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What George's Eagle Harbor Web viewers are sharing with the Editor

September - December, 2001

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"I've polled all of my colleagues here on Wall Street and the vote is unanimous. They all prefer the Eagle Harbor tree! It's wonderful. And, Charlie Brown would love it, too!" (Bob Carow, 12/11)

"You might try an historical quiz as a pasty tiebreaker, although nothing can ever surpass the sophistication and unequivocal honesty of a hungry Abby. You might have a small stable of trivia questions, perhaps even ones related to articles elsewhere on your website, with the first entry phoned or e-mailed back to you the winner. You could tell prospective winners in a website headline that this change is coming, and when they see the list of winners each month posted to respond with an answer as quickly as possible. This might have the salutory side effects of (1) potential winners contacting their more "historical" neighbors out of season for advice, (2) folks reading all your fine postings more carefully, and (3) more interest in local history and lore. Of course, you might instead just put labeled pieces of berry-berry pie in a snowbank outside the Eagle Harbor Inn on a Friday night!" (Paul Freshwater, 12/7)

"Just stopped by and am very impressed with your web site. I was able to follow the link on John Dee's site to find yours. I live near and work in Bemidji, MN. One of the engineers I work with is from Land O' Lakes, WI and it is he who introduced me to John Dee's site. His parents own the Rusty Nail in LOL. His name is Pete Hartmann and I believe his dad's name is Chuck. From what I understand, his uncle owns a place in Eagle Harbor, right on the water.Anyway, I linked to your site from John's today and just became more and more impressed with the content. Obviously a labor of love. Your community seems to share many similarities to this area except our allotment of water is scattered about in numerous smaller lakes instead of one big one. Thanks for providing such a nice place to visit." (Kris Knutson, 12/7)

"My cousin, Clara Gray, who has a cabin on the Harbor sent me the link to your website. I nearly got lost looking at all the wonderful photos and reading the text. GREAT WEBSITE !!!
I have visited Copper Harbor a few times and enjoyed it very much. I lived in Duluth from 1927 to 1949 and for many years have been back every summer. The storm photos taken at the ship canal just blew me away. Super great photography. I plan to send the link to my 4 children, two of whom were born in Duluth." (Paul Neumann, 12/3)

"Here's my thought, Take the number of dog biscuits to match the number of winners, put their name on the biscuit and at the Friday Night Social, just pull a biscuit out of the bowl/hat/barrel, in Abby's Honor !!!" (Sam Austin, 12/4)

"I have a couple of snowfall forecast tie-breaking ideas, but of course you will need to take them before the Eagle Harbor Gaming Commission;
1) put all names on slips of paper and place them on the porch - last one remaining wins
2) put the names on bar coasters at the Inn, mix them up and the first one used (or last one - who cares) wins
3) get an stand-in alternate hound to handle the chore - I recommend Kelly and Rich's animal
(Mike owen, 12/4)

"George - Your latest journal entry was moving. Abby's secret (and the identical characteristic of children) was/is one of innocence. Like - In the Eyes of a Child (Moody Blues - to "Our Children's Children's Children" album/CD). Abby, like children do, possessed an uncluttered, enthusiasm for life and all that it brings. Not bothered by culture, civilization, ritual, memory or obligations. Taken up only by the pure richness of the moment.
Anyhow - on to the politics. How about, for the tie breaker - we use the "order in which the entry was received". In other words, the win would go to the person who;
1) predicted the correct amount AND
2) had the earliest entry for the correct amount.
First correct answer, so to speak." (Jim Wachowski, 12/4)

"After thinking about a new tie breaker system all day, I have come up totally blank. Not an unusual day, I might add! The only thing that comes to mind is to solicit suggestions at your usual Friday evening gathering at The Inn. I'm sure that as you approach the end of the evening, some very creative ideas will emerge!" (Steve King, 12/03)

"Bruce is right. The tower was on the lakeshore just east of the old Coast Guard station. The concrete footings for the four legs are still there - on our property (formerly Betty Hammond's), straight back from the grey stucco house that housed North Wind Books 1995-1999. And now it's in the little park on the cutoff road." ( Peter Van Pelt 12/03)

"I think the tower you show in the photo is the old Coast Guard lookout tower that used to be on the shore just east of the current Eagle Harbor marina. When Pat and I spent our honeymoon in Eagle Harbor in 1955,we climbed the tower on a vertical ladder which went through a small hole in the middle of the floor.The view was great.One problem.I found out Pat was afraid of heights- I couldn't get her to come down the ladder. After much encouragement and her white knuckles, I got her down so we didn't have to spend the rest of our married life up there. Later they moved the tower to the rest stop on the Eagle Harbor cut off and remodeled it." (Bruce Bjorseth, 12/01)

"George, I believe the tower was used by the coast guard to watch the lake." (Susan Harvey-Adams, 11/30)

"The tower sure looks like the tower that is/was at Copper Falls(?), along the cut-off road. I anxiously await the real answer!" (Steve King, 11/29)

"I noticed a message on your web site inquiring about the possibility of mountain lions in the UP. See the linked article for recent proof." (Brad King, 11/19)

"Continue to be thrilled by your web. Log in several times a week from here in Texas. Latest news is the Causeway to South Padre will open Wednesday, a month ahead of the predicted date. We'd be glad to have any Harborites visit our Web site." (Clint and Mary Thomas, 11/18)
Clint & Mary Thomas

"I have been most pleased during this difficult period of my life with the beautiful condolence messages received via e-mail and much snail mail. We treasure the memory of our many summers in Eagle Harbor and the wonderful friends and neighbors. Our children and grand children are the current owners of the lovely cottage and beautiful lake frontage. Hopefully I will be able to share it with them for many more years. Ruth certainly enjoyed the many years that she was privileged to summer in Eagle Harbor." ( John J. Pippenger, 11/3)

"So George, did Abby pick the winners of the pasties yet?? Just wondering." (Michelle O'Neill, 11/02)
No, Michelle (and other hopefulls), Abby would be delighted with 18 tie breaker biscuits, but as I had to remind her, pasty prizes go to winners in the big snow months, November through February. I'm sure you share her disappointment.

"Hi, is the climate on the Keweenaw Peninsular too cool in the summer for rattlesnakes like in Alaska? I plan to do some camping and hiking in your area next summer and do not want to worry too much about these critters in your rocky terrain." (Edward Crotzer, 11/2)
Ed, there are none of these snakes in our area that I am aware of. We do have big black bears, wolves and bobcats (even cougars, I'm told) but snakes apparently are not pleased with our climate or terrain. Anyone disagree with this?

"George - glad you're back on watch for the website. Have you thought about a contest to guess the date when Bill Jackson's Eagle Harbor Web Cam counter reaches 1,000,000 viewers? Perhaps the winner can get a series of "gifts", e.g., free coffee at the Shoreline(I'll pay for that!), a snow thermometer, etc." (Mary Neil Haas, 11/01)
Hey, Bill, how about it?

"Ida Pumptater (with new legs) has been too busy teaching the Idaho snow dance so she sends her regards to this year's porch parkers. May the best squash win. She did manage to bring some of that Southern California rain into town yesterday but not enough to bring us up to even half the moisture we had for last year. She booked Heikki Lunta at the ski association's Halloween party. His chants were superceded by Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross. He said he would stick around for the annual ski swap this weekend. Ida may not have legs next year if our water storage remains empty. But she will still dance! Enjoy the day." ( Liz Benson, 10/31)

(Click to enlarge)."I guess I never did saw the the picture of the people on the beach in 1959. I can 100% say that the woman to the left in the yellow hat is my grandma zeek as we called her (Virginia Adams). I believe the blonde is Mrs. Bjorseth. And I know for sure the woman on the far right is my aunt Janeann Curto (we always called her aunt Janeann.) She is my grandmother's first cousin. I don't know who the woman in the blue swimsuit is. The man with his back turned I am pretty sure is my uncle Jack Curto, but I am not sure of the other people. Even though the photo was taken in 1959, you can guarantee the same people always went to the beach together to what we called "beach day ". (Andrea (Rowe) O'Brien, 10/27.)

(Click to enlarge) Good News for Eagle Harbor, we are going to rebuild!! Bigger and better! Architectural plans are already in place. 155 year old logs did not burn. So we are ready to re-build with insulation for year round living. And four new dormers in the attic roof. Things are already progressing and going well. Thank you all for your prayers and love." (Carol Ford & Tom Westlake, 9/19)

"Nice web site!! I'm glad to see that the house that burned down last summer is being rebuilt. That's all I heard about for the last week or so we were up there! Well I was thinking, if Eagle Harbor is ever thinking of getting more recreational, we could put a tennis court(s) in!!! It's a great sport for all ages you know! If would go great in the park or by the volleyball pit. Whatever, i just love tennis, and I miss it a lot while I'm on vacation! The only courts around are the ones at The Lodge in Copper Harbor, and I don't have a membership. Well just a thought!" (Kyle Loveland [a.k.a- the kid standing on the buoy in the picture], 10/24)

"Checking the snowfall predictions I noted that my son-in-law (Bill Medlyn) has predicted 300 inches to my 323 inches. Then I added his monthly predictions and came up with only 298 inches. Which is correct?
Not sure, George. Bill is either expecting 2" in June or is applying the math skills he learned at CHS.
Another subject:: Does anyone in the area remember back when the 665th AC&W Sq had two school busses running up the mountain to pick up our kids in the housing area? Does anyone know why 2 busses (Calumet and Mohawk)? And even more important, why did it change to 1 school bus (only Calumet) sometime between 1959 and 1961? Hope that someone can tell me something about that." (George T. Milonas, 10/23)

"I want to express my appreciation for the Harbor Journal story of the sailing adventure from the past season. In my humble opinion, this is the finest telling of a story I've read. Imagine a book of sailing adventure stories, salted with a few special land-lover sojourns of hiking and cross county skiing. Please reserve the first copy for Barb and I.
We find those things in the world that have meaning for us, and fill our lives with them and those that have a kindred heart." (Jim Wachowski, 10/23)
Thanks, Jim, but there are thousands of better story tellers. I just have good material to work with. But telling this story was such a blessing for me. I'm pleased that you, and others, so easily, and so joyfully, connected with it. I'm not sure about the book, others have urged me to gather up the journals and publish, but their value for me is the personal connection they permit me to enjoy with other, as you say, kindred spirits. Kind of a private sharing - very precious!

"Hello from Royal Oak, Michigan. I have been visiting your site for almost two years and look in daily at home and work. It is by far the friendliest site I have ever seen. Just a little about my interest in Eagle Harbor. My father grew up on a small farm in Boston Location and my mother on a larger farm in Pelkie. We used to spend three weeks in the Copper Country every year in July and August. I have been to Brockway Mountain Drive dozens of times and have driven through all of the little communities along the way. We still have some family in the area. I graduated from Michigan Tech in 1968, but have lived as a troll ever since. My current family have made some trips to the UP, but not nearly as often as I would have liked. I was at Tech at the same time as Ken and Barbara Szefi, who used to be on on your E-mail list and still have the item about jumping off the lighthouse on your site. ( I never could summon the courage to do that, although I witnessed others doing it).
The real reason I wanted to send this e-mail is that I have some info for several questions posed by several other writers. First, for anyone looking for a good map of the Eagle Harbor area, try It is most user friendly and can provide almost any amount of detail desired in the form of quadrangle maps of anywhere in the United States. ( I have one of Eagle Harbor bookmarked so I can get a UP "fix" real quick. The second is the question about any more info on Guts Frisbee. There is an excellent site at It is the Michigan Tech Frisbee Club and has photos and details from 1958 to the present. (Unfortumately, I never made it to any of the events as they started just after I left MTU). You have done a marvelous job at keeping the world informed and entertained. I wish you many more years in your little piece of heaven on earth." (Bob Tiura, Royal Oak. MI, 10/22)

"The usual method of prognosticating is not going to work this year, the fog method didn't work, because I didn't get up in time to see any. Absolutely no woolly worms this year, and can't remember if it is all black or all brown, or stripes of brown and black or albino woolly worm that predicts snowfall. Have not seen the first persimmon seed to split and see if it has the outline of spoon [snow], fork [mild] or knife [cold] to indicate the winter weather for southern Indiana, no hornet nests low or high, so have to rely on gut instinct [guess work] for this years predictions.
Hope it is a safe winter for everyone in the Keweenaw. The weather predictions for southern Indiana indicate a normal winter, that can mean just about anything, mild temps and rain or below zero and a freak blizzard that shuts everything down [well actually, 2-6 inches can shut things down around here." (Barbara Whiteside, 10/19)

" I visit your website every day & really enjoying hearing about life in Eagle Harbor. My husband and I visit the Copper Country every fall but have never visited your little piece of heaven. This year, we spent 2 glorious days in Eagle Harbor. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves. We walked every street and looked at every cottage there I believe. We took the lighthouse tour & low & behold...there you were!! I told my husband we would stumble upon you somehow. My game plan was to look for a brown & white dog & yell, "Abby". We did enjoy hearing about the lighthouse & its history. More than that, it was just walking the streets, soaking up the atmosphere and feeling Eagle Harbor breath. It was a joy to stay at the Shoreline and we have decided to stay at least a week next year. The people were extremely friendly and kind. I told my husband that I can not live anywhere unless it is by the "big lake". I have been eternally touched and I don't think I can ever get it out of my being. Keep up the good work George. Those of us down below really depend on your site." (Sonny & Connie Brown, 9/21)

" Enjoyed finding your website. I was looking for something on Gitchee Gumee Bible Camp and there were some references to in on some of your pages. About four years ago I was enjoying the color in the Kewanaw and stopped Calumet and got my room in the Bed and Breakfast. Then I proceeded to Eagle River and looked at the wooden bridge, checked out the restaurant (to stop back later), walked the beach (memories of my youth), drove up Brockway and broke my ankle. Needless to say, I did not get to enjoy a meal in Eagle River. I will have to return some other time for that. Thanks for your love of that area. It oozes out of your writing." (David J. Brown, 9/1>