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February/April, 2002

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"Thanks so much for a great site! My first time to visit was today, and your lovely photo of the light house is now my background photo, a nice contrast to this sunny part of SW Florida! My great grandfather arrived at Eagle River and lived at "The Cliff" in the 1860's. I spent many a summer day with the thimbleberry bushes at Copper Harbor as a young girl. Your photo is a constant reminder of the winters those early miners endured! I will be back...on another summer day!!" (Mary, 4/2)

"I wanted to write and say just how much I've enjoyed your website over the past few years, since first discovering it while roaming the internet from my then-home in Florida.
Although I am a native Michigander, business and family interests took me to Florida for many years, but I am happy to now be back 'home' and living here in the Keweenaw (Chassell). George Hite's Eagle Harbor Web was such a wonderful touchstone of Upper Peninsula/Copper Country memories for me while I lived elsewhere, and it remains a personal favorite to this day.
You invest your website with so much passion and attention to detail that it is quite obvious that it, and the region which inspires it, is clearly a labor of love for you. Your affection for the Eagle Harbor community and its environs shines through every word and picture, and even a total stranger like myself can't help but become emotionally involved right along with you in the people and the land. So much so that when your beloved Abby passed away, my heart ached for you, as I'm sure others did as well." (David Bartlett, 3/22)

"The Wednesday, 3/13/02, update was a fine piece of writing that had me sitting on a nearby rock pile. When I read over all the eagle mail names, I realized I know very few if any of the people. The generational (alive and spirits) history of the ever changing Keweenaw is a rich contemplation for a star studded evening. Thanks for the thoughts. Enjoy the purple and green days of this weekend." (Liz Benson,3/15)


"I was reading the Messages on the Eagle Harbor website and found this: 'My husband and I enjoy your website very much. The pictures and especially your journals. My husband spent a lot of time in Eagle Harbor as a boy in the 50's. We have a pastel drawing of the Eagle Harbor light house by H.D Fadner. I think that's what the signature is. Have you or anyone ever heard of this person?' (Ruth Ann Meierhofer, 3/7)
I hope by now you have a ton of replies. Please post for Mrs. Meierhofer that Mr. Fadner (I think the "H" was for Henry) was principal at the Washington Grade School in Calumet for many years, I think from the '30's into the '50's or 60's. I went to school there from 1939-1947. Because he and his wife were friend of my parents, (my dad taught history and some other things at CHS from 1939-1972) I probably saw him as much more benign than most of the other kids did. He also was a locally well know artist. I regret very much that I never made up my mind which of his paintings I wanted before he died. As a result I don't have one." (Jo Ann Crane, 3/12)

"George, your reflections of the recent storm in Eagle Harbor was so descriptive I could actually feel the bitter cold of the outdoors contrasted with the warmth of your roaring fire. And your description of sounds-- wind, lake, thunder, silence! Magnificent! And your utilizing the storm as an opportunity to indulge in an obvious pleasure: reading, was so comforting. The "History of God" makes me want to hurry to Border's Book Store right now to find a copy for myself. I'm currently reading a book entitled "The Bible as a Novel." Great reading also." (Ann Anttila (A²), 3/12)

"Your History of God sounds intriguing and have ordered a copy. Just finished Bernard Lewis' "What Went Wrong?" which describes the fall of the Ottoman empire and traces through the millenia the Christian/Islam confilict. Lewis has several answers to his title, none of them completely convincing. Best to you and hope you'll arrange to have all the snow gone before we arrive at Agate in June. While you're tidying up the environment you might do something about the black flies too." (Clint Thomas, 3/11)

"I live in Lakeland, Florida, near the Tampa Bay area & wondered if you're related to our Channel 8 news anchor Bob Hite? No. I was born & raised in Lake Linden & spent a lot of times in the Keweenaw. My favorite spot to swim was Eagle Harbor & I have a beautiful picture of the lighthouse hanging on my kitchen wall. I visit every day & just yesterday learned about your website so will be sure to visit it often. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much!" (Ruth Messner Sheetz, 3/9)

"You must be in your glory this morning. MTU is on spring break this week and start at 7AM. I started to walk into work and the snow on the sidewalks came mid calf on me! I knew there was only one way to make the trip out to school and that was to walk in US 41. There was no way I was going to attempt that until it got light out! I was amazed to see the Reinhart food truck was right on time from Marquette. Randy said it was one of the worst trips he'd ever made! Everything at this end is closed and we're waiting for the next phase of the storm to hit. We are supposed to have freezing rain and then another big blizzard. If you're out skiing today George, I don't think you'll be removing your clothes!! Also, sherry and a pasty? Sounds a little heavy to me....a couple of glasses of red dry wine sound better to me. Take it easy, the snow is very heavy!" (Sue Adams, 3/8)

"My husband and I enjoy your website very much. The pictures and especially your journals. My husband spent a lot of time in Eagle Harbor as a boy in the 50's. We have a pastel drawing of the Eagle Harbor light house by H.D Fadner. I think that's what the signature is. Have you or anyone ever heard of this person?" (Ruth Ann Meierhofer, 3/7)

"My name is Molly Rowell. My parents were Frank and Esther Rowell who built the small cottage next to the schoolhouse in Eagle Harbor. Then my sister, Marcia Rowell Humphreys, and her husband, Ned, added a second story to the home. I remember renting cottages at the harbor each summer through my childhood before we had our own place. My roots in the harbor are deep. I return every couple of years for my “fix”. It is the one place where I feel grounded and can let my spirits soar at the same time.
I found your website. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and observations. The pictures are important to me. In reviewing my photos the other day, I realized that I did not have good views of the General Store. Do you have any shots of the store that you could share with me?" (Molly Rowell, 3/6)


"I enjoyed greatly your account of your ski outing. Where I live we had only enough snow to whiten the landscape, but it was beautiful that night. I had gone out to shovel about ten o'clock. The full moon and the lustrous deep blue sky and the stars burning holes in the night were breathtaking. It reminded me of the end of Willa Cather's "December Night" chapter in DEATH COMES FOR THE ARCHBISHOP-- "majestic, lonely, benign"
As you express so well, it is interesting how perception is altered in a snowy, luminous landscape. I find it mystical -- "impenetrable except to the knowing and sympathetic."
Thanks again for your musings. For those of us unlucky enough to not be there, the muse still sings unheard melodies that are sweeter still." (Mike Ryan, 3/1)
"I'm a great lover of your site, in fact, when my online pals list "my" home page in their lists, it's actually YOURS they are pointing to. I enjoyed three things this morning when I popped in to check for updates. The capitals in this morning's title (ALL of them :), and your remarks about wanting to ski in the coming night had me smiling already. The winter is back, and George is happy.! Then I looked at the pictures and clicked on the one of the other end of the bay. As I was adding it to my collection of "Georges EH Pictures", I laughed and laughed and laughed. We should laugh many times every day, the literature says. Laughter keeps us healthy. I thank you George, for your part in my good health :). Hope your skiing is wonderful!" (Daphne Holldorff, 2/27)

"As I sit here with our biggest (almost singular) snow of the season on the ground outside, I dream of your bountiful, if "embarrassing," ground cover. I picture easily that village scene and find myself believing your "Harbor friends would find enough romance in such moonlight and snow escapading to squander the comfort and safety of a cozy bed."
My early years in New York's Catskills left me forever in childlike awe of snow and wintertime. It's easy to imagine solitary midnight moonlight walks. In my memory I can hear the noisy crunch of each footfall - a noise you only seem to hear when you're alone - and at those times it makes being alone worthwhile, preferable.
Hope you ventured out... for both/all of us and that the crowd of we vicarious companions didn't leave too many footprints to spoil the snow." (Dan Darling, 2/28)
Dan, obviously another hopeless romantic, sent along a poem of his that I like.


Wake of winter, magic surf,
erases trash, blankets turf.
Sea swells come, sea swells die,
autos stop that adults try.

As unruly smoke the white wisps fly,
racing now, now resting nigh.
Then flies again to light anew,
frozen and fair this vagabond dew.

Children howl, dogs cavort,
on they play, through they snort.
Cheeks of red and smiles so full,
skates they lace, sleds they pull.

Bodies wrapped in fleece and fur,
find their minds a happy stir.
Wistful turns this common spot,
winter wind song wasted not.

I try not to clutter this message board with too much self gratuitous stuff, but I am a writer, of sorts, and appreciate good strokes. This one just made me feel good. Especially since the sender is a pretty classy writer himself. Thanks, friend.
" I just gotta say that some of your writing on your website is positively lyrical. Thanks for sharing your outlook and adventures with the rest of us, and in such a classy way. You paint neat word pictures and often bring a smile to the face."

"I want to pass the word that I am getting married this summer to a lovely woman named Amy Witter (roots from Alabama:). Could you advertise on the web site that we are looking for a cottage - anything available around the time of our wedding which will take place in Eagle Harbor. THe dates that we are looking for are July 29th - Aug 3rd, or that week roughly. The wedding is on the 31st." (Rodney Westlake, 2/24

" Thank you for bringing an area that means so much to me into my currnt southern Indiaia home through the computer every day. Your updates and journal entries make me feel like I'm right there; hearing the roar of the waves, feeling the bitter bite of the wind, smelling the scent of burning wood riding on the wind. Ah, how I miss the place! I also can't help but to miss Abby. I know she was not a personal friend of mine, but I miss her presence in your writings. Having two canine companions of my own, I know the company they provide. Perhaps some day you will have the luck to find another canine to share your fireside musings. At any rate, Thank You again, so very much." (Rebecca Middlebrook, 2/21)

"Thanks George. I am in Fl for the winter and ckeck your site evary day to see what is happening . My home is near Port Huron, Michigan. My Ma lives in Christmas , Michigan. I spend as much time there as I can. I have owned property in Christmas since I was 18 and hope to build on it some day. I love the U.P. and even though I am in Florida, my heart is up there. Again Thank You very much for the greatest site in the U.P." (Dale Masters, 2/18)

"WE enjoy your web page from sunny AZ. Two suggestions for those "funk days". 1. Get a pooch. It will enliven your life style and provide lots of writing material. 2. Enjoyed your reference to the blueberry pancakes at the Shoreline. Why not expand it ( not your waistline) by visiting various restaurants in the area and letting us know your favorite dish. Again - keep up the the interesting commentary and hopefully you will get some of that white stuff to improve your cross-country skills without breaking an ankle."

"Kappa Delta Psi's statue "100 Years of Magic Frozen in Time" took first place in the fraternity division. This was the first time the brothers had a win since the 1960's. The statue itself was a beaut, over 45 feet tall.... AND loaded with controversy because it was a joint effort with Tau Kappa Epsilon, a fraternity permanently banned from the university. This was for various alcohol violations, including when they were on probation. The Office of Student Affairs is scrutinizing this win. Fraternities: Delt Sigs took second place in statues,Phi Kappa Tau third, and Sigma Phi Epsilon 4th.
Sororities in statues: Delta Zeta first, Alpha Gamma Delta second, and Alpha Sigma Tau third. All of the statues in these divisions were beautiful.
Over all carny winners: Frats, Delt Sigs first, Phi Kappa Tau 2nd and Sig Eps,3rd. Sorrority: DZs first, Alpha Gams second, A Sig Taus 3rd. Air Force came in first in Student Organizations. Phi Kappa Tau raised $1,100 for Little Brothers. There were twenty some guys in the run, the golden retreiver house dogs, Rambo and Payton and associate dean of students, Steve Tyrell. It was a great carnival! The next event on campus is Feb.23. "How far can you chuck a pasty?" This is for "Professional Engineers" week sponsored by Alumni Assoc, and the College of Engineering. Students are invited to design a device to chuck a pasty (there are strict guidlines). The device that throws the pasty furthest wins first place. I can't miss this one!" (Sue Adams, 2/15)

" I visited the 2002 Olympics and I'll never forget the adventure. I'm sure many of your readers have or are doing the games. Here is my version in case nothing else is going on.
Olympic Fever came to the Inter Mountain West and I immersed myself. It started with the torch winding its way through town on 26 Jan 2002. The swelling pride and chills running from one's toes throughout the body could only escape as smiling tears and hugs from complete strangers. Was the torch our healing from 9/11? Who knows. We needed and enjoyed it.
Last year's trip to Snow Basin to "look up at" the new Olympic Downhill courses was a double chin dropping experience. My 50 plus years psyche asked, "Do I need to ski with my elbows banging into the mountain?" Sly grins and bravado among friends didn't shut out the future possibility. Me? I'll sneak in "down lower" where the pitch degree isn't so mind bending.
Friends had venue tickets. I went along for the ride. Dickered with the Scalpers. Picked up a grand seat for $20.00 less than the $95.00 rate. Venue was Women's Ice Hockey: Russians vs. Canadians. Hollered and whooped til I was hoarse. Granted it was lopsided but Russia's goalie was awesome. I was parked right smack in the middle of the Russian fans with the Canadian team parents and friends across the aisle. Seated 22 rows up from the glass ("E" Center Pavilion), on the net line. Russia defended that net 1st and 3rd periods. 1st period both teams had Olympic jitters. 2nd period the skating and stick handling improved. 3rd period one could see why the C's have won the last 7 world championships. Also forgot that the Olympic hockey rules are different. Friends threatened to tether me to the ground. Saw the "Great One" when he appeared for the 3rd period. And, I'm not talking Gretzky.
Olympic Plaza was wonderful. Talked with Mike (long Italian name) from the 1980 Gold medal team, who lit the cauldron. He is the athletic fund raiser for Boston College. Had picture taken with the U.S. Women's Silver Medal Moguls winner. Up close and personal view of the Olympic Flame because it is right next to the road. Security every where was tight, friendly and efficient. People: What a grand melting pot experience! I am glad I "Just Did It!" (Lizbeth Boorman, 2/14)

"Found your website from the last summer and I visit often. "Fun" would be a good word to describe the site. Nice job. While you are sailing around the lake, do you have a computer on board? A daily journal of days spent on the Lake would be very interesting.
I had the good fortune to live in the UP(Marquette) during most of my twenties and was a miner at the Tilden and Empire Mines. It is truly a very special place. Now, also due to good fortune, I am living in New Mexico, which is also a very special place, but in much different ways." (Rick Manthei, 2/9)

"I happened upon your Eagle Harbor web today and enjoyed both your writing and the pictures! My family and I have spent considerable time in your area and my Grandfather Alfred Merritt of the Mesabi discovery used to anchor in Eagle Harbor in the 1870's with his schooner. We have a place in Tobin Harbor, Isle Royale, and often get there on the Ranger III or Kilpela' s boat. Last year two of the moose you write about spent time on our island while we watched and photographed." (Grant Merritt, 2/7)

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