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Feedback Archive February, 1999

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"I just discovered your excellent web page today. I went to school at Tech and my folks now live in the Yoop. Every time I visit them I drive through the Copper Country including Eagle Harbor each time. I still marvel at the beauty. Now that I have discovered your site I will be back often."(Steve Robinson,2/27)

"I don't believe it!!! (but I love it) Are things THAT bad in Calumet ( a stone's throw away) that someone needs to get away from it all by going to Eagle Harbor? I WOULD expect to see someone from my area (an hour north & west of Chicago) looking for a place to rent. (I give your URL out to everyone I know too!) In fact I think it's a great idea for folks from other places to get a glimpse of what the Keweenaw is really about. Made me think about maybe renting our place in Kearsarge until we move there permanently."( Pris, 2/24)

"I stumbled upon your web site while researching eagle nesting sites in Alaska. It was interesting seeing all the pics of folks from my childhood. Some of the names were more familiar than others, but it was fun spending time roaming from page to page. The last time I was in Eagle Harbor was for my sister Daphne's wedding. That was over 15 years ago! It doesn't look like the Harbor has changed at all. Maybe one of these years I'll be able to get back to EH, but for now the summers here in Alaska are just too beautiful to break away from! Thanks for the memories!"(Anne (Foss) Hawman,, 2/21)

"Amazing site. Of all the capabilities of the computer, the existence of this much information about Eagle Harbor (THE hidden diamond in a haystack that is the world) has opened my eyes the widest. Thanks for your passion."(Mark Anderson, part of the McCarthy clan, 2/20)

"This is the person from Ohio that recently wrote about the contrast of snow and butterfly in April. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your new "snow therapy" piece! I teach middle school gifted education and just reading your piece was "therapy!" Looking forward to returning to Copper Harbor in June (and looking for driftwood on the beaches!) Your weather reports are fun also!!(Mary B.,2/17)

"Well Feb. has been dismal as far ar the snow lovers are concerned. I've been researching the weather and climate for a long time, a hobby, and i have never seen a la nina situation like this. You generally expect a roller coaster ride of temps, but not the extremes and length of period they last. Not at all what I expected at the beginning of winter. Although I am sure we will pay for this in late winter and early spring. "(Bob Pratt, 2/11)

"I came apon your web page while researching my family history. My Grandfather Louis Lamore was born in Eagle Harbor in 1843. He put down Eagle Harbor as his place of residence when he joined the Union Army in 1863. I have not found out much about his father or mother, I'm not sure how long they my have been in Eagle Harbor or how they got there. I would assume they came across the lake from Canada since he was said to have been born in Orleans France. Based on your photos and some of the information I have seen on this site, it seems like a very nice place. Maybe I'll be able to visit on of these days."(Walter Lamore,2/10)

"Enjoyed your editing and your pictures----Bette and I spent our honeymoon in Eagle Harbor some 47 years ago-----Ties to Eagle Harbor, my Aunt and Uncle, Mayme and Leo Sanregret operated the resort for a number of years. I inherited the family home in Calumet, so Eagle Harbor is an annual Must Visit and of course the annual Art Show is a must. We spend the summer in Calumet and go South to Paw Paw for the winter where I do a little Consulting (Village Engineer)"(Bette and Paul Kaiser, 2/10)

"I have to write and tell you how much I'm enjoying your fantastic snow pictures. They are really outstanding - and I can easily imagine that I'm back up in the Copper Country when I browse through them! I got a Sony Digital "Mavica" camera for Christmas - and look forward to capturing the northland beauty when we spend 4 weeks or so in Eagle Harbor this July and August."(Roelif Loveland (Peru, IL),2/9)

"I know you have received so many thank you letters for all your good work around the Harbor but I just have to add one more. It really is wonderful to hear people around the country say how much they enjoy what you do with the web site. I did hear it a lot on my travels through Fla. Just returned to Sharons from a trip that included stops at St Augustine, Orlando, Bradenton, Sarasota ,Englewood, Crystal Beach, Panama City, Ft. Walton, Pensacola and Gulf Shores. Wow did I see Eagle Harbor people!!. May not get all the spellings right but here"s my list. Bill & Carol Carlton, Mel and Merle Baudino, Pauline Opland, Frank and Effie Freeman,Paul and Debbie Nancarrow ( Aug. Minister at St. Peters ) Kate Kannally ( was out but left her a note) , Barb Been and Charles Stewart . Pat and Bruce Bajorseck and Dick and Beth Shmidt (lake Bailey),oh yes, and Martha Maze Royston and Mikein from the Harbor House. Is there anyone left up there??? Thanks for the nice comments about my activities around the Harbor. You could say such things about all the people there and I hope that aspect of our little community never changes. Thanks again too for keeping we less hardy souls posted on what's going on there and with such a nice format. Please no more picture of the Light House this year unless the Wonder dog can go and get them for you. WOW!!"(Fred Kellow, 2/9)

"Enjoyed your Eagle Harbor site . My dad was a lighhouse keeper at Eagle Harbor for 4 years in the 1930's. We lived in the big white house next to the light house."(Raymond Duffy,2/8)

"I just reviewed your Home Page and enjoyed it as usual. We especially enjoyed seeing the Winter pictures around Eagle Harbor. As born Yoopers Marcia and I enjoy and enjoyed the snow when we grew up in Laurium and Lake Linden respectively. Perhaps you remember us as having a cottage at Agate Harbor. We also have a Motor Home and have spent the last 11 winters (J,F & M) at Voyager RV Resort in Tucson, AZ. Although we miss the snow, we also enjoy the somewhat balmy temperatures of Tucson at this time of the year. When April rolls around and it is time to depart, we are ready as the temperatures are starting to rise to levels not to our liking. We hope you are enjoying the Eagle Harbor Winter."(Bob & Marcia Poull, 2/2)

"Thanks again for the great walkabout pictures. This will be the first winter that I won't get to Eagle Harbor and it's both wonderful and depressing to see what I'm missing. I don't know whether to thank you for your work or curse you for your torture. While I'm making up my mind it would be great if you could keep the pictures coming. I've enclosed a picture that I think you would enjoy. As a winter sports/dogs/photography enthusiast you will be able to appreciate how I spend my time outdoors here in the mountains of Colorado. I have a small team of malamutes with which I travel the backcountry of the Rockies at night after work and on the weekends. This photo was taken along the spine of the Continental Divide at Hoosier Pass. We had just climbed up to 12,000 ft and are taking a well-deserved rest before heading back down. It gets so incredibly windy up there that the snow doesn't stick to the ground much above the tree-line. My house is up at 9,000 ft and what we lack in snow (nothing compared to the Keweenaw) we make up for in wind; we can count on at least one or two days a week with winds of 70-100 mph whistling through my yard. It's a bit of a pain, but it keeps the yuppies out of the mountains."(Brad King, 2/1)

"I really enjoy your web page. I always look for anything about Anne and Clarence Bach as I am their niece. I visit Eagle Harbor every summer and look forward to it every year. "(Marian Chron, 1/29)

"George, the headliner picture on your web page,(Friday,Jan.29),the picture of the trees covered with snow/abby running along the trails was Awesome to say the least, truly one of your best shots yet! I think if any picture would represent the winter of the keweenaw,that picture says it all. "(Bob Pratt, 1/29)

"It has been a long long time since i have logged on to your site. I have been on for an hour, and have enjoyed my time immensely. I speak to my mother regularly so i know the snow fall. Marjie has spent a great deal of time there, so i know the replacement of the snow scoop with the snowblower. I cannot believe it has been 2 years since i have been there. My children are there more than me. Yes, I am the one who shipped her kids up by greyhound! I miss you all. Thank you for the wonderful time on line tonight. I will go to sleep tonight dreaming of the harbor and all my many fond memories of my time there. "(Nancy Marshall, 1/27)

" GREAT web site!!!!!!! I love your photographs from the walkabout trips. Being a fellow nature photographer and former resident of Michigan, its great to see the beauty of the "UP" on my office computer here in Downtown Denver. I have been living in Colorado for about 4 years now and fighting homesickness for the beauty and serenity of northern Michigan. Your web site gives me a "warm happy" feeling every time I visit."(William J. Sitarz, 1/25)

"Was looking for some information about the Houghton area and landed at your Eagle Harbor Website. What fun! Added it to my "Bookmark Favorites!" I enjoyed reading the personal stories and realized what a close community you have . . .especially in winter. Looked at your snow predictions and will be interested in the "final count." I come up to Copper Harbor for 6 weeks every summer with my labrador to relax from a year of teaching middle school students. Love to see the bears (especially at 5:30 A.M. when they think we are asleep!) I have experienced not only bears, but fox, a lot of bats, eagles, and even piliated woodpeckers. Came up in April of '96 for a visit . . .wow! Tons of snow left! The electricity quit one evening as I watched large snowflakes drop like fall leaves, so I lit some candles and sat with my dog by the French doors and just watched the "winter world" for hours . . .one of my fondest memories. The next day I dug out a place in the snow to put my chair so I could catch some warm sun rays. A beautiful butterfly landed on the snow pile that I was cloistered within, and I was overwhelmed by the contrast of winter's fury and nature's bounty. Looking forward to Copper Harbor and visiting Eagle Harbor this summer again for 6 weeks. I always feel that I am Nature' s Guest when I arrive . . . and what a wonderful hostess she is! Thank you for the Web Site that has brought a moment of North Country to my Ohio home! :>)"(Mary Baird, 1/24)

"Loved your brought back memories of lazing around by the lighthouse and on the beach by the motel...of Ice Cream and good food at the old Driftwood...of the Copper Country...was a long time resident of Calumet AFS and Mohawk in times past, but was MOST disappointed on a recent visit to see that many of the beautiful areas are now closed and the mining areas fenced and posted. Was SO surprised to see the Kingston mine shaft house in Copper City torn down...these, along with the bears that used to be right up the road from Eagle Harbour are cherished memories from my past... I was amazed and relieved to find Eagle Harbor to be changed very little... You MUST keep this site growing and is imperative for the future generations to know the beauty, the wondor and the AWESOME splendour that is Keweenaw. Thank you for bringing my past and the Keweenaw present to life..."(Richard D Karl,1/23)

"What a GREAT site! I stumbled onto your site through another site called "Michigan Welcome Collage." I have always looked at the Eagle Harbor cam, and was tickled pink to find this site. My wife and I go to Copper Harbor every September, and always make a couple side trips to visit Eagle Harbor and the whole Keweenaw Peninsula. I will be checking this site out all the time, you can bet on that."(Paul & Joyce Schultz, 1/23)

"I got into your site through the Cable America site, although my sister had already told me about both sites. We have been looking for a camp on the north side of the Keweenaw. Someone who works with her husband has ties in Eagle Harbor and told her about the lakecam. I am tremendously impressed by your site. What a huge volume of information! It will take me a long time to see everything and be able to judge my likes and dislikes. I do intend to join the Historical Society and order the book about Central. My neighbor and I have had several wonderful days picking copper on the pile there, as it rapidly vanishes. I'll be back soon."(Norm Gruber, Marquette, 1/21)

"About a month ago I first clicked onto your web site. Since then I've visited often. We especially enjoy the live camera shot and the photos of the light house. All the other information is great and reminds us of our local weekly newspapers that have been a part of our lives. The reason we keep tabs on your activities is that this past October my wife and I celebrated our 30th anniversary and my first retirement by traveling throughout the Upper Peninsula. The day spent in Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor was exceptional! The fall colors were so spectacular, the crisp air so very refreshing and the people we met so extraordinarily friendly. While in Eagle Harbor we, as so many others before us, took a beautiful photo of the lighthouse. We were very much intrigued by the large compact roller near the lighthouse used to pack the snow during years past, and we have done our best to describe its size and usage to our friends who have been complaining mightily about the terrible winter we in central Ohio have had thus far this year- 12 inches total!!! Thanks to your writings, we'll come with a great deal more knowledge. Keep up the good work, you have a very interested audience! Again, thanks for sharing Eagle Harbor with all of us."(Jeff Thompson, 1/21)

"I really enjoy your Web page and have passed the address on to some Texans who have spent time in the UP. It's in the 70's in Dallas, but yesterday I took my ancient skiis, borrowed sled and showshoes, and headed over to nearby school to explain to kindergarteners that people really do GO OUTSIDE when it's white with snow. Brought a set of the beautiful pictures from your latest Walkabout to show them what it looks like now where I grew up. They're totally amazed."(Elaine Paulson Wildman, 1/20)

"Thanks so much for your site. My family (parents and sisters) left Laurium in 1959 when I was just nine years old. The move was job related for my father. My residence has since been in Illinois and Florida but I still have many relatives in the UP and hence I always visit every summer. I call it my "recharge". It sure clears the head. Just to know that such a place still exists in this world is a comfort. I wholesale clothing for a living and my job has me traveling about five months out of the year. And the more traveling I do, the more I realize that the UP really is "someplace special". While most of this country has become a pattern of strip malls and fast food outlets with everyone pushing and shoving for a parking spot, the UP continues on with a sense of small town appreciation where people actually know and talk to each other. I especially love your photography in your 'walkabout' section. It's GREAT!!!"(David Sandretto, 1/20)

"Just read about your "Winter Day at Eagle Harobr". Also enjoyed your lastest Harbor Walkabout pictures. But please, no more light house photos, at least not till the snow melts and there is no ice on the lake. I always get a print of my favorite pictures that you feature in the Walkabout and display them at work for my co workers to see. In all the years that I have been to Eagle Harobr while at the family camp by the JamPot, I never knew that the Harbor had such a personality. Being a dog lover, I also like the pictures of the Wonderdog. I look forward to this site every day when I come home from work. It relieves the pressure of the sometimes 2 hour + drive home during one of our many snow falls that we have been getting."(Carole Krueger Sterling Hts. Michigan (Butala Camp - Sand Bay), 1/19)

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