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Feedback Archive August - October, 2000

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

" I think that you have a really great site here, and know that you must have put a lot of work into it. I'am living in Fl. right now, and mananging a senior mobile home park. I long to come back to Michigan in spring, as i lived in lower mi. for over 50 years, and only was able to get to u.p. a couple of times. I plan to relocate back to your area in spring, and maybe do some volunteer at Isle Royale National park next summer if they will have me . I will follow your site over the winter." (Phil Bernard, 10/21)

"I am a daily, or almost daily, visitor to your Eagle Harbor Web page. I got hooked on the site last January. I am in El Paso a town of 700,000 people here in west Texas, on the border with Mexico. I find life in Eagle Harbor, as you describe it, interesting and colorful. I enjoy your journal and specially, your "Good Neighbors" column where you point out the good deeds of others. You know, we all have good friends and neighbors that do the right thing, on their own, on a daily basis. To be able to give a public "Thank You" for their deeds is great. Not only does it express the community's gratitude, but it also reinforces the idea of doing good things for the common good. On today's home page, you have a picture of a small boat with flowers and a small white church in the background. This is great. While the sunset, lake waves and fall color photos are beautiful, it is also neat to see Eagle Harbor other side. For those of us who live a zillion miles away and may never personally visit your little town, the day to day photos fill in a lot of the gaps." (Dwight Culver, 10/20)

"I just finished reading your October 12th and 15th Journal entries. What a joy to read such poetically descriptive writing. Neither my husband nor I are sailors, but after reading your sailing adventures, I'd like to try. I have two grandnieces. I plan to send them the book "Paddle to the Sea". I'm sure their father would help them with the making of the little boats. Keep writing. I'll keep checking and reading about the harbor.....and hoping that precipitation will come to raise the water level." (Eleanor Baird, 10/18)

" A pumpkin spud is coming. My co-worker, Lois, soon to retire and who has never been east of the Rockies, and I will arrive in time to build our entry for Saturday evening. (you know that ole corporate world thing of find a meeting close to home and take personal days.) She will also get the complete tour of the Keweenaw because she has listened to me rattle on about it for the last 10 years. So if you see a Minn. rental car cruising around its only us. Ann says carry a sack lunch because all folks will be closed for slack time....It may be storming but we will still be touring......after all, its the Keweenaw in all its glory!" (Liz Benson, 10/16)

"I just have to write a note of appreciation for your publications on the Web page. As I sit here in Dallas with 75 degree weather and no brightly colored leaves, the pictures are a real joy. Your photography and then selection of what ones to put up bring back such wonderful memories. And then your writing in the Almost Daily Journal is poetically expressive. The tale of the boys who launched their own 'Paddle-to-the-Sea' boats brought tears to my eyes. You do a great service for those of us who love the UP from a distance." (Elaine Wildman, 10/16)

"Just stopped by like I have been doing every day, ever since a dear friend introduced me to your web page.I love your journal,I love all the beautiful pictures. Its almost as good as beeing there.I have Web Tv and have no trouble recieving the pictures or anything else. Live in Columbia SC for the past 7 years and the climate here is very different from Michigan, to say the least. Lived at Wurtsmith A.F.B in the 60s." (Luise Liebson, 10/6)

"I think you have the best site on the web. I spent a lot of time in that area from 1971 to 1978. Did a lot of diving with Jim Jackman in Calumet, and Darrel Sever, now at Mud lake. Lived for a summer in Mohawk, (1974)." (Dan Hipple, Tiburon, Ca., 10/08)

"I had the opportunity to visit your website today and was quite impressed. I believe Eagle Harbor ought to bestow on you the title of "town-crier" for the wealth of information you provide in such an articulate and even prosaic style. I equally enjoyed the grand vistas of the local scenery depicted in the photographs. They give a person the feeling of the awesome beauty and power of Lake Superior, and a taste of the quaintness of living in such a remote but initmate place." (Barb Koenders, 10/5)

"I took some pictures at the September Potluck. They may be found at:
Click the underlined .jpg and view. (Mack Kelly, 10/5)

"I wrote you several weeks ago inquiring about your weather, in preparation for a motorcycle trip to the U.P. with my wife and friends. As you know, last weekend was just about the best weekend of the year. We had just a great trip. The trees and leaves were spectacular, vivid reds, yellows and greens. The food great--pasties at Tony's in Laurium for lunch on Friday--and saw so much wildlife. Grouse, deer, eagles, a Pileated Woodpecker, two porcupines, a badger, a huge flight of Sand Hill Cranes, a number of Kingfishers, Turkey Vultures in the air and on the ground, egrets, and foxes to name a few. Thanks for your encouragement. My wife was worried the trip would be a cold, wet, disaster, but instead the trip was wonderful. We rode about 1650 miles door-to-door. The only mistake we made was by not staying in one of the little motels in Eagle Harbor. Thanks again." (Jack Hicks, 10/5)

I asked Susan Martin, Agate Harbor neighbor and author of Wonderful Power, a very readable and captivating account of prehistoric copper mining in Keweenaw and the Lake Superior basin, what the term "prehistoric" means. When did "prehistory" end and "history" begin? I thought you might be interested in her response.
"To most people, history refers to written records and prehistory refers to earlier than that. But, there are some 'issues' left over: the significance of oral history, people who equate prehistory with dinosaurs, the particular or local area under discussion, etc etc. So I generally use calendar dates when possible. A good boundary in the Upper Great Lakes is 1618, the date of the first recorded visit of a European to the region (the French teenager Etienne Brule). So around here the historic period is after 1618, and the prehistoric period before 1618." (Susan Martin, 10/02)

"Check in almost daily to check up on the happenings and my old friends in Eagle Harbor. My Uncle was Leo Sanregret. Thanks for keeping me up to date." (Paul Kaiser, 9/28)

I was just "surfing" the web and found your site. It's really nice. I am currently living out in the middle of the desert in SW Arizona but have spent a LOT of time in Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor when I was living in the Midwest. I really do miss Lake Superior, especially in the Fall and Winter. I also spent a lot of time on the North Shore, around Marathon Ontario. No matter how far away or how long you've been gone, Lake Superior still has some kind of magical attraction. Well, thanks for building a great site and I'll be sure to visit often, especially when the snow starts flying!" (Tom Konczal, 9/28)

"I, Paul Freshwater, reigning monarch of the world of fluff, foresee another below-average performance, albeit not the rediculously low one for which my successful (and more than ample) forecast of last year was nearly hooted out of town. La nina may be back in her basinett, but like everything else the Keweenaw won't hear about it for many months. Just to be interesting, some year we should do it in cubits. The fair Robertine, who has yet to test drive the snow blower, is more optimistic in her guestimate. Looks like you've got a bumber crop of participants. Your site must get more hits than e-Bay! Thanks for doing it!!!" (Paul Freswater, 9/28)

"Thanks for the great pictures. Makes me homesick. I'm a yooper living in Chicago these past 33 years. My wife is from Tamarack City (has 2 brothers living there). I am from the South Range (Trimountain to be specific). We have a cottage on Lake Roland at Twin Lakes and manage to spend an average of two weeks each year in "God's country". We visited Copper Harbor and the whole coastline area during our last trip up in July. No matter where I have travelled, East Coast, Canada, Carribbean nothing beats the variety offered by Michigan's U.P." (Ed Stimac(Would you believe I am not related to ANY other Stimac in the whole of Houghton or Keeweenaw counties)!, 9/26)

"My grandparents, Lester and Elizabeth (Bess) DeMuth, summered in Eagle Harbor for many years in the fifties and sixties, staying at a Lake Breeze cottage above the beach. They're not in the photograph, alas. Does anyone by any chance remember them?" (Philip DeMuth,, 9/25)

"Using a combination of predictions for us here in southern Indiana, 20 inches approximately, times the number of fogs seen in August in the Bluegrass state of Ky [you know any self respecting school employee is not going to get up early during the summer break to count foggy mornings, so I am going to put my trust in this fellow who got up, and counted them], [he saw 13], divided the total of 260 inches by the number of woolly worms personally seen by me this year, which is none, and I bet on 260 inches total. Some here are predicting a rough winter, so I am laying in a stock of canned goods, soft drinks [you all call it pop or soda], plenty of reading material and salty snacks that should hold us for a week at least. I am also counting on not losing power and the internet. The persimmon seeds show the imprint of a spoon this year, a sure sign of snow, [windy or cold winter would be the shape of a knife and the shape of a fork indicates a mild winter in the local weather lore of southern Indiana]. So if we do get the 20 inches predicted, all at once or in dribbles, you all will surely get 260 inches." (Barbara Whiteside, 9/23)

"The opening of the snow contest gets everybody's blood a pumping for a new season and the sister rivalry begins again! Yes, the spud fields of Idaho are in full dig, the snow threatens on Saturday, the fires are still trying to displace the bear, deer, and elk. The hawks migrated earlier than normal. Have not seen the geese or heard the sandhill cranes .....hmmmm and the this snow forecast is the proverbial dig around in the gunny sack to check the last of last season's spud sprouts for snow clues. Oh, jeeze, maybe that isn't the place to garner clues." (Liz Benson, 9/21)

"Thanks for the beautiful picture of my oldest sister and her husband, Pat and Blair Warren. My sister loves the light houses and uses every excuse you could think of to run off and take a peek. I spoke with her today and she told of your website and of the picture you had taken of them. The were up state having a short visit with their two oldest girls who are attending MI TECH. They were delighted to have their picture on your website, as was I. I have passed your address on to my middle sister and she and her husband were looking forward to viewing it also. Thanks for such a beautiful shot." (Larry Dean, 9/19)

"Your site has kept me in touch with the north country that my wife & I have visited for many years. Your site makes my day every day I miss the UP. Thanks & keep it up." (Joe & Ginny First, Swanton, Ohio, 9/17)

"Greetings from Sault Sainte Marie, MI. Mom and I were just out cruising the Copper Country this past weekend and we came upon this quite large place called "Gitchee Gumee Bible Camp." As I could find no info anywhere on the web about this place and since you are about the closest I might get to any info I'm wondering if you could help me out. Whats' it all about? What faith? etc?" (Doug Garn,, 9/12)

"While planning a September return trip to the Keweenaw (from the Seattle-Puget Sound area), I happened upon your website. It is so nice to hear local news and see the UP images, not to mention the link to check out Houghton's current weather patterns. Brings back lots of terrific memories from my Keweenaw cruises of years past. Thanks for the memories!" (Jan Ahlquist Niemi, 9/8)

"Tim and I have been coming up for the last three summers with our children Laura and Kevin. I have bookmarked since first discovering it before our trip this year. I just had to tell you how I enjoy reading all the news I can about the happenings in Gods country when we are at home in Chicago. It keeps me connected to a place so dear to my heart. I especially enjoyed your exciting tale on the high seas in the harbor recently with your boat. I am so glad you all were able to keep it safe and sound as I love to see it floating majestically in the harbor. Hopefully this time next year I will be making a fall trip to the harbor. I understand the colors of the U.P. are spectacular! Here's hoping our summer family stays safe and warm this winter." (Sheila Curto, 9/8)

"Enjoyed your site a great deal-it brings back the memories of 15-20 summers of camping at Fort Wilkins and exploring all of the area. I didn't really stumble across the site but was directed to it by my brother and his wife (Jim & Barb Wachowski) who are in the process of building a home in Eagle Harbor. We live in southern, Arizona and will probably visit Jim & Barb in the summers at their new home. You have your winters and we have our summers- it gets so hot here in Arizona in the summer that when the dogs chase the cats--they both walk! Keep up the good work-- Life is a Journey-Enjoy!" (John & Nanette Wachowski, 9/7)

"Just a note to tell you how much I love the site. I check in quite often to see what's happening when I'm not able to be, in my opinion, in one the most beautiful spots in the world. I am an old copper collector and try to make at least one trip a year to the area. I am just a bit jealous of the folks that call Eagle Harbor home, how lucky you are. Keep up the good work on your site. There are those of us that rely on you to keep us in touch with reality." (Gary Masemore, Milwaukee Wis., 9/6)

"I just stopped by to say hi. I found the UP 3 yrs ago and the Keweenaw 2 yrs ago and I am in love, especially with the Eagle Harbor area. I have been to 46 states so far and they are all beautiful and special in there own way, but not like your area is. I find a special peace and spirituality when I am there. My hopes are to be able to buy land there someday and retire. This amazes me as I never liked cold weather and now I find that the Esrey Park area is my favorite spot in the whole world. I have seen so many ads about visiting the UP and all of the sudden I've seen land developers - please be careful and don't let anyone destroy your beauty. God willing I'll be able to spend retirement picking thimbleberries for the Fr. Nicholas and the Abbey and argue politics and religion. Take care and I'll keep posted with your WEB site - thanks. (Cindie, 9/2)

"I was happy to see the resumption of the "ALMOST DAILY JOURNAL", but I was even happier to read that both you and your boat are OK. Everyday I surf the net hitting your page, the Pasty Cam, and the Lake Superior Camera (which is basically the view from my parent's cabin) to bring back good memories of my annual trip to Eagle Harbor. Well, I will be looking forward to reading your journal entries. Could you please give updates about the ski hill and new subdivision that are going in. I'm already looking toward retirement in 13 years and from what I can tell from the small amount of time I get to spend in Eagle Harbor, things might not be the same in the future as they are now because of possible growth." (Mark F. Andrews, 9/1)

"I fondly recall great sails on Doc Gregg's boat and getting smacked by the boom once or twice! I admired him so much I decided to be independent like him and take the "Virginia" and row to the other end of the bay.....I made it to Harper's. I can remember hiding under the tarp of Doc Gregg's boat when it was tied up at the old dock with my sister Becky and Ric Catoni. What was his background? I've forgotten! I also remember the kahki floppy hat he always wore. Did Jack Curto end up buying his sailboat?" (Susan Adams, 9/1)

"Last January we purchased Paul and Bobbie Freshwater's lot on Goddell Road. While the only things on it at present include a storage shed and an outhouse, we would like to be on the Eagle-Mail list. Little by little we will add electricity and, eventually, a structure in which to live. In the meantime, we have enjoyed just being on the lot, picking agates and thinking about the future. We've been members of the Keweenaw Historical Society for quite a few years now. Both my maternal great grandfathers were miners from Cornwall. One was a miner at Central Mine. He eventually moved to Osceola and died in the Osceola Mine Fire (1896?). His son ran the hoists at Boston Mine and the Quincy Mine (the one that is open for tours). I've been coming up here all my life. When I was younger we use to come visit Isabelle Bjore (spelling?) who lived next to the Ellis' old house. Isabelle and her brother Bill Nekervis were close family friends to my grandparents who lived near Bill and Mary in Hancock." (Jane and Rick Church, Pkemos, MI 8/28)

"Around forty Buckeyes recently spent a week up in Eagle Harbor celebrating a Buckeye Boys reunion. All we Buckeyes still love Eagle Harbor and the entire area. Please add my email address as I have many friends up there." (Pete Speed,, 8/23)

"My family and I recently visited both Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor in July. We took the scenic drive from Copper Harbor towards Eagle Harbor and stopped to watch the sunset. For the life of me I can't document where we stopped. I know I saw a map somewhere that mentioned the huge rock formations, maybe called them Devil's Washtub or something to that affect. Can you please help and tell me what this area is called. I have some beautiful photographs that I would like to document correctly in our family scrap book. This honestly was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen." ( Mrs. Bille D., Cincinnati, Ohio, 8/21)

"You've got yourself a great website. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it. Didn't have time to check out everything but will come back sometime. Can't tell you anything about what browser I'm using, etc (not a computer person) but everything except the multi-picture pages loaded reasonably well. I found your site looking for info about likely places to go to try to maybe see the aurora borealis the last week in Oct. Do you have an astronomy-buff friend, another woman if possible, who could advise me about whether I'm totally nuts to consider coming up to your part of Michigan? I am not an astronomer, just an aurora-seeker. I also love friendly little towns & Eagle Harbor looks like a place I'd enjoy. Thanks for the fun I've had on your website." (Mary Schmertz, Columbus, Ohio, 8/22)

"While doing my Scandanavian geneology I received a letter from a man in looking for his Norwegian ancestors here in the Copper Country. His great, great grandparents last names were Gentha/Kenttaa. I see that his g.g. uncle, Isaac Gentha, is buried in the Eagle Harbor cemetary. I cannot find any records for that name here as on the Keweenaw Gen Web only the English speaking people have been recorded. I know this is a long shot but perhaps the name may have changed as it often did years ago. I have a copy of his geneology here with all the names. Could you ask around and see if anyone appears to be related to the Gentha name from Troms county, Norway. We have figured out that the name may have changed to Isaakson, Alainpaa, kenttaa, Gentha or Guita or maybe even shortened to Kent. I can send them the young man's list of his ancestors and also his email address." (Kiitos, Alicia Koski Marshall,, 8/14)

" Very well done ! It has a polished and professional look to it, but a very local 'feel'" (Steve Westrum, Minneapolis, 8/10)

"Hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since my first visit to Eagle Harbor two years ago I have been pulling your page up daily. I am a librarian at a high school in Tulsa and have fallen in love with your part of the country. Two weeks ago we stayed in Cooper Harbor and spent three days at Isle Royale, then came back and spent two more days on the penisula. Of all the beautiful places we saw our favorite was Eagle Harbor. I even stopped at the Olson's in Cat Harbor to pick up a snow gauge, they were not home so I got one at the Eagle Harbor Inn. Keep up the good work and appreciate your part of the country, it is 110 today in Tulsa." (Diana Doyle, 8/8)

"Really enjoy your site . I live down in Middle Point Ohio and have snowmobilled in your area several times. Stayed at the Whitehouse motel a couple of times . But the last few times, which has been about three years ago, I stayed at the Cliff View. I've read on another site that it is now closed up. Had many good nights listening to the stories of Tommy and the old mining days up there. Was wandering if Tommy is still around or what has happened to the Cliff View? If I can find some of the pictures that were taken there will send them along later. Hope to get up their this fall for the color show and also this winter for the snow season. Probably just a dream, but would hope to someday move up to Gods country. Wonder if people who live there know how lucky they are??" (Von Lee, 8/1>

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