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Fall - Winter, 2005-2006

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

" I saw your comment about the Bete Gris shoreline today and wanted to comment that the Michigan Supreme Court recently held that the public trust doctrine protects a person's right to walk along the shores of the Great Lakes, below the ordinary high water mark, the definition of which the Court adopted as "the presence and action of the water is so continuous as to leave a distinct mark either by erosion, destruction of terrestrial vegetation, or other easily recognized characteristic." The case name is Glass v Goeckel and it was decided July 29 of this year. Walk on! " (Melissa Hornyak, 10/25)

"If that picture of the lakeshore is along Lake Superior--property owners cannot prohibit you from walking along the waters edge--Michigan Supreme Court ruled this summer that owner's rights to restrict access cannot impinge upon rights of general public to access the Great Lakes and therefore anyone can walk along the shoreline up to the ordinary high water mark. Case is Glass v. Goeckel." (Bob Wilson, 10/24)

"Hey George, just stopped by your website and spent hours. I really liked your journal. Why haven't you written anything lately? I thought the whole website was wonderful!!" (Kathy MacDonald, 10/20)

"Just stumbled on your web site and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your daily journals from Jan. 2005. Here's hoping that you survived and will be adding more entries soon." (Mark Butala, 10/5)

"Reading your website and wanted to say hello. My Eagle Harbor history is not lengthy or terribly interesting but I love the area and will be there in a couple of days. My mom who is now 80, my sister and I have been traveling from Bemidji, MN to the Keeweenaw in late September for about 14 years now and we simply love our time there. We generally stay in Eagle River, although we have stayed in Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor as well. Regardless of where we stay, we do spend time all along the shore from Eagle River to Copper Harbor, walking the beaches, swimming and generally taking in the beauty whilst relaxing. I, too, had an Abby the Wonder Dog who for several years accompanied us on our south shore trip. She was a chocolate lab who absolutely LOVED the trip and the big lake. Even though I live on a lake in MN, there is something about Superior that excites the canines as well as the humans. Our 4 legged traveling companion now is a golden lab who may be a little less wonderous but good company, nevertheless.
Anyway, love your website and have looked through it often. Great photos and information. I can almost hear the waves and smell the air! Maybe we'll see you in our travels.........." (Laurie Harsh, 9/20)

"In case you've not been aware, the KRC (Keweenaw Research Center) at CMX, now has a full time weather monitoring station on-line, including frost measurements, which effectively replaces the original CMX weather observations, that began when the airport opened in the late 1940's. Unfortunately, (and most importantly, for climatic long term readings), we lost the airport data for a few years now. But, we have online data back, better than ever. (Roland Burgan, 9/3)

"FROM THE PARENTS OF DAWN (CARON) ELLIS - This message is to say "Thanks" to all the wonderful people of your community who made us feel so welcome during the four days we spent in E.H. for the wedding of our daughter Dawn to Dave Ellis. From the beautiful sunset cruise on Thurs. night, the "so much fun" walk around town on Fri. night to the most beautiful wedding we could imagine at the lighthouse on Sunday, July 31, 2005. A very special thank you to Jean and Tom Ellis for the delicious rehearsal dinner and for making Dawn's relatives and friends feel very much like part of the family. We wish Dawn and Dave the very best in their future together and we hope to be able to return to Eagle Harbor for a visit someday soon." (Russ and Julie Caron, 8/20)

"I have not seen your site for many months now since I retired (as in moving to the country and working without a paycheck finishing my house) so decided to visit today to get a good picture for my computer desktop. Once again I was impressed by the pictures on your site (and borrowed one). Although I live in the country in the woods where the scenery is nice it somehow does not match up to your area. Thanks again for keeping the site going." (Bruce Pankratz, 8/18)

"We are moving into our new home this coming weekend. Effective Monday, August 22nd, our new address will be 5 Calle Lomita, Sandia Park, NM 87047. As an alternative, P.O. Box 1590, Sandia Park, NM 87047 is still good. Our new telephone number is 505-281-3403...cell number 505-217-4577. Our email number will remain for a while." (Bob and Joan Taylor. 8/18)

"I'm new to your website. I've been on for a year and a half, since my daughter moved to Munising and now I"m planning a trip to see some of the sites I've been viewing online. I hadn't been to the U.P. since I was a child until this year and now I've been acrossed the bridge more than the Govenor of MIchigan. I'm planning on coming up to Munising in October for a week. I'm checking on possible places to stay and sights to see. I really loved your "home town" approach and will be coming back again and again. Thanks for doing such a good job." Char, 8/15)

"I was hoping to find someone who took a picture of our dog Bailey in the 4th of July parade. We were the ones with the Mastiff with the sunglasses on. If anyone took a digital picture (or I would really appreciate having a copy." (Patty and Marlin Wingard (Lake Bailey, 7/18)

"Being a regular summer resident and realizing that I will not be able to make it to Eagle Harbor this summer, I decided to put together a website. I think it will be great for those like myself who wont be able to make it at times and also for everyone to keep in touch during the rest of the year. Its free to register. Once you register you can post your own messages, stories, send messages to other users, and more within this forum. It takes just a few seconds to register and I believe it will be a lot of fun for everyone. Here is the link to the site:
(Mike MacKenzie, 7/11)

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