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Fall - Winter, 2006-2007

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

Favorite Chair "Anyone who has made a visit to the "Ballyard House" knows about the old yellow couch. Its best days were past a long time ago but it sits as it always has in the alcove of the living room, now a perch for its second family dog to keep tabs on the happenings outside the window. There's a depression about a third of the way in from the armrest where the springs have long since given way, and it groans with disgust when another person comes to try and sit. At one time it was used as a fold-out lay flat hide-a-bed, but with its condition no one considers it a good place to sleep anymore.

Except me.

When I'm working another 7-day week of 16 hour days in the flatlander half of the state, sleep is a precious commodity. But with the go-go-go seasons in swing, it's a chore for me to slow down enough to get a good rest. There's one place that I always long for...the old yellow couch. I learned long ago how to negotiate the popped springs and hardwood armrests...and within minutes of swinging my feet up I'm usually out cold without a care in the world. Sometimes the TV is on, sometimes it's music...more likely the windows are open and the breezes are blowing across the ballyard. I've made many trips back to the house in the summer with every intention of "just popping in and out" and found myself stretching and seeing the clock had skipped a few hours.

No one in the family really wants to keep this poor old overused piece of furniture, but I have staunchly defended its rightful place in the house. It's had everything from afghans to kangaroo skins draped on its back, and I plan to see a few more things adorning its spot in the window for years to come.

Sometimes a chair is not just a chair...and a couch is not just a couch."

Dave Ellis (11/02)

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