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May/November, 2002

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:
"I visited your web page(s) and am saying hello to you. I live in St. Charles, Il. and pull your page up when I get homesick for the Keweenaw--which gets to be more and more frequently as summer memories wane! I get up there for a month and would love to find a little cabin to buy with lake view essential and lake access a plus. Anywhere on the north shore. Ahd hope to live there as soon as I can find the place and retire. Your pictures and news are a delight as are the Abby Tales (tails?)." (Sue Church, 11/20)

" I found this site almost as a fluke but I am glad I did ! I looked at the pictures on the web site and I noticed that the Lake Breeze Hotel seems to be gone! I first came to Eagle Harbor and stayed there for $2.00/day. I met some very nice people there and I treasure that memory as there are so few left alive. I first came there in 1955 and I loved it! I was so taken by the location and the surrounding mines. I did a lot of exploring and I found out that the water supply to Eagle Harbor was water taken from the old Eagle Harbor Mining Company shaft. At the Hotel there was a big map of the harbor as it was laid out by the surveyors. By the way, the food at the hotel was recommended by Duncan Hines. I don't know if you are able to remember that far back. Mr. Filsinger, (the oldest), father of Edward, who may not be alive used to run a rock and mineral shop in the Harbor. He was a kindly man and he showed me all of the specimens he had gotten over the years. He and his wife have both gone on to their rewards. I remember when there was a deaf postlady who was a very nice person who lost her hearing from a fever when she was very young. I got interested in the copper mines and the Keweenaw when I read a book "Boom Copper" by a man named Murdoch. I took pictures of the part of the shipwreck that was brought up from the bottom of the harbor of whose remains are still at the old garbage dump. We used to swim in the harbor and perhaps kids still do, but it is very cold, 15 minutes in the water and a half hour to warm up. I have found Amethyst quartz in the rock on the west side of the harbor near the water and I know of a number of pieces of wrought iron from that shipwreck that I buried in the sand 'til I come back. We used to sit around a campfire on the beach and play guitars and sing but I'm sure kids don't do that anymore. Once upon a time is what Eagle Harbor is to me and I will treasure my memories of it and the wonderful people whom I met there as long as I live. What more can I say? Plenty! I will write about Copper Falls and other things when I get the time. Thank you for this opportunity to talk about my very favorite little place." (Fred Wolfe,, 11/16)

" I very much enjoy your web site and visit it often. Some friends and I visit at least once a year (more when possible) to snowmobile. We have had the good fortune several years ago to meet Bill Jacka and some of his friends while on the trail and have gotten together every year since. Beautiful area and people and I can only hope to live there some day." (Mike Blumenschein, 11/11)

"I had to write to congratulate Schubi Holiday on his fantastic plan for the new Packer Frozen Tundra of the North. I feel privilaged to know Schubi and his beautiful wife. What ever project he starts will succeed trust me, you know I would not lie to you again. Give the ball to Schubi and let him take the "crap"!!! I'll organize a mass exodis from the "Cheese Country and fill the Crap Stadium!!!" (Bob from Green Bay, 11/06)

"I just bumped into your website by accident. Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading about you, your friends and community. I'm an American woman living in the Netherlands (born 1950 in NC and grew up in NYC). I teach English. In February, I'll be returning to China for the 3rd time. This time, I'll be teaching university. Thanks again for such an entertaining site! It will take me awhile to read through all your pages. I've bookmarked your site and will check back for updates!" (Bonnie, 11/05)

"Just enjoyed the wonderful piece on your Web Site. Please let us know inside information so we can set up a similar operation in Dallas. Watching football games in shirtsleeves doesn't have any pizazzz (How do we spell that oldie!) And then the Gitchee Gumee piece was such a fine contrast. Your web site continues to nourish our souls." (Elaine Wildman, 11/05)

"Loved that article about CRAP. We laughed and laughed till we almost fell off our seats! As a native Floridian, I have to agree with Paul Freshwater and Mary. Though Henning thinks freezing his butt off is fun, I'd be at the Inn. Can't wait to hear how the stadium comes along :)Henning and I were in Kiruna, Sweden in 1981 and didn't see a snow stadium.The weather might have been at fault though... it was August ." (Daphne from Germany where there has not yet been any snow... just a LOT of rain. 11/03)

Re: Packer Stadium Expose. "CAUTION is the word of the day here. While it is easy to blame your freelance reporter, Olaf Lombardi,. (what did you really expect after all?) for this untimely expose, the media publisher must bear some responsibility too. I personally feel that a media leak of this proportion could doom such a project to overwhelming popularity just as it did during the GUTS FRISBEE fiasco of earlier years." (Neverduck.1/03)

"Despite the jaundiced opinion of many focus group participants toward the proposed Packer Outdoor TV Viewing Stadium, and considering that I plan to be far away from this veil of ice come Super Bowl Sunday, I would like to amend the CRAP proposal as a joint venture with area Ohio State Buckeye alumni and afficianados, officially organized as Upper Peninsula Yields Ohio Universal Respect & Support (UPYOURS). We propose use of the Outdoor TV Viewing Stadium for a gala celebration of the undefeated (10-0) Scarlet and Gray appearance in the New Years Bowl Championship Series. (Yes, I know we didn't play that Green Team from Lansing this year, nor that Corn-Fed Team which put the Wolverines out of their misery today, but unlike the Packers we are able to win big games without our star offensive back.) Consider the possibilities for upgrading the Eagle Harbor sports profile by carting the Duke's favorite massive screen to the ball yard before the ball drops on New Year's Eve, Schubie Holiday hosting a Buckeye Brunch on New Year's Day, or Supervisor Neversherk declaring January 2nd "We're All Buckeyes Now Day!" I sincerely hope that all candidates for township office will give serious consideration to this proposal before I start handing out twenty dollar bills on election day. See you at the (BCS) polls." (Paul Frozenwater, 11/2)

"I'm not sure who George is but hello anyway! I moved to Calumet in 1944 and graduated from Calumet High in 50', still know friends from the Copper Country. We have visited the area several times in the past 5 years and every time we are there we want to stay longer. Unfortunatly or fortunatly we live in the San Francisco Bay area of California and can't visit as often as we would like. A friend gave us your web site (said it was terrific-we agree) info to check on cottage rental during the summer months and so here we are. You have done a great job of representing the diversity and wonder of the area. We will keep in touch and watch the snowfall accumulation. So far we have 70 degree days and cool nights in Ca. No snow forecast for the Bay area this year ! (Barry Craig,11/02)

"Found the site while just surfing around. I was stationed at Calumet Air Force Station from 1963-66. Loved the country, fishing, and the people. Have always wondered what happened to the air base and what, if anything, it is being used for now. Have a lot of fond memories of the Keweenaw area and still hope to get back to visit someday. After I got out of the service in 1966 I moved downstate to St. Joseph, MI on the shore of Lake Michigan, another one of Michigan's most beautiful areas. Worked for almost 30 yrs for what used to be Heathkit. Just recently retired and enjoying getting back into amateur radio (W8IWO), and many other things that one doesn't have time for while in the corporate world. Really a neat site and I'll be checking back in now and then." (Fred Rogers, 10/22)

"I have been looking at your travels for 2002. Bet you could tell some stories about being out on the Big Lake. I have never done much sailing, but love any kind of adventure. In August, my wife and I did a 3600 mile 17 State motorcycle ride from Florida to Canada then to the UP and then south along the banks of the Mississippi to get home. Less than 200 miles on the Interstate highways." (Norm Maki, 10/22)

"First thank you for tending to such a wonderful website!! It's always a joy to log on and read something about the Copper Country or see a photo from home:) I work in the offhsore oil industry and spend 6 mos/yr stuck on some ship out in the middle of any given ocean that happens to contain oil or natural gas underneath it. I am currently bobbing around in the Gulf of Mexico and miss home and family, terribly." (Marc Slis, 10/21)

"Well, we are 15 degrees below normal for mid Oct in southern Indiana, more like mid Nov weather this week. Have only seen 4 wooly worms, all black and my understanding is that means---- lots of snow for us. However, since we ran over one of them, guess that limits some chances for snow. My guess is we will have a lot because this is my last year to work and since I work in a school and have to make up those snowdays, it will push back my retirement just to make me mad." (Barbara Whiteside, 10/17)

"George - it's so nice to read your voice again! I hope you summer "adrift" has had a therapeutic effect on your being and I'm looking forward to hearing more, both about the past months and your musings on current events. My only comment is, I don't agree about the color this year. In my eyes it was very yellow, with very little red. Even the oaks seem to be turning brown rather than the deep ruby red I say last fall. Still, it's wonderful to drive through the woods when the trees seem to be lit from within with golden light. And all the trees, branches and twigs covered with snow this afternoon on my way back from Houghton was truly magical." (Sharon Smith, 10/17)

"t's good to have you back. I hope you were snug in some leeward anchorage for the storm that hit Bayfield over the Labor Day sailing festivities. It was some storm to be caught out in on open water. I checked the Municipal dock in Bayfield a couple of times to see if I could run across you but no such luck. I sure would like to meet the Guy that gives us so much entertainment on the Eagle Harbor site. We visited the Copper Country this year to see the colors but missed them we were at least a week early. Spent a short week visiting friends and sight seeing. We visited the Eagle Harbor Light and enjoyed the new exhibits since we were there last. Of course we had to go to Toni's for pasties twice and couldn't resist the saffron bread. We were camped in a small trailer at McLean Park so the weather didn't co-operate with us but a good time was had by all." (Roger Janke, 10/16)

"George. Thank you for doing this yet again this year. I am already looking forward to checking the totals each month. I took a look at all of your travels this summer around the lake, and I must admit that I am quite impressed. I am also somewhat envious. What a great way to spend a summer. I don't think there is any place on this earth that can outshine Lake Superior and the spectacular, beautiful variety, of its shoreline. Makes me yearn for those days I once spent sitting on Gull Rock, skipping stones across the water. Wasted time I have never forgot." (Dan Hipple, 10/16)

"George: You may have noticed on your travels in and out of the harbor this summer that Matilda got tired of the view from the cemetery and moved to the bell buoy. Either that or someone pulled the ole "Get off the boat onto the bell buoy and we'll take your picture trick" and forgot to come back for the unsuspecting victim. Thought you might enjoy this picture." (Lisa Waitrovich, 10/1)

"Please add our email address to the growing list of Eagle Harbor/Copper Harbor resident "wannabes." My son Troy and I have been coming to your area for the last couple of years to participate in the August Art and Craft shows at Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. It is our most favorite spot and as soon as we are home from the shows, we begin looking forward to next year's shows. We hope you get the opportunity to take some web pictures of the shows one of these times so when we are home, we can pull them up and relive the beautiful country and beautiful people that welcome us each year." (Jud and Troy Parker, 9/27)

"I really enjoy visiting your site and it helps to keep me in touch with "the harbor".....Having met many of the "old timers" of the area & learned some wisdom in the process....your pages keep me in touch...... I'd like to give you a bit of "homework" if you're curious....Alden Steck showed me a painting he had done of an odd object he saw over Lake Superior in front of his home..Since you know so many people, possibly you could find the person who bought it..and post a color picture of it on the eagle harbor web.... Please run (alden steck eagle river) on google to read my comments....." ( Peter Kettenbeil. 9/26> Can anyone respond to this query?

"Hi George! I love your articles. You have a gift for writing. I love the UP as if it were my birthplace but it is my father's. He was born in Red Jacket Village (Calumet) in 1917. His grandparents, Mike and Kate Sunich, had a farm, general store, and livery stable in Ahmeek. My brother and I will be visiting mid-October. I can hardly wait to smell the wonderful fresh air and see that magnificent lake. I prefer being in the UP when the tourists are gone. Keep up the wonderful articles." (Jackie from Chicago. 9/11)

" Your website is wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to bring pleasure to a lot of people like me who have some very fond memories of Eagle Harbor. My name is John Lind. I don't know how long you have lived there, but I first visited Eagle Harbor as a child with my family in the late 1940's. My grandfather, Andrew Lind, lived up there. Perhaps you or one of the old-time residents might remember him. I can remember going to the little diner on the lake side of the road for root beers and the little restaurant across from it for pasties. I can also remember going to the hotel to watch movies. I understand that shortly after my wife and I came up there a few years ago that Ms. Railey (Sharon?) sold the hotel. I wonder if it's still in operation. Anyway, my thumbnail memory of Eagle Harbor is "cold water, warm people". (John Lind, 8/30)

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