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Feedback Archive October, 1998

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"I just got into this web thing after being convinced by brother Bob and he sent me your Web Site address. I must say that it is interesting and I will plug into it as needed throughout the year to learn what is going on there. I keep a weekly communucation with Bob, but I can see that this way of picking up news in detail is very complete. I have a summer place at Agate Harbor and I think that the most pleasant thing is to arrive there in the spring, and the worst thing is to leave in the fall. This area is truely Gods Country. Keep up the good work on the Site."(Don Masnado, 10/30)

"My name is Glen Statler, I graduated Lake Linden High School in 1977. We travelled a lot while I was growing up since my father was in the Air Force. (He met my mother when he was stationed at Calumet Radar Station.) We always came back to the Keweenaw whenever we could. One of our favorite places to go is Copper Harbor. Now that I live in Phoenix Arizona, the only links I have with home is what I find on the internet. I found your site in a round about way from another site, Pasty Central. I have added your site to my list of favorite places, always with the hope of seeing something familiar with my youth and the many memories of some of the most wonderful times of my life. If you see any of the Strieter clan from Dollar Bay or Lake Linden, say hi and tell them met me here."(Glen Statler, 10/30)

"What a great website! Was thru EH 10 days ago and saw Pat Ryan and Paul who told us about the Site. I'm a Keweenawer by marriage to Nancy Ryan, daughter of John (the attorney) and Marie. Paul is Nancy' cousin. After a motorhome tour around Lake Superior, we finished with a few days in the Copper Country and it was a perfect finale to our journey. Have the webcam bookmarked so can check it a few times a day. The site works great on my P II system with Windows 98 and the newest version of Internet Explorer. Snowfall, 235."(Andy Lucas and Nancy Ryan Lucas, 10/28,

" My brother (Dave) found the Eagle Harbor (unofficial) web page and pointed me to it. Looks like you've collected a lot of good Eagle Harbor info. Dave and I own the 'N WOON' Cottage on M26 0.8 Miles West of town. Our Grandfather, Norman Woon was a minister in Calumet during the depression and he finished building the cottage by the mid-30's. Our Father, Delbert Woon was in high school while the cottage was being built. Dad died in '64 and Grandpa died in '66. They are both buried in Lowell, MI, where they moved after leaving Calumet in the '40's. Did you know them at all? Our Mom, Mary, is still alive and I have a family of 5 (3 kids). We all live here in Southern Indianna (Columbus) and get to the cottage for a week or two every year. Thanks for the effort you are putting into this web site."(Pete Woon, 10/28,

"I just wanted to thank you for providing this service. I have been coming to Eagle Harbor since the day I was born, and my mother before me, and her mother before her. My ancestors built the General Store. The only thing that runs deeper than my family history in Eagle Harbor is my love for the place. It is where I hope to be married, buried, and spend all of the summers in between."(Dave Houston [son of Anne Beyers], 10/21)

"I am the daughter of George and Marge Martin, also granddaughter of the late Marie Goldsworthy. My sister Barb lives up there and was telling me about the Eagle Harbor web page, so I decided to look it up. I think its just great to be able to tell all my friends (who have never been able to expierence the Harbor) to click on and take a look. Good Job George! Maybe I will see you next summer."(Julie Martin Rezac. 10/22)

"The trees on the north side of the Portage Canal hill that were so beautiful last week are now stripped of their leaves. The scene is bleak but beautiful as we prepare for the next long and cold season. The clouds are dark and low racing across the sky. The wind is coming out of the north west creating white caps on the Portage. My grandfather Harvey used to tell me that there was a fish under every white cap. For the whole day we had bands of rain which turned to heavy hail. The MTU students were so excited but I told them that it wasn't snow YET!! We had very heavy winds until last night and lost power from Houghton to the harbor. It looked like a disaster area with all of the trees down. For those including me who feels that we are going to get hammered with snow this winter an article in "Tech Topics" still has me wondering. The lake temperature was at the highest in July that it's ever been since they started keeping records in the 1950's. It was 17 degrees celcius. Will we hit 500 inches? Stay tuned!! My grandfather had pictures of them tunneling through the snow to businesses on 5th Street. The snowshoes are ready to go and the pantry is stocked to the rafters. The cats have moved from the window in the family room to the warm hearth in the great room. I still say Indian summer won't forget us this year!"(Susan Adams, 10/20)

"A fellow MTU alumni informed me of your web site. I am very excited to see the continuously updated picture of the lake! It looks like a snapshot of a daydream I have when thinking about the UP. I probably will be pulling up your site often during the work day for a "mental break". My wife & I spent our honeymoon in the UP in August 1989. Among other places, we spent a night at Fitzgeralds, and an afternoon on the shore nearby. We had a wonderful, relaxing time. Where is the location of the camera used for your web picture? I want you to know how happy I am to see this picture, however, if more trees were shown at this time of year, one could check out the leaf color status. I found your site very interesting. It looked great. I wish I knew how to increase the picture size to better enjoy the beautiful shots. Your site worked well on my system. It initially loaded in about 5 seconds, and took about 10 sec for additional photo pages inside your site. I live in Red Wing, MN, writing you on my lunch break at work. We'll be visiting Eagle Harbor again soon, either for leaf viewing or snowmobiling!"(Bill Gehn, 10/19)

"Greetings from Escondido, California!! I truly enjoyed your web site, I found you this morning as we were looking at the Pasty page. We have a cottage in Bootjack, on Portage Lake and have spent summers up there for over 30 years and we do plan to retire to the area soon. This summer I made the trip to Copper Harbor many times with various guests and relatives saw your boat in the harbor as we went thru Eagle harbor and wondered who was the lucky person to own a fine sailing boat like that. Now I can put a name to the boat. Yes I will return to your site as we are always looking for news of the area, we are more than ready for the slower pace of life that Cpper country offers."(Barbara Talvensaari, 10/18)

"I travelled to Eagle Harbor for 55 years, although I have not been there for the last five. I really miss the people, the lake, the woods and our place (the Tower & Lantern). My parents, Dr. Bob & Lucile Rowe, spend most of the summer there and really enjoy it. My father and mother have lots of stories and old photos. If I can convert them to paper, your website viewers might enjoy them. I'll try to keep an eye on your web site -- it makes me feel good. I miss so many of the Harbor people. I wish I could say Hi to all of them."(Chuck Rowe, 10/18)

" Just read your account of sailing to Pequaming to put your boat up for the winter, as well as the other journal entries, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them. Have you ever considered getting a collection of your essays published? I can tell you I'd buy a copy if they were available, and I doubt I'd be the only one. They're quite good--make me awfully homesick,tho! (I grew up in Ripley, less than a mile from the marina you mentioned.) Thanks so much for maintaining your wonderful site; it's a real breath of fresh Copper Country air for this Yooper now trapped in Ohio flatlands. Enjoy the fall! (Wish I could be there!)"(Dave Van Dyk, Columbus, Ohio, 10/16)

"I've been hoping for devine intervention to help with my snowfall picks, but since none has occurred here is my optimistic forecast.(216") I very much like the look of snow, but don't like the large amounts since they greatly affect the water levels of the great lakes. I live just north of Monroe on Lake Erie and don't enjoy being flooded out, although I wouldn't live anywhere else, except maybe EH. Had our usual wonderful visit to EH in August. Each year we extend out visit by a day and each year our visit still isn't long enough. I had been receiving regular EH updates from the Kellys before they headed back to Maryland and now depend solely on yours. Your web page is a delight and allows for a vicarious EH visit throughtout the year."(Mary Rapai,10/16)

"I keep your web page as a bookmark and from time to time read some of the interesting stories about the legend and folklore of Eagle Harbor. Cathy(Carlton) and I just got married this past fall and I have been a frequent visitor to her mom's Agate Harbor home and ran my first Popeye Run this past summer.
Also, some other attachments to the Harbor come from my membership in St. Paul's Episcopal Church here in Lansing. Fellow parishoners, the Kellows, had a son named Steve that I played basketball with and Cathy tells me that they live in Eagle Harbor. Our former minister, William Hill, was a frequent summer visitor to the Harbor.
Anyway, I have grown to love your community and way of life and have grown also very fond of the people I have met--mostly Cathy's family and good friends. Cathy's mom, Dorothy and Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Kay Masnado are special people to me. I can't wait to travel north to visit once again.
Like also your appreciation of the beauty of the rugged weather and the hardiness of the souls that choose to live year round!"(Bob Wilson, 10/16)

"I really enjoyed your Eagle Harbor Web. Everything was great - graphics were good and easy to read. I was just looking to see what comes up under Eagle Harbor and Eagle River. I live in Bemidji, Minnesota (northern MN), but my dad's side of the family comes from the UP and some still live there. My grandparents lived in Calumet and they'd take us to Copper Harbor sometimes. We always stopped off in Eagle Harbor or Eagle River for treats. I was visiting up there summer of '97 and it brought back a lot of memories. Great country up there! I will be back to check out your site once in a while. It's interesting to me even though I don't know anyone there."(Liza Hill, 10/13)

"Make a spot for a pumpkin from Royal Oak,Mi. Will you put pictures of the pumpkins on your site, kind of a group shot!!"(Judy McGrath, 10/13)

"We live in Tucson, but get to the Keewenaw whenever we can. I traveled to about 8 countries and seen many places, but the Keewenaw is magic. We feel we get a brief visit with your web page. Thanks for making that possible."(Bonnie Bazata, 10/12)

"As a Hoosier, whose favorite place to visit is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and a Yooper of sorts, having lived in the Marquette area many years ago, I would like to hazard a guess to the snowfall in your area [and a fervent prayer, we don't get it here, the locals here are incredibly bad drivers in just 2 inches of snow. A forecast of 4-6 inches of snow sends the masses to the grocery to empty the shelves of stuff they never use anyway, but think they will need in the event we get snowed in. And the once in a blue moon 15-20 inch snowfall closes down the Louisville, Ky metro area for days, including the bridge across the Ohio River at I-65---beware any who plan to leave the UP to travel to sunny Florida when we get one of these rare storms.] Wish you all luck with the coming winter, been there, the reason I became such a Packer fan. One snowfall, you've seen them all. Thanks for letting me play the game. Your website is a delight, recommend it to many who have never seen the beauty of the UP. However, I only recommend it those I know who will love it and appreciate it."(Barbara Whiteside,10/9)

"I love your web site! You don't know me, but my late father's cousin, Kathryn Olson, has a cottage right on Eagle Harbor, looking at the lighthouse. I visited Kathryn a few years back and fell in love with the place my great-grandparents called home so many years ago. It's a magical place, for sure. Thanks for your time, and I'll keep checking the site. Hopefully, I can make it back up to "God's country" again soon!"(Mike Eddy, 10/7)

"Just checked the web page. What a headline! Wow. You outdid yourself.
Think about how the world's knowledge could be augmented if we worked together. I foresee the Book of Knowledge bulging at the seams! Spin takes on new meaning; divergent (if not deviant) thinking increases by leaps and bounds; new mythology is born.
Did you ever consider that the Popeye Rock could begin to replace Paul Bunyan tales in the Midwest?
With apologies to Robert Browning: a rock's roll should exceed its circumference or what's a gravel pit for?"(Popeye Rock,10/7)

"You had me glued, as usual, reading about the annual trek for winter resting. Thank you for your writing abilities!! Checked the snow forecasters to discover I have been elimated from the competition. I don't remember my submission figures. If I need to make up new ones let me know....maybe I'll give Ms. Ann a run for her money!! Side bets anyone? Will harass my firend with the color printer to do up the wild lake waves put on today. Beautiful!!"(Liz Benson, 10/6)

"I love your site and it is as responsible as any other single thing for my purchase this past year of a home in the Keweenaw, a life long dream. When I drive through Eagle Harbor I look for you and the "Wonderdog" so that I may take the opportunity to tell you THANKS. Our home on Lake Superior is tranquil and peaceful, the exact opposite of the confusion of home downstate. My father, who died of cancer this summer, took his last vacation to the Copper Country to visit my new home. He had been a 50 year vacationer and his last trip down M-26 to Eagle Harbor forced me to look through his eyes-seeing all the beauty for the last time. His recollections and comments touch me still. He could never get enough of the Keweenaw and it was always beautiful to him. The most beautiful place he had ever been, and the last place he wanted to visit. Two weeks later, shortly before he died, he thanked me for that last trip to his favorite place. I was asked to think of him when I'm up there, like I'll ever forget. So you continue to keep those of us stuck elsewhere up to date on the weather, the politics and the beauty of your home. We all need the reminder."(Roger Welsh, 10/6)

"I really enjoy your site. I am a regular reader of your musings about life in the UP. You definitely make it easy to imagine life in the Keweenaw. As of now I can only dream of living there. One day, maybe.... I appreciate your writing and would like to visit your community sometime this winter. If I do, I will look you up. My wife's friend Paula, her Grandmother has a cottage Eagle Harbor, and her parents live just outside of Town. Her Grandmother is Marguerite Horak. Keep up the good work."(Christopher L. Masi,10/6)

"At 56, my first visit to Eagle Harbor was in the fall of 1947. My parents brought me and my cousin to the Keweenaw for a visit. I've enjoyed c. 25+ visits since (1997 for 3+ weeks) with our grandson. My son and his wife just visited Eagle Harbor, stayed at a cottage near your place, found you on the web when they returned to Whitehall, and emailed me your web address. I'm on the Island of Maui; a resident here since 1989. Love these new communication mechanisms but my heart hurts because I would like to be enjoying several weeks in Eagle Harbor. Great website! I'll spend more time at it soon."(Bob Johnson Ciari Johnson,10/5)

"Thanks for the great journal writing! I am enjoying it so much. I was not able to get up there to the CC all summer and am really regretting it. My cousin was up this past weekend and toured the area some. I wanted to come up with him but had prior engagements and was not able to make it. My brother flew up to Tech on Friday for meetings today and tommorrow. I am very envious!!! Since I can't get my Keweenaw fix physically I am very appreciative of your journal to help me out mentally. Sounds like you and Abby are getting along pretty well these days! Take care, George, and keep up the great web site I don't know what I'd do without it. The color is still pretty weak here in Traverse City! It should be getting better soon though!"(Brian Thomas,10/5)

"I'm making this forecast from Florida -- so I guess if I were to win this contest, it would have to be considered a major upset. I was born and raised in the midwest however and know what shovelling the white stuff is all about -- also can fully apreciate it's splendor and beauty. Put me down for 247 inches. Also would like to add that our family came to the Eagle Harbor area over the summer -- one of the prettiest areas I've ever seen. My boy loved climbing the rocks along the North shore and we all enjoyed the incredible sunsets and friendly folks all around. It was an experience that will likely draw us back again in the future. Florida is in the 80's today. Heading out for a sail on the bay later. Still wish we had a crisp Autumn day, a jug of fresh apple cider and a big pile of leaves in the back yard."(Tina & Doug Long,10/3)

"We made our annual trek up to Eagle Harbor the 23-24-25 and saw your boat riding at anchor in the harbor. Enjoyed our stay at the Shoreline Motel and visiting with the folks at the Eagle Harbor Inn where we took our evening meals. We have been making the trip for the last 3 years and have the website bookmarked and refer to it often."(Ron and Sue Foxworthy Green Bay,10/2)

"Surfed right in to your site. Being born and raised in Duluth and spending most of my summers on Saganaga Lake [up the Gunflint] I enjoy your web site. Although I have no desire to return, I do enjoy reading about the area. Many thanks for the exposure. Aloha"(Terry & Donna Clayton, ,10/2)

"Good to see that you recovery seems to be going quite well! I really missed your updates during the summer and enjoyed your recent "musing" about taking the old road to Central (one of my favorite "non-marked" snowmobile trails,which are rapidly disappearing over the years!). It would be fun to hear some of the old stories about your family and The Keweenaw. Maybe over a drink (or three) at Roy's Bar in December?!"(Steve King,10/2)

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