't get in anybody's car, and go to Mass on Saturdays at Holy Redeemer. :) My great grandparents were Ed and Alice (Hartmann) Piquette. Grandma loved her house in Eagle Harbor. They ended up in Eagle Harbor after retirement. Grandma helped raise 3 generation of kids in the Harbor -- theirs and the nieces and nephews, the grand kids, and the great-grand kids (my sister, my cousins and I mostly). Grandma & Pip had a house on the road to the cemetery (can't even remember the name now!) and the Hartmann family still has a house that is over on the "river" (I think that meant Eliza Creek). The Hartmann place, unfortunately, has been unused for long as I can remember. And my great-great-aunt Carrie Hartmann owned the house next to Koops'. I belive the "famous" light house picture was taken from her yard, and that my grandmother's cousin George Hartmann owns Carrie's house now. I know that there are a lot of really old pictures that belonged to Grandma from the Harbor, but they are most likely at my parents' house in Gay. Next time I'm there, I'll hunt for 'em and see if they are still around. (Grandma was born in 1898, so I think the pictures range from the 1910's to at least the 1940's.) Keep up the good work! I like all the winter scenes. One of them is now the backdrop for my computer, and makes me wish I could go cross-country skiing this weekend!"(Alice M. Gerhardt,1/5)

"Loved you site! I still have lots to read but it is great! My daughter is attending MTU so I have taken an interest in the beautiful Keweenaw. Eagle Harbor being my favorite! The "kid" had opened my eyes to many beautiful sites around the area. Her hiking and leisurely drives have found some wonderful scenic spots! I am from Birch Run, MI, between Saginaw and Flint. My son was up at eagle Harbor Inn last week while snowmobiling and ranted and raved about the food there! I plan on a trip up to Houghton on the 8th of February and guess we will just have to make a side trip to enjoy the Inn. Thanks for your page it brightened my day!"(Beckie, 1/4)

"Hi, I'm Barbara Stites, from the Mugford cottage, Bev & Marty's cousin. I'd love to get updates from the harbor and hear whats going on. I talked to my aunt, Marg Horak tonight and she mentioned this web page. She has just gotten a computer and I'm sure would like to get on this list (of course she'll be surprised when she gets mail from you). Her email address is:, mine is Thanks, I'm going to put this web page in my favorites."(Barbara Stites.1/4)

"Im Curt Pippenger from Racine, WI. My Dad and Mom are John and Ruth Pippenger. They own the cottage on M-26 west of town by the old pump house. I have visited your site at least once a week over he past 6 mos or so. My Dad sent me an artical from the Mineing Gazette so I went looking. I have enjoyed just being able to view whats going on in the Harbor anytime I feel in the mood to be up in " Da U.P." (Curt Pippenger,1/3)

"Once again I thought I write to tell you how much I'm enjoying your web page! It looks like winter has taken hold of the area and the winter sports have begun. We are looking forward to our trip to the U.P. for the Mich Tech Winter Carnival in Feb. We will have 4 days to wander around the peninsula and plan on spending some time in Eagle Harbor. We'd like to have supper at the Eagle Harbor Inn. Last year when we were up for the Carnival we stayed at Sandhill Lighthouse and ate dinner at Fitzgeralds'. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and were glad to meet the lighthouse owners. We will check your site often for "winter updates"! Thank you so much for a job well done."(Pat Strauss,1/1)

" Thank goodness you do what you wife and I are trolls that spend on average 5 weeks a year in the u.p. and are saddened that its not more...we check out your webpage almost dailey and our hearts yearn to return....hopefully we will retire in the copper country someday for both of us enjoy the splendor it offers. we are avid scroungers and love finding the old mine and ghost town sites...If you can will you include off the wall copper pickin spots we know the locals know were to go for the good stuff and thats what keeps us going back twice a year...We hope you realize how lucky you are to live in "GODS COUNTRY""(Don and Jo Booth, Bay City Mi.,1/1)

"I get homesick every time I see this Page.Being a trsnsplanted Yooper down here in southern Minnesota. Believe me, I'm not a farmer. I really enjoyed viewing your site and thought I'd tell you so. Especially the snow pictures. We have about 2" of icy crust they call snow here. Bad sledding. Just enjoying your Page from Owatonna,MN."(Bill Pekuri,12/30)

"We have been enjoying you site here in Sarasota, Fl. My wife was born in Ahmeek and we spend the summers on 5 mi Pt. Rd. Her dad was Pete Lukonich and he had the Sunset Bay Campground down by the lake.( I have a boat I kept in Eagle Harbor for a couple of years the "Popeye". I didn't get it in last summer as I was very busy at camp. I also have a Catalina 30 here in Sarasota so I do most of my sailing in the winter. Anyway, thank for the splendid web site and keep up the good work."(Bill & Ellen Howard,12/29)

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