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Feedback Archive July/August, 1999

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"This is John Dee writing you. I wrote you back last winter and said I was planning to move to the UP. I am the meteorologist origionally from the Chicago area. Anyway, I have made it to the Keweenaw. I moved to a home in Lake Linden back in May. I have loved the summer months (acually even a little too warm at times), but am looking forward to putting on the coat and walking in the woods under the beautiful fall foilage (only about a month, yahoo!) I am looking even more forward to the winter months and strapping on the skis and snowshoes! Just looking at some of the pictures on you site makes me all giddy. I was wondering when will you be taking submissions for this years snowfall forecasts. Don't worry, I am not a ringer, it is impossible to accurately forecast a seasons snowfall in advance as I am sure you know already! However, when it comes to a forecast for the next week to ten days, I think that I have a definate edge on most, even seasoned locals. I have been monitoring the lake temps and the Middle Lake Superior bouy has been reporting temps of 58-64 degrees since the end of July, is this warmer than average? I thought that a local told me that it rarely gets warmer than 55 all summer." (John Dee, 8/23)

"Just wanted to include our names in the Eagle Mail. We are Wayne and Flo (Pooley) Hartmann. My family use to own the house on South and 4th which is now the Williams cottage, For years we were summer renters, never finding the place to equal that old cottage on the corner. Our address is We live in Redford, Michigan (yes...we are trolls) My Dad's family was from the area (Mohawk) and I spent every summer in Eagle Harbor starting back in the early 50's. I've only missed a couple of years due to pregnancies and/or illness. When I didn't get my "summer fix" we would do a fall tour instead. Love the web page and check it daily." (Flo Hartmann, 8/16)

"How much we enjoy the cool effects of your web page and wish so we could be there as we sit in our air conditioned house with temperatures staying at 110' day after day!" (Dick and Anne Mairet, 8/11)

" My name is Andy Szefi. I'm one of the McCarthy clan that lives about a mile west of the Harbor on M26. I'm a soon-to-be attorney in Pittsburgh, PA and I got a call from my cousin Mark Anderson in Chicago earlier this afternoon telling me about your site. I've been calling people into my office to show them the place I rave about every summer. Thanks to your site I can finally show them what I'm talking about. I've only scratched the surface of the site so far but I can't wait to check it all out." (Andy Szefi (, 8/11)

"Many thanks for the nice piece on our HC landing. However, I sent the site address to a few friends and they wondered why I had sent it? The photo and report has vanished. Assume it was either censored or archived? Sunk without trace? No reference to saved previous days stuff like a newspaper? How does it work. Incidentally two friends separatly referred me to the story so your fame is far and wide."(Tom, Zantha and the dog, 8/7)

"A friend recently asked for a picture of the 2 deer that had their antlers hooked...and ended up on the wall at the Eagle Harbor Inn! Do you have the photo that you might e-mail to me - he's an avid hunter and would love to see it!" (Roelif Loveland, 8/6)

"I just thought I would put my two cents in about the new millennium. The next millennium doesn't actually begin until January 1, 2001. As we all know, the calendar did not start with the year zero, it started with the year one. So, those that celebrate the new millennium on January 1, 2000 will be a year early." (Sam Segler, 8/4)

" Just viewing your pages. I happened across them (since you asked) because I was doing a search on "handicapped accessible bathrooms Michigan." Trying to find out the codes for myself. And Eagle Harbor came up. I've actually spent some time in Eagle Harbor and know a few of the residents. I was the missionary for Keweenaw Lutheran Ministries for awhile (led a few worship services in the Chapel by the Sea, later a substance abuse counselor at the Academy and am now down at Holy Cross, Baraga and Zion Lutheran, Skanee. I love Eagle Harbor! God's Peace." (Judy Mattson, 8/4)

"George, about 30 some years ago a Coast Guard helicopter landed in the ballyard - what a commotion THAT made!! Dave Freeborn, a Coast Guard commander and an old neighbor and friend of ours from the Soo was landing here, but for the life of me, I can't remember the reason. All of us "Oldtimers" were there, along with all our little ones, so someone should remember the details." (Mary Beyers, 8/3)

"Was looking for info on the Lake Breeze, when I stumbled across your web site. Spent more time than I thought. Although I am not a long time, part time, summer time or winter time Eagle Harbor resident, I am an occasional tourist to your wonderful village. Every year my girlfriends and I take a small trip away from husbands and children and Eagle Harbour is our favorite. We keep coming back. We have stayed at the Lake Breeze and at the Sandhill Lighthouse, down the road. It's been a few years since we've been up your way, but we've voted to make Eagle Harbor next summer's destination. Enjoyed your web site. All technical systems worked great. Fast. Good pictures and alot of fun." (Mary Streufert, 8/3)

"Eagle Harbor's first-ever helicopter arrival?" Nope! Perhaps that was the first in the village, but not the first at the harbor. About three years ago, some folks arrived at North Wind Books by helicopter. (Well, to tell the truth, it was a film crew taking pictures along the shore for Champion or Mead, I forget which, and they landed at the marina for consultation with their colleagues traveling by car, and while they were there they came along to North Wind Books.)" (Peter Van Pelt, 8/3)

"My husband and I have a place at Lake Medora, (fire lot #387). At present we spend only 4/5 weeks a year at the cabin, however, starting next year we plan on enjoying the Keweenaw all summer. Woudl you please add us to your list of Eagle Mail, we can be reached at: We live in Sterling Heights, Michigan and have always loved the U.P. We brought our camp from Matthew Lee nine years ago and have counted our blessings ever since, what a wonderful place to live. Enjoy reading the news from Eagle Harbor, you've done a great job and I'm sure many like us look forward on any given day to pull up the weather/local news/etc." (Richard & Carol Larry, 8/3)

"My name is Andrea Johns and I am the daughter of Dick and Mary Probst of the Eagle Harbor Inn. I live in Traverse City Michigan and I have been browsing your website and think itís so wonderful!! I have been coming up there every summer since Iíve been a little tot and now that I am an adult itís harder to get up there. I am now 27 years old and have a wonderful husband and an 13 month old daughter, Callie Leigh. (My parents first grandbaby). I wanted also to write and give you my Email address to put on your EAGLE-MAIL page. Anyways, I love your Website and now I know where to get all the Harbor events. Now I can shock my parents when I can ask them stuff that I found out on your website. Thanks a bunch!!" (Andrea (Probst) Johns,, 8/3)

"I was so delighted to come across your website, I didn't know which section to click on first. I found it while searching for Keweenaw County sites. Real estate listings were my goal, but I'm not sure I'll ever make it there because I keep detouring to all these nifty little spots along the way. I've marked your site in my list of Favorites and will regularly check back in to get all the news, etc. My mother and I actually own land in Eagle Harbor Township, just a little beyond the Great Sand Bay on highway 26. It's not doing much of anything except sitting there like it has for the past few milleniums, but that's ok by me. Mom's planning on retiring up there in a year or so, either buying a house (hence the real estate search) or building on the current land providing we can get an act of congress and special dispensation by the Pope (not to mention permission from the DNR) to do it. I'd love to make the move myself, but what does one do for a living in Eagle Harbor or anywhere thereabouts? Anyhow, we'll keep our eyes open for any good news and tidbits on your website. By the way, I printed off the "best pasty recipe" and will try it out immediately upon locating some rutabegas (don't laugh, I don't think they even know what a rutabega is in Chicago. They probably think it's a new fashion statement or something...). Thanks once again for the great website! It will tide me over until my next trip. Whenever I'm there, I never want to leave and I get so depressed my final day. It's not fair that the whole world isn't that beautiful." (Heidi Strandt, 8/1)

"Love to visit your site! Just thought I'd warn you. Bill and Connie Medlyn are on their way. Due to arrive Friday night, Aug. 6. One knows it's time for the trip for Bill manages to whistle, smile and grin all at once. All their Durham, NC neighbors are wishing they were visiting too. Enjoy your great month of August."(Sally Longacre, 8/1)

"Well I don't think I know exactly who you are but I just got back from my stay in Eagle Harbor where my parents rent from Mary Beyers. My dad is originally from Houghton so I am from around there. I didn't want to leave today but I came on the net and found this page so I can always come here for a reminder. This is a great page!"(Mame Croze, 7/31)

"The e-mail address for Mary Jo (Rowell) and Donald Browne is: . We've rented the Stewart cottage for a couple of weeks every summer for the last 20 years, but Mary Jo's connections to the Harbor go back much further. Her father, Dr. W.J. Rowell, built a home there in the mid-1960s (now owned by the Freshwaters), and we visited often before his death in 1978. She also recalls vacationing there in the early 1940s and again in the 1950s, and remembers staying in the Lake Breeze when it still served dinners." (7/30)

"We were delighted to discover this page. We've been coming to Eagle Harbor for vacations for the past six years. Jake and Gretchen Healy put us on to it, Mary Beyers has graciously hosted us and "the harbor" has been our destination of choice each year. We are looking forward to following the Eagle Harbor life on this page, until we can get up there again next summer!" (Kerry and Barbara Koller, South Bend, IN, 7/28)

"I really enjoyed your George's Eagle Harbor Web site. I've spent a lot of time here today looking at everything. My husband and I are originally from Hancock and will be up in Hancock and Gratiot Lake visiting family next weekend. Can't wait to get there. I even spent time going through the Eagle Harbor Township Board Regular Meeting minutes, looking for my brother-in-laws name, and I found it - several times. Now that I found the minutes, I will be back to visit and see if his name pops up again. The pictures are great, and today the snow scenes caught my attention. I thought they were the thing to look at on a day with temperatures in the 90s. I will be back to check out your site again."(Alice in Milwaukee, 7/25)

"In 1992, my wife and I vacationed for the first time as a couple in Eagle Harbor, the site of many family vacations for her when she was a young girl. We were fortunate enough to stay at the Light House Keeper's cottage. We fell in love with the town and returned every year for the next five years. It wasn't long before we knew that we wanted to retire on the peninsula, and preferably, Eagle Harbor. After years of fruitless searching for property in Eagle Harbor, we decided to expand our search. Finally, in September of 1997, during our vacation in Eagle Harbor, a Realtor we knew told us about land available on Lake Lily in Copper Harbor. On our 20th wedding anniversary, September 27th, we viewed the property for the first time and decided instantly to buy it. The south shore of Lake Lily is truly like something out of a Steven Spielberg's dinosaur movie. Indescribably beautiful, almost primeval. Steep craggy rocky banks surrounded by 70' high pines. The ground is covered with lichens and 4' high ferns, with massive rock plates sticking out of the water along the bank. This piece of shoreline is like a fantasy land, and there can't be many places like it on earth. I soon realized that our purchase of this land was meant to be As we were sitting there for the first time, my wife was stangely quietly for several minutes and had a wonderful smile on her face. When I asked her why she was smiling so much, she handed me an anniversary card that she had purchased for me several weeks earlier. On the cover of the card was a painting of two people sitting on the bank of a lake. Not just any lake, but a primeval fantasy place with high craggy rocky banks surrounded by tall pine trees, and covered with lichens and tall ferns. It was as if the artist had painted us in this spot. We now own that property, and will be building our retirement home there in about 5 years. We will be back each summer until then, and we will return to the incredible place where our love of the Keweenah began, Eagle Harbor. See you again in September!!" (Jack and Helene Frye-Osier, Cross Plains, Wisconsin,, 7/24)

"Just found your site. Looks great. Would be nice for visitors to your area if there were a listing of motels, hotels, cabins, homes for rent by the day and week. Will visit again. keep up the good work. we love the area."( Rosanne Furman, 7/14)

"My name is Rodney Westlake, son of Thomas Westlake of Westlake's cabins on main street E.H. I just had a wonderful time browsing through your internet site and would like to be put on the email list, if possible. I come to the harbor every year, some for more time than others, but basically for two weeks or so now. I know the younger generations extensively, as I am 26 years old, although I am aquainted with most of the regulars in some way or another. My address is:, and I live in Seattle WA." (Rodney Westlake, 7/7)

"Great job on your web page!! I really enjoyed it & will check it out again real soon.My family & I live in southwest Wisconsin (Lancaster is the name of our town). We have lived here 4-1/2 years but are originally from Texas (lived there 35 years...Houston & Austin areas). Since moving up this way we have fallen in love with the Great Lakes, especially the "Big Lake". Each of the past three summers we have vacationed on Superior...'96 & '98 in the U.P.....'97 on Minnesota's north shore. We passed through Eagle Harbor on both our We love lighthouses & Eagle Harbor Light is a beautiful one in a beautiful setting. We ate a picnic lunch there during our first trip. The wife (D'Anna) & I are planning another trip up that way in early August. There is something about Superior & the U.P. that keeps drawing us we have to go! The beauty, the "wildness", the remoteness (like its "our" little secret) , the Lake itself has a strange but wonderful "hold" on us calling us back each year. I can't explain it, but I get the feeling you probably understand. If I could make a decent living up that way, we'd probably move. (I a radio broadcasting/public relations guy.) Well anyway, just wanted to let you know that I think your site is great....keep up the good work!" (Marlin Lee, 7/3)

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