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April/May/June/July 2000

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"Like you, I also had ancestors in the Yooperland. My ancestors were of the "Donckers" and "Van Epps" families, some cousins were early settlers of the Marquette County area. Also, another cousin of mine, Dr. James Waber, used to be a Professor up at "Michigan Tech". I love your website. Your pictures came up great on our "I-Opener" system! I also like your personal bio page- I like to know about the editor of a paper- makes it more "personal" and "hometown", and I like that in a newspaper. Next time my husband, Larry, and I are in the neighboorhood, we'll have to come visit Eagle Harbor." (Karen M. Vogel, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, 7/26)

"Is Eagle Harbor for real? Looks SO beautiful. I'm in a northeastern suburb of Los Angeles - 100 degrees and air quality "unhealthful". When we have smog alerts, children and seniors have to stay quiet and inside because air is not fit to breathe. Enjoy your summer." (Abbey Stimpson, 7/25)

"Was alerted to your wonderful website by my brother Joe Monroe. Joe has lived in beautiful Eagle Harbor for several years now.. I just got my computer about six weeks ago and he just got his, and we're learning about them together. This is my first visit to this website and I promise you it won't be my last. I love it. I love the area. Thank you!!!!!!" (Lynda Hetrick, 7/18)

"Just a shout to let you know I found your site while surfing. My mother and sister own Copper Eagle cabins on lake Baily and I used your site to send a couple of e-mails to people looking for a low priced place to stay for a day or week this summer. I live in Florida now after taking leave of my senses and moving from lower Mich. a few years ago, ( Can't wait to return to civilization). I just love it in the UP but my wife has an aversion to cold. And I have an aversion to not being able to make a living. But one of these days---. Hope to find something on the site I recognize now. Hope you can add more pictures in the future. Maybe of my mom's cabins" (Barry Benedict, 7/14)

"I have been to Eagle Harbor two times, the second time was because I fell in love with it the first time! Thank you for the wonderful web page that shows me more of the reasons I fell in love in the first place. Both times were passing through but the second one was the most fun. I toured the Light house and saw the School house, I oooooed and aaaaaaaahhhhhhed over the beauty and ate lunch and had ice cream at the restaurant. I will be back to do more ooooooing and aaaaaahhhing in the future and perhaps to see more of the folks who reside in your lovely town." (Connie, 7/11)

"I accidentally stumbled on your winter pictures of Eagle Harbor while searching for something entirely different ( the story of my life, ha ha ) and felt compelled to write. Such beauty. I, personally, can't think of 1,000 words to describe the wonder of it all. The winter scenes were so wonderful that I checked out the rest of the site, too. You have done a wonderful job of making your special place on earth appealing and inviting to those of us longing in our hearts for peace and tranquility. I will not, though, be visiting. Not because I think I would not have a good time there. I will not be visiting because if I came, I would be just another "summer tourist", passing through, along with all the other summer tourists. Such a disheartening thought. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate how much you love your breath-taking area and I wish you many, many more long and happy years there." (Ginny, 7/11)

"I am a former resident of Ahmeek while working at radar site at Gratiot Lake. I only spent 3 years there but I'll have never lost my love of the "U.P.." While in Ahmeek I was the next door neighbor to Heimo (Paddy) and Margaret Jaaskelainen who at time was the owner of the Mendota light house (and the RC Cola bottling plant). I will never forget the many good times our family spent there. We became good friends but sadly have lost touch with his family. If you know of anyone having any information on them (phone numbers or address) I would love to hear from you. I am also interested in the Gratiot Lake Conservancy Web Site if they have a URL." (Bill Fowler, Miami FL,, 7/6)

"WE ARE PRACTICALLY LIVING in YOUR WEB SPACE !!! We are MOVING TO THE KEWEENAW, and each and every member of the family is going through your site and the PASTY cam pictures, again and again.. THANK YOU !!! Got any leads on year-round rental housing for family of 5 in KEWEENAW COUNTY??" (Ayla,, 7/6)

"We sure enjoy your web site and check it every day. It is a wonderful way to keep ourselves updated on the Harbor. We also enjoy the Lake Cam camera and wonder why it is shut off at 8:53pm each night. We would like to see some of the beautiful Keweenaw sunsets." (Phil & Dar Kuusisto, 7/6)

"Just ran across your web page today. I found it very interesting and am planning to try to take a trip that way in next couple of years. It has been may years since I have been to Eagle Harbor, use to come that way when I was a kid as my dad was in the Coast Guard there during WW II."(Gary Bernath, 7/5)

"This is from another of the many UP lovers. I been in love with the UP since visiting my mother's homestead in the 40's as a child. I'm connected with the Mannisto family of the Phoenix farm area in fact I'm paying taxes on land there. I've been back every year since then, camping, moteling, etc. Brought my girl friend to visit and she fell in love with the place too. We've been back every year since our marriage in 1958 usually more than once of course since this message comes from Duluth, it's not that much of a trip to get back. We now stay regularly at the Keweenew Mountain Lodge and will be there in a few weeks so I'll look you up on that visit. I've always had the web site for the camera near my cousin, Gary Mannisto's, place only this time I went a little farther and found you. I'm a newbie at this computer stuff and am learning more everyday. So finding you site was a real treat. I also found my cousin, Neil Harri, listed so I'll drop him a line too. By the way please add my name your email listings. I'll make sure I find you when we spend some time in July in God's Country. Catch you then and thanks for your fascinating site."(Milt Hill, 6/25)

"Was out surfing the web looking for places we want to visit this summer and ran across your site! It is the BEST web site I have seen so far! I book marked it! We are looking for a place up there to stay! We usually go to munising but want to visit your area this summer! Keep up the great work on the site!" (Leigh Davis, 6/21)

"I was one of a trio of Catalina 22's that ran into you on Batchawana on June 17. We have a group of five boats that cruise Potagannising usually but moved to Lake Superior for more water. The boats are great gunkholers. In the winter we ski places like Mt Batchawana and Mt. Bohemia. I grew up in Laurium in the late 50's and have been reading your news to keep up with the Bohemia development plans. I love to ski the mountain but would really prefer that it not be developed for lift serviced skiing. A low key lodge with a sauna would be fine. Maybe a rope tow. Any way, I enjoy your news and pictures so it was cool to sort of meet you." (Dave Ferris, 6/20)

"Hey George just wanted to drop you a line and say I really enjoyed you site. My sister found a site and e-mailed me with it and so on and so on. Went to Gitchee Gumee (sorry about the spelling) Bible camp for many years and your site just brought back some old and very fond memories of camp. My name is Paulette and I am from Lake Orion, MI . Just wanted to say thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling of yesteryear Al though I didn't find what I was actually looking for the sights and stories brought back memories. Thanks and God Bless." (Paulette, 6/11)

"My Aunt had a copy of this picture (Deer & Child In Snow) in her bible and she told me it was a photo taken of my cousin, Bill (Billy) Ivey. He is the son of James (Bill) and Grace Ivey. Grace was an English teacher in the Calumet schools. Bill attended Calumet high and then attended the University of Michigan. He is now the president of the endowment committee for performing arts and he use to work in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry. Grace Ivey still lives in Calumet (on Hecla Street) and has a summer cottage at Calumet Waterworks. I have absolutely no idea about the deer." (Flo Hartmann (Pooley), 6/14)

"The pic of the little kid with the deer on the ice at the Harbor was taken in March of 1948 by Ray Foster of Calumet ,How do I know? I was there as I have a pic of myself giving "bambi" a drink of water from a water bucket .I know who the child is in the picture but I think we should keep everyone guessing. " )Don Amson. 6/7)

"This is a great web-site! I have family ties to Eagle Harbor. My Uncle Serge (Tormala) Anderson, of Calumet and Salo, was one of the men in the Lifesaving Service that rescued the crew from the L.C. Waldo in November 1913. I have many pictures taken during those times and his gold metal! I am coming to the area the first week in June for a vacation and will have several photos of the metal, if anyone is interested in having them. Many years ago I was pleasntly surprised when my aunt, mother and a friend of mine visited the lighthouse and saw his picture in the display about the storm. Both of my parents were born and raised in the Copper Country and I have their personal photos taken from about 1910 thru the 30's." (Sandy Tormala Jarvinen,, 5/25)

"Ahh, the time capsule!! I'm with you!! Dentures, CD's, Audio tapes etc. They will be so out dated no one can interpret them. I would like pictures of the wonderful lighthouse, your forwarding address, and a handwritten note of every child and his ancestors. I love the stories about mining (coal or copper) and the lives they lead. The ancestry would be the ultimate gift.!!" (Chuck Davidson, 5/23)

"Lovely weather here in southern California. A bit humid which is unusual but I believe weather patterns are changing all over. What we have done to our environment. George,just thought of something. You must get into the 21st century & provide us with some sound. How about some audio? The journal would be great with sound. Either you or "The Wonder Dog". Something to experiment with. Great for the next great winter season." (Gretchen Houk, 5/19)

"An entirely tongue in cheek suggestion for the time capsule would be pictures of snow scenes, in and around the harbor. As global warming continues, your replacement Eagle Harbor Web editor (in the year 2100) will be having a contest to see who can correctly predict whether The Keweenaw will receive ANY snow for the winter..." (Steve King, 5/19)

"Beautiful site. My name is Tara Elizabeth Ewart. I am the daughter of Bill Ewart. We had a cottage in Eagle Harbor with a beautiful arch rock in front of it. I spent my summers there. They are the best memories I have. What beauty. During my summers I used to spend some of my time with Pete and Fanny Loveland- bless their heart. As a child they would take my family and I sailing on their beautiful sail boat-and they even let me steer. That was a big deal to me as a child. As time grew on, my father was transferred to chicago from Green Bay. The time I spent at the cottage became less and less and at around the age of 14, Pete and Fanny Loveland bought that very special cottage from my father. My life was devastated. Still to this day, I feel that loss and what that cottage meant to my father and I. The feeling of loss is overwhelming, that at times, I can't help but cry. The Ewart cottage was the only place that I could really call "home", since my father was transferred from here to there throughout my childhood. This was his "home" as a child also for much of the same reasons as it was mine. My father now has a beautiful Trojan Yacht~"Summer Passage" ~My dad and I are going to make a trip up there on it one of these days, and I may never return to the Chicago area again. The UP is where I belong. It is were my heart and love for life has always been and will always remain. Without it in my life, I will never feel whole. Also, by the way if anyone is selling, planning on selling or know someone who is going to sell property on the shore of the "Great Lake Superior", please contact via E- mail me at SissuTee @, I would be so very thankful." (Tara Elizabeth Ewart,, Crystal Lake,IL., 5/18)

"I can't believe that the year is fast coming to a close at Tech. Tonight is the night set aside for the ritual of "Senior Walk". The students start at the Monte Carlo bar in Hancock, and then Gino's, Nutini's, Chrystal Room, Up-Hill 41......OVER THE BRIDGE.....B&B (a pickled egg with the brew), Downtowner, Ambassador, JD's Boathouse, The Library, and last but not least for those who make it, The Dog House. Just thinking about it gives me a headache! But, it is a tradition that refuses to die. As long as you behave you won't get into trouble. It will be hard to get alot of sleep tonight. I've instructed my cooks to go heavy on the pastas, tater tots, cream pie etc. for dinner. The kids will be trying to line their stomach with something heavy before the walk. About noon tomorrow they will start rolling in for brunch, some in sheer agony, some not. The "Miserable Tech Lewd", a spoof on the school newspaper the Tech Lode, was published today too. Some of the headlines: "Tech Student Attacked By Spider in Field," "With chants of chug, chug, chug, the Michigan Tech hockey team finished spring practice." "Mister Rogers' neighborhood, is it safe?" Yes, I'm counting the days, hours, & minutes until we bid them farewell for the summer on May 19th! By the end of August we welcome them back with open arms! And the beat goes on!! That's it from the Tech campus!" (Susan Adams, 5/12)

"I really enjoy your site. I look at it just about every day wishing I was there. I did make it to Eagle Harbor last weekend. Drove 1600 miles round trip from here. I tried to find the webcam for the harbor but no luck. I thought it might be at the lighthouse or the decking west of there. Anyway, I look at it 3 to 4 times a day also." (Dick Morgan, Alexandria, IN,, 5/11)

"Bob Neil recommended your web-site. We are former Ishpeming residents living in Ohio now. We spend summers at camp near Republic. We make it a point to visit the Keewenaw and Eagle Harbor every summer. I used to work for Walter Gries, whom you may have known. Great web-site for someone who is nostalgic about the U.P. as I am." (Jack Bowen, 5/10)

"Mark Stewart led me to this site and it's been great. He talked about Eagle Harbor so much that we decided to drive up one summer (1973) and check this place out. We, and our daughters, stayed at the hotel.......and Mark played tour guide of the area. We thought it a wonderful place and immediately reserved the Stewart cottage for 3 weeks in the summer of 1974.....of course, we had to include the 4th of July as we'd heard about the BIGGEE celebration. We continued to rent for the same period of time until 1981. We have returned numerous times....renting various places.....because we need periodic EAGLE HARBOR fixes. The last time we stayed in Copper Harbor and that was 4-5 years ago......we did travel the long distance to EH for the 4th of July doings. We will plan on driving up for a few days this summer. It will be great to be back at a place that holds so many good memories for us. The only things that will be missing when we return are the folks who have passed on over the years. Thanks for creating so much nostalgia for us!!!" (Eleanor Baird,, 5/10)

"George, I really enjoy your web page! My parents are originally from Lake Linden and Hubbell and I always spent my summers in Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor. Looking at your web page gives me an almost daily "fix" of the harbor. Thank you for that! I particularly love the harbor cam. I noticed your site now says "closing soon for the season". Will the camera still be up and running? Just wondering if I'll get to see some beautiful summer days." (Laura Ehrfurth Green, 5/9)
Bill Jackson's cam is simply a "link" from my site Laura, so if you bring it up, just make it one of your "bookmarks" or "favorites" and you will subsequently be able to go to the cam directly.

"I was surprised when I checked the website yesterday to see Abby had picked our biscuit. The last thing I remember winning was a Schmoo at an Easter Egg hunt when I was 4, and believe me that was a LONG time ago. Thank you, this was an interesting winter for you all, surprised at how late the snow came and how little there was. Our winter here in southern Indiana was also very mild and with an early spring. It worries me a bit, we are having high 80's and talk of 90's by the weekend. So early for all that, more like July [only not much humidity to speak of yet], doesn't make me feel easy about summer. Last years drought did a number on the ground here in southern Indiana. I was afraid to walk in the backyard, the cracks were wide and deep and I am known for tripping and falling because I don't watch where I am going. My worry was the cracks would widen enough and I would rue the day I didn't learn to speak Chinese.
The best to all the other participants in the snow contest, we enjoy taking part in it and being a weather junkie too. We are getting the oldest grandson, {Curry, age 7] interested in weather too [interesting phenomenon]. He will be tickled to hear we won the monthly contest.
Good sailing, George. Gentle and warm winds in your face, soft waves to lull you into relaxation, a keen eye to watch the ever changing temper of the lake and the good sense to head for safe harbor when she changes for the worst.(Barbara and Tom Whiteside, 5/8)

"Hi George,just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy Eagle Harbor via your site! We have traveled up that way many times, especially for snowmobile season. We enjoy keeping up with Abby's latest quests also as we owned a springer(Gus) for over 15 yrs. He was truly a awesome boy! Keep the great work up,we love it!"(Bob & Janie Thomson, Cedar Rapids, Ia. 5/6)

"As you asked - and you asked a lot of questions! - I have had a good look through your website and found it really interesting and thought I'd let you know. Things loaded in a reasonable time - I've a fairly fast 700 Athlon processor and Sunday mornings are pretty good to download things quickly. One of the reasons I've trawled through your website is that we (husband also called George!) are coming on vacation to parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan - staying in the Keweenaw area for four days - so doing my homework to see where I can pack in all my visits in 4 days! So, with the photographs, the web cam, and the postings about the weather/temperature increasing, sounds good for my holiday! And, we'll be visiting Eagle Harbor! So greetings from Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset, England (although we are aliens here - we're Scottish!) and keep up the good work!" (Alison Cragg, 5/7)

"We really enjoy your website and find it comprehensive and active. There is always something new and worth reading. I grew in the Up, Laurium to be exact and miss the beauty of the Copper Country. I use your wonderful pictures as wallpaper and they bring back so many memories. My husband and I are planning on staying in the "cottage on the hill" in September and are really looking forward to our stay. Early autumn is always such a beautiful time there. We also plan being for the all school reunion in July and hope to see a few familiar faces." (Evelyn (Dunlop) Hanrahan, 5/6)

"Bet ya didn't think anyone was going to catch that one didn't ya? What do you mean closed for the season- you go galavanting all over the country & then come back & say you are closing? Ahah- no no no. Can't do that - we depend on you George." (Pris, 5/5)

"How can the new snowfall for April be 5.4" when it was 11" when you left?" (Mary Beyers, 5/3)
You probably suspect that this one time wizard of differential equations has lost even basic math capacity with advancing age. Not so! We had a reverse snowfall. A rare lake induced meteorological phenomenon resulting from the vacuum effect of a high velocity vortical along the leading edge of an extremely low pressure ridge. The snow gets sucked up and blown back into the lake. I forget the scientific name for this weather event, but the locals call them "Yooper Uppers".

"You always have great photos but there is one that stands out in my mind above the rest. It is a pic you recently had in the top right corner of your homepage of Great Sand Bay. It took me to the roots of my memories of wonderful, peaceful moments along the shores of Lake Superior in the Keweenaw." (Loren Kangas, 4/18)

"Well I came across your web site a few weeks ago. Use the Web for information search for my job. Somehow I got distracted looking at the numerous pictures that I have in my office of the U.P.. Many fond memories of get togethers with Aunts ,Uncles, Grandparents up at Twin Lakes P-Z's cottage and my uncles camp the "Flitter Woochen". I am in no hurry to grow old but I am looking forward to my retirement some years down the road as I just bought 10 acres on the Keweenaw Bay. Will put a drive in this spring and will clear a little area for a tent camp on the lake. Also, will try to clear a little spot back in the woods to see if I can cultivate some thimble berries and Rasberries." (Don Thebo, 4/11)

"As the duly appointed (by default?) family archivist I only dream that a vision of ancestry, as written on April 6, could flow through my creative unconsciousness and onto paper. I 'spect its the lure of the Lake and its many moods that frees up your creative juices. Whatever sets you to key tapping, please consider harnessing some of your best works into a binding. We could have a "favorites" contest." (Liz Benson, 4/11)

(click)"I love your site! My name is Kyle Loveland. I go to Eagle Harbor 2 times each summer. My family has 3 cabins. Maybe you know my grandpa, Peter Loveland? Well, I'm going to try to attach a picture. e-mail back if you get time" (Kyle Loveland, 4/10)

"So your ancestor was a Cameron! Was he perhaps from Sutherlandshire as were many Camerons (and my own Ross, Gunn, Grant and McDougald ancestors)? Unfortunately, my forebearers didn't have the grace to hang out in nice bars -- they were hopeless Church of Scotland farmers in Canada and wouldn't even cook on Sunday. Mercifully, I somehow escaped through the good graces of a distinguished list of campus tap rooms. I can't wait to see the newly restored one in Eagle River!" (Paul FresH2O, 4/7)

"Been getting comments from as far away as San Diego already. I wouldn't change a thing in the journal. I've sat in front of the mirror on more than one occasion wondering who'ld I'ld be looking at 100 years ago. Being that it was from the Phoenix Hotel/Bar it may have been the people that molded the Keweenaw into what we're preserving today. If I were at ERMC, "The Long Saloon", 100 yrs ago I'ld probably be drinking german beer and watching my back." (Jim Vivian,(Jr.) 4/7)

"I found the entry about the Men's Club very interesting. I believe you are referring to the former Bessy Philips residence?? While "Serving My Time" at the Keweenaw County Jail, (As Sheriff) I had the unfortunate duty of investigating a Breaking and Entry at the residence. Being a local history "nut", I found the place very interesting. Bessy Phillips did have relatives living locally, Dollar Bay, if I remember right, and they may have some of the original furnishings from the bar. I remember they had some of the items from the Keweenaw County Sheriff's Department, Example, the old Ball and Chains the inmates had to wear while working outdoors, but she would not give them to me. (I don't think she liked me, HA HA) Bessy Philips was a person also interested in local history and did collect alot of old items.. Like they say in Mohawk, MI, Have a nice day!!!" (Bill Luokkanen, 4/7)

"Great piece on Eagle River. I have been a summer visitor there for over 20 years. While it is only a few miles from Eagle Harbor, the difference between the two is readily apparent. Eagle River seems a bit "tougher" or "rougher", perched right on the unprotected edge of Superior, almost defying the lake and the weather to sweep it away. I love it." (Dane Christensen, 4/6)

"Loved your visit to the Eagle River saloon. My grandfather, James Daley, moved to Eagle River at age 4 from Phoenix, where he was born. His mother died in childbirth, and all 5 children were raised by his older sister, Lucy, aged 11. She eventually married a Long, Allan Long's father (remember Allan who had the big trucks and hauled earth and built septic tanks, etc. - he died about 3 or 4 years ago). I can't help but wonder if that is the same Long as the hotel you mentioned." (Mary Beyers, 4/6)

"If votes are being cast - I vote the picture of Abby returning from the Beaver Lodge as "The Best". Really captures the feeling, the sky, the lodge, the hills and the scale (with wonderdog looking so small in the tall grass). Anyhow, thanks for a great photo." (Jim Wachowski, 4/2)
Good idea. I'll set up a "Vote For Your Favorite Eagle Harbor Web Picture" query. Thanks Jim.

"In reading your letter to the County Board, I say that it is one of the most honest, well written, and true set of statements put forth on the working of this scheme yet to date. Kohs - I don't know his motives - but your's are spoken from the heart. I stand up and tip my hat to you." (Ted Sullivan, 4/1)

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