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November, 2000

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"Thanks for another wonderful essay. The quiet is the thing, of all the things, that I love most about Keweenaw. I've sat on the stones at the Great Sand Bay when it was so quiet I could hear the loons talking to each other a hundred yards out on the water...I've sat in my field when it was so quiet all I could hear was my tinnitus, when there wasn't even a lap of the water on the shore. As a born and bred city girl, it is the thing that struck me most - that and the dark. Here in the near-Detroit suburbs, it's never quiet. Even at 2am, and a mile away, I can hear the traffic on the expressway, and the sky is never dark at night." (Sharon Smith, 11/30)

"I was looking at the competition for Nov.snow forecast and noticed that John Lindbloom is listed as Singapore, Malaysia. They are two separate countries.....confirmed by my Malaysian students. I've got a couple engineering students,one named "Dubya", who are headed for Deleware with a small snow making machine.....I only need 2.9"!" (Susan Adams, 11/30)

"Please be advised that due to the fact my guess is within 5% of the current November snowfall total, I will be skipping the mandatory recount and heading straight for the Supreme Court of Keweenaw County. The judge (whoever is tending bar at Eagle Harbor Inn) will preside over our proceedings on Friday night, December 15th. Please be prepared to verify the total, pregnant flakes should be counted to insure complete accuracy." (Steve King, 11/29)

"I'm new to this computer world, so pardon any errors.My name is Kathy Kromer Bailey.In the 50's my father was at the helm of C&H. We lived in Calumet. Each summer we rented a cabin in Eagle Harbor. The cabin we rented was Twitchels and we rented from the Raleys. This cabin was on the hill right by the lighthouse. We knew the Boggios from the Miscowaubic Club and the Harbor. Jimmy took my brother spear fishing in the Harbor. Jimmy is older than me by several years [sorry,Jim]. Anyway,one fine summer evening our group took our beer and headed off for a beach fire at Great Sand Bay. A great time was being had by all when a BIG BEAR came tumbling toward us. One of our group jumped in the fire.Jimmy looked so cute in that bear skin. This summer my husband and I plan to spend a couple weeks in the Copper Country. We would like to stay at the Harbor. Do you know of any cabin or home we might rent?I enjoy your web sight a bunch. We found it by doing a search. All for now." (Kathy from Denver,, 11/27)

"What a wonderful web site George. Thank you so much. Reenie (last name not known), my sister's friend (who owns some vacant land between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor) told me about your website. I first visited the u.p. and fell in love with it (especially Eagle Harbor and environs) back in 1977, my first year at NMU. I've been trying to get back up there (permanently) ever since. I'll be coming up for a Keweenaw "fix" in a week or two, trying to catch the quiet time between between fall color seekers, and snowmobilers, and hopefully dodging most of the deer hunters. I've never visited during this "odd" time and am not sure if anything is open. I know in some other areas of the u.p. small businesses like motels and restaurants sometimes close for a couple weeks either just before or after deer firearms season. If you have any suggestions as to gathering places (I love meeting and talking with people), motels, etc., I'd appreciate hearing them. I don't know what I like better; Lake Superior and the beauty that surrounds it, or the people of the u.p. As you know, you are extremely fortunate to live in such a special place. My only suggestion to the web site would be updates to the "new" and "old" neighbors. I would love to hear more about the people who live there. Also, I would like to correspond (via email) with any adults from up there. If you know anyone feel free to pass on my email address, or send me theirs. Thank you again so much for being able to live in Eagle Harbor vicariously through your web site." (Jill Weycker,, 11/25)

"Thanks for providing a grand website for Eagle Harbor. You should have more, however, on the Isle Royale Boaters Associationís battle to Save Isle Royale given that the Island is legally part of Keweenaw County and the park service intends to close it off to all but their selected elite." (John Kappler, 11/25)

Yesterday, I received four beautiful Idaho potatoes from Liz (Boorman) Benson, the Pocatello, ID based creator of our recent Pumpkin Fest's "The Great Pumpkin" award winner, "Ida Pumptater". She had learned that the Idaho spud legs of her creation, which she had promised to me, had somehow disappeared. The following is my response to Liz for her wonderful gift.

"My, my Liz. What a delight to receive your four Idaho gold nuggutaters. Yes, the Great Pumpkin Snatcher made a post Halloween pre dawn raid on our lovely little pumpkin patch and in his zeal swooped up Ida Pumptater's appendages. I was quite saddened by this unscrupulous snatchery, so you can imagine my joy when their replacements arrived today. It just so happens that a deputy county sheriff was in my camp taking my disposition on this thievery when the mail truck arrived with your gift. He escorted the delivery into my camp to deter any further attempts by the Great Pumpkin Snatcher to fatten his larder. I've placed them in a lock box and will take them to Mpls. to share with my family at Thanksgiving. In the true spirit of forgiveness associated with the pending holiday season, I've decided to forgo any criminal charges against the culprit. But I am sending him a copy of this message so that he knows his foul deed did not go unnoticed, and that it is only because of your good graces that I am not seeking retribution. Have a joyous holiday." (George, 11/17)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this (N0vember 11th) entry in the almost daily journal. If communication were currency, you would (and are) certainly be (and are) an extremely wealthy man. It also occurs to me that "a man in the bush IS the natural order of things".
Your observations (lessons) pointed out in this journal entry stirred me to thinking... this is an eloquent way to explain why Barb & I (as I selfishly arrange the lesson into a context near and dear to us) are anxious to depart the complicated (concrete and steel) bush in lower Michigan and reside in the northern, less complicated (wooded and watered) bush of God's county. Having contributed nearly 60 man years between us (Barb & I), we have begun to feel tired.
Returning to the bush always affirms one of the relationships that matter in life. Residing in the steel and concrete bush only strengthens the urgency to return to the former. The lesson seemed obvious to me. Thank You for sharing it." (Jim Wachowski, 11/12)

" I have been a fan of your Website ever since I found it almost 2 years ago. It is still the best site for info on the Keweenaw and the Copper Country. And it's just downright fun. Thank you very much. I have always loved the pictures from you Walkabouts and always wondered why the quality of them seemed so poor since you are using a nice camera.(Kodak DC280). I personally own a Kodak DC 260 and it takes magnificent pictures. Well, the problem all along has been my browser. I used to be an AOL customer, but their speed and terrible connections finally drove me away. I now am connected to the Internet via digital cable modem and you cannot imagine the difference! Your site looks even more fantastic! And the pictures are nothing short of magnificent. I get up to your area a few times a year as I have a friend who has a cabin on Rabbit Bay outside of Lake Linden. I'm looking forward to being up there in January. I'm a nut for snow." (Tom Christofferson, 11/11)

"I did a search recently on the web and found my name mentioned in the Eagle Harbor Q&A web page. Yes, I was one of the Buckeye Boys in 1959 that came up to God's country (as we used to call it) for a great vacation. Joe Hellner used to bring up 12-15 guys each year for a two or three week vacation at Delaware and later Bette Gris. We all had a great time. Actually, Joe donated his time by coaching at a Catholic grade school, St Clement school in St. Bernard, Ohio for many many years. All the people he brought up to Michigan came from his association with them at St. Clement. We all went to Roger Bacon high school too. Joe was originally from Calumet and he wanted to show us the beauty of the great north country. What a gift he gave to all of us.
As Liz Benson and Sue Adams said in the Q&A, it was true that the girls were waiting on the porch of the Eagle Harbor store every day when we came to town to do the shopping. Just like the girls, the guys "hormones were humming" when we came to town and got a chance to see/visit very briefly the beauties of the harbor. I remember Sue ("Tuffy") very well, even the white bathing suit. It's been only 41 years but I can still recall walking up the steps to the store and seeing her and her friends on the benches. It was only a short time while we were there, but the boys looked forward every day to visit the store and hoped we would see the "girls" on the porch. What an adventure in life! Do you have Sue Adams e-mail address? It would be nice to touch base with her after so many years.
I visited Eagle Harbor this past summer as part of the Buckeye Boys reunion. The town has not change!! Really, it seems just about the same as it was in the 60's. What a pleasant surprise!! I enjoyed the time back in the North country and relived many, many good times. You are all blessed with such a beautiful environment. I just hope you can keep it that way for future generations." (Jim Lammert,, 11/10)

" I realize that you use the official snowfall totals recorded by the Keweenaw County Road Comission for your reports and contest. For some reason they did not report any of the snow we recieved Oct 6-8. On the 9th I put in a call to their office and the responce I got from the lady there was that they did not get any snow. I restated my question to see if she really was saying that they got "no snow" in Keweenaw County and she said yes, we did not see any snow, so we did not go out to Deleware to measure. I know for sure that measurable snow fell on the 6th and 7th, as I saw it for myself and have picures to prove it.
Unfortunately, I think that the road commission just failed to take a measurement when there was snow (morning of the 7th for sure, possibly other times between the 6th and 8th) and instead of saying that they missed taking a measurement, just decided to say that no snow fell. Kind of sad, especially since they even had to send out their plows! Based on the snowfall that I witnessed for myself, I can say that at least 4.5" fell between the 6th and 8th. By no means am I asking you to change what your official totals are, nor am I saying that the road commission change their totals, but I know that your readers do like to keep informed on what goes on up here and would likely appreciate knowing the results from that snow event.
Not that we need any more controversy in the country right now!"

(John Dee, 11/9)

"Just a note of thanks to you for having this great website. I'm an architect down here in Chicago and enjoy taking my daily Eagle Harbor escape. Thank goodness for you and the internet. I hurried to your site this morning to see the results of the Mt. Bohemia vote...too bad. I hope they don't ruin the very thing that makes the Keweenaw so wonderful. You have something special up there. Well, I'm going to keep trying to figure out a plan of how I can move my practice (or at least a branch office) up to Eagle Harbor." (Jack Kelley, 11/8)

"Had to laugh at your record low snowfall for last year.161 inches? Columbia had 2 inches last year and everything shut down for 4 days! I lived on Wurthsmith AFB,near Oscoda,MI for 3 years ,in the early 60s and in Buffalo NY,so I do know a little about snow.Never made it to the UP and now after seeing all the beautiful pictures on your Web sight, I am truly sorry.What a beautiful place!" (Louise Liebson, 11/3)

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