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Feedback Archive April, 1999

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"Every once in a while I drop in on Pasty Central to get a taste of "up home", as my dad used to call it. My parents were Calumet natives, and we spent many summers at Bootjack enjoying pasties, blueberries and black flies. I really enjoy the photos on your site and the links you provide. Hope to see a lot of these places this summer, when my brother and I escape to "God's Country" for a week. Thanks for sharing my favorite place, the Keweenaw."(Betsy Colvin, 4/30)

"This is that Hocking girl again. I wrote sometime back. I sure ppreciate seeing our old family cabin in your photo shots. It is the one with the big tree, 6th and Central I think. Sure brings back some powerful memories. As I think about the horrible tragedy that happened here in Littleton this last week I have found myself reflecting on the life I lived in the Copper Country and the wonderful, loving, safe enviroment our parents gave us I find myself so grateful. Our big scare was how far we could push the envelope in getting close to the bears at the dump.(try and explain that to folks). Our camp afforded us some incredible family times that I treasure. I hope the present owners are enjoying it to the hilt. My twin sister and I almost burnt it down one time but that's another story. :> I noticed that Tom Westlake and his wife Carol were mentioned in a letter and that their place has made the historical registry. Boy do I ever remember spending time hanging out there while our folks drank pots of coffee with Fred and Ione. When we got older we were allowed to go down to the dock by ourselves. Learning to waterski in the harbor was a real treat but it lowered the water level some as I managed to drink more then I cared to while I learned to actually get UP on the skies. My older sister Jan Hocking Grindall was down visiting one night and we stayed up kinda late laughing hysterically at the yooper jokes. She worked at Jilbert's as a teenager. She and her husband are retired and living in Ft. Collins CO. Another place we used to go to keep my folks in hot coffee was to Lake Bailey. The Liikala's (I know I slaughter the spelling) owned a place there. Anybody remember when they had a skunk for a pet?? Time to call it a night. George so many of us exiled folks appreciate all your efforts in keeping this web site going. A very BIG thanks!! Say hi to Tom for Jan and I."(Sally Hocking (Twin B) Nelson,, 4/30)

"I really enjoy reading your page. My aunt and uncle are Greta and Michael Erm. I'm sure you know them. I'm from Ironwood, Michigan, but I go to school at UW-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I've been to Eagle Harbor numerous times and I always enjoy it there. Keep up the good work with the homepage. I look forward to seeing new information."(Luke B. Penrose, 4/29)

"Reading the recollections of Catherine and Tom Jilbert's granddaughter, Kathleen Jackman Hiltunen, reminded me of yet another example of Tom's kindness. As a matter of fact, Tom's kindness is the reason why my husband, William Baird and I, became summer residents of Eagle Harbor.
We arrived in Eagle Harbor around June 15, 1969, with a station wagon filled with four children and a perfectly rotten, feisty terrier. "Bedraggled-looking" would be a kindly description. We stopped at the gas station to ask the first person we saw why the Lake Breeze hotel wasn't open. We had called for reservations before we left Detroit and were told that a storm had emporarily taken out the telephone lines. No problem, we thought ... doubt there'll be many people there in June. When the very sympathetic Tom Jilbert broke the news to us that there were never any people there in June because the Lake Breeze didn't open until July, these happy campers became incredibly quiet. He sensed we weren't grasping the fact that our plans for staying in Eagle Harbor had evaporated. Then he looked us over ... that's the only way I can describe it ...looked us over and finally said, "Well, I do know of a woman who rents her "Girls Cottage" once in awhile." And he directed us to Frances Goodell Hoffman's place, down the private road off the Marina Road. The following year, once again at the Hoffman place, a cottage became available on that little peninsula, and we were lucky enough to become a part of the fabric of life in Eagle Harbor.
I've never forgotten Tom Jilbert's kindness, nor did my husband, whose ashes joined Lake Superior last year near his real home."(Marjorie Baird, 4/27)

"I was just writing to say I check your web sight daily. I need my "view" of the Lake. I grew up in Laurium and cruised the Harbor countless times. I've been landlocked in Tennessee for 17 years, and the Lake Cam is a blessing. It's fun for me to check on ANY sight in the UP for any news. I got hooked up to you thru the Pasty Web. Maybe I'll see you at Eagle Harbor Inn for Pizza this summer."(Patti of Tennessee, 4/25)

"Your photos remind us how beautiful it is in winter. We vacation every August, staying with Don and Pat Keith. Pat is my wife Pegg's first cousin. Pegg and I plan to build there when we retire. We just don't know whether to build a summer cabin or a year-around home. After looking at your photos, the winter in Eagle Harbor looks mighty alluring."(Gene and Pegg Johnson, 4/25)

"Was told of this site from a co-worker named Dave Burnham who plans on retiring in Eagle Harbor. I thought your site was very informative and has excellant photo's of the area. I also enjoyed the snow forcasting of the locales and the amount per month and totals.I live in Mt. Clemens way down here under the bridge ( 20 miles out of Detroit ) and I am planning a trip to the U.P. this summer with my family and another family for some great U.P. camping. Say yes to the U.P."(Chris King, 4/19)

"I just discovered your Eagle Harbor web site and it is just delightful! While looking through the old photos, particularly the one of the bathing beauties on the beach, I had a flash of old memories come to me. My mother, Bernie Foley was indeed the lady sitting next to the lady in the straw hat, as identified by Susan Adams. Mom passed away in Jan. of this year in Florida at the age of 85. My sisters Noni and Gretchen and I plan to have a family memorial service for her this summer near Agate Harbor. Mom loved the Harbor area so much we know she wants to be remembered there. I live in Colo. Springs, Co. now but I love to get back to Eagle Harbor when ever possible. Thanks for your Eagle Harbor home page."(Peggy Foley, 4/18)

"Anne Beyers here!!!! I am finally getting in touch with the 90's. Jennifer Has talked me into buying a computer. I will check the web page everyday. Thank you so much for creating a place that I can keep in touch with my roots everyday!!"(Anne Beyers, 4/17)

"I want to let you know that I really enjoy your website. You have so many pretty pictures taken in so many different ways. I've watched it with the help of Carol Bogart who is a librarian in the Arlington School District. I am her library assistant, Grace. I can really keep up to date on what's happening up there. I got interested in this site from Carol. We had alot of fun showing the kids the different winter pictures. Down here we don't see snow, maybe sleet if we are lucky." (Grace Garrison, 4/17)

"My name is Dotsie Salani Stewart and we are stationed with the AF at WPAFB, Dayton, Ohio. My cousins both have homes (summer) in Eagle Harbor, Jack Hartmann and Keith and Marlyin E. My dear friend Peggy Foley has been trying to get on the net to visit the Eagle Harbor web site and hasn't had any luck with her info. that I have given her. Peggy grew up spending her summers at the harbor and her family has owned cottages there for many years. Her step-dad was Dr. Henderson and her Mom was Bernie Foley Henderson. They vacation in the harbor every year and would like to "chat" with folks on the Eagle Harbor web site. My uncle, Robert Hartmann is buried in the Eagle Harbor cemetery and his wife, Hortance passed away recently. We are going to have a memorial service in the Harbor in August for both of them and also a Hartmann family reunion. My friends e-mail is. Please try to contact her, she would be delighted!!!"(Dotsie Stewart, 4/15)

"Happy Birthday to the Editor! April 18 is George's (Dad's) Birthday. Much love to you from California" (Mary and Bert, 4/14)

"Hello, my name is Kim Schiefen. I am Margaret Peterson's grandaughter (daughter of Al & Jan Peterson). I am curious about the "Neil" Cottage. I heard that it had been torn down. Has new construction begun? If you could get some photos on your web page, my family would appreciate it. We have been curious about the progress made. We have been unable to return to Eagle Harbor since the sale of the cottage but hope to return in the near future. I just recently found out about your web page and it was nice to view the photos of this past winter and read about events this past summer that my family was usually present for. I am unsure of how many friends of my Grandma's are still in the area, but if anyone is curious things have not changed much for her. She is still in a nursing home, her health is fair and she still recalls the good memories she has of Eagle Harbor. My family and I will continue to view your web page to keep up with everything happening in Eagle Harbor!" (Kim Schiefen, 4/12)

"I noticed this web site and looked at some of the pictures. The picture of the narled tree in eagle harbor jumped out at me! I spent many summers under that tree since it stands beside my uncle's small white cabin that I lived in during many summers in the 1960 and 1970 years. That tree had one of the largest trunks of any tree up there and I instantly recoginized it. My mothers sister lived in a house behind the cabin and I spent many hours in her Tea house between her house and our cabin. Annie Lamorn, one of my relatives lived on the harbor in the house next to Fletchers gas station and is buried in the cemetary up there. My mothers sister was Mable Arson. My mother was born in a house near fletchers gas station in 1905 and passed away last fall. I do not know which one it was but if you have any info let me know. Sonny was her uncle and lived in the house next to our cabin with the Shooties. I spent many early years fishing the Liza Creek down the road from the cabin and many hours buying candy down at the old store. As far as I know Mable Arnson and her husband were the only people who stayed in Eagle Harbor all winter and I have many pictures that were sent to me by them. If you are interested , let me know."(Wally Wing, 4/11)

"I was looking for ordering information for the Central Mine booklet while researching family history(and found it). I have visited relatives in Eagle Harbor (Thomas family) from time to time, so thought I'd look in. The pages look great and were no problem to my system."(Cynthia Zieber, 4/11)

"My name is Erin- otherwise known as "Quispy". I came across the website because Craig sent it to me. Craig Williams- whom everyone should hassle about something in life. Anyway- I was up in Eagle Harbor with Craig visiting in February- and i think the web site is really nice. I hear stories all the time- and it helps to put them in perspective. It loaded very fast- without any glitches on my computer within a minute. I really like the pictures from the walkabouts. Look forward to visiting again in July."(Erin, 4/11)

"I sure enjoy your site. I discovered your "walkabout" pictures on this visit. Excellent shots; I feel like I've taken a mini-vacation! My MTU alumni ('85-'86) buddies & I introduced my cousin to snowmobiling in the UP this past March. He was amazed by the snow & beauty. He'll be back. Keep up the great work!"(Bill Gehn, 4/10)

"My name is Mark Rascovich; nickname "Rocky" I use to live in Chassell, infact I still own my home there. I worked at WMPL for almost 7 years and did the weather with Jan Tucker for a few of those years, perhaps if you listened you may remember me. My family and I now reside in the heart of Oklahoma not far from Oklahoma City, I really love it down here. I find that the praries and farmlands are just as pretty as the northwoods and the lake; just in a different way. I use to also own a house midway between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor for a few years. We hope to come back up for at least a month this summer....I just want to thank you for your great web site, it makes me feel I'm back home! If the web cam can ever get back online from the Mendota lighthouse, that would be a real treat! Let me know from time to time how things are going up there in "God's Country"."(Rocky Rascovich, 4/10)

"Just a note on the article on Agate Harbor. One of the families was the Cudlip (not Cudlup) family, George, Lil and their two children, Clarice and Warren. They were my grandparents and Warren was my father! Just In case someone is trying to keep it straight ;-)) Thanks for all the fun." (Darcy Cudlip Raymond, 4/10)

"I have been visiting this site for the last three months and have enjoyed it very much. My name is Paul Jackson and my E-mail address is I was in Eagle Harbor last in July last year when I went to mass on Saturday Night. The old homestead is still in Mohawk. My Dad was the former Keweenaw County Road Engineer and the snow gauge was installed during his tenure. I believe Art Hagman came up with the idea although I'm not positive. Keep up the good work and between you and Pasty Central, I will keep informed about Keweenaw."(Paul Jackson, 4/8)

"I got an "E" mail from a gal about the same age as me who said that her great-grandparents lived in the Harvey house "before" mine did and one of her relatives may have actually built the house. It was built by Mike Kraus and her GG was Jacob Kraus. Anyhow, she read about the house on your Web! You really have a hit George!! This is so interesting to find out harbor istory. In my mother's era there wasn't a huge interest in that kind of thing but look out for the baby boomers!! :~)"(Sue Adams, 4/3)

"You have produced a great home page for all of us with Eagle Harbor ties. It was very nice to get caught up on all of the happenings in the harbor."(Bob and Kerri Saunders,,Gibraltar, MI. 4/2)

"I am the eldest of the Harvey grandchildren. Grandmother Harriett ran the Harvey House in Eagle Harbor, until they moved to Calumet. My brother Ted has sent you some words on our grandparents. We spent many happy times in Eagle Harbor between 1922 and 1935. My parents moved from Laurium , Mi to Anaheim Ca. in 1935. My mother moved back to Lake Linden in the late 1950's where she died. She was raised in Lake Linden. I live in Poulsbo, Wa. a small town on the west side of Puget Sound on the Kitsap Peninsula."(Ramp Harvey,, 3/31)

"I just wanted to tell you that you have done a wonderful job with the web page. Very interesting and enjoyable. I have been a big fan of Eagle Harbor for about five years now. My wife and I have made it "the" trip of the summer for the last five years. We stay at The Lake Breeze which combined with your wonderful town of Eagle Harbor is our favorite spot to vacation anywhere, it is so relaxing. I live in Midland, MI and I am a purchasing agent for Ingersoll which is a large machine builder for the automotive and truck industry. Well, I better get back to work but again I just wanted to say "great job"!"( Chuck Rozewski, 3/30)

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