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Feedback Archive November, 1998

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"You have a wonderful web site, your pictures are superb. Your harbor journal and walk abouts are very captivating. I visit your web site daily, just to get a quick fix and review any new material. On your thanksgiving page, you made mention of"El Nino lingers, La Nina,s lateness lamenated". I just wanted to put my two cents worth in. In a typical moderate to strong La Nina pattern that we are in now, the fall weather pattern is typically warmer than normal through the 1st of December. Which is right on que. I realize everybody is waiting for the big snows and artic air, but be patient, it will arrive, probably closer to mid December than mid November, which I feel everybody was waiting to happen. The greatest snow fall recorded is in a non-La Nina year of 1978/79 of near 400"'s of snow in your neck of the woods. I will keep checking your page daily to check up on the snow reports and pictures. By the way, my wife(Mary) and I thought your "Ode to Departing Snow" was a masterpiece. (Bob Pratt, St.Johns, MI, 11/26)

"Enjoyed visiting your site. Lots of memories of wonderful spring and fall drives from Tech. I was raised in Hermansville. One of the best teachers that I ever had was named Francis Lombard. Any relation? My first visit to Eagle Harbor was in 1954 (age 14) and I think that I still remember every moment. Especially the mountain drive back. Give my regards to Ken and Red Twardzik if they still live up there."(Bob Anderson 1963 Tech Grad and KD, 11/26)

"We really enjoy the photos you have included in your website. It gives us a feeling of being there all the time and experiencing a bit of your Lake Superior winter. Hope to have a place up there one day. One quick question-- Your picture of Mike and Gail's house. Is it per chance the former residence of Isabel Baggiore and her sisters?? She was a friend of the family whom we visited when we were in the UP. Looks very familiar. Her family was from the area and she and her sisters had a home in Eagle Harbor they used in the summers. Her winter residence was in Chicago and we don't remember her sisters names. Wondering if any Eagle Harbor residents remember her. She was an interesting gal and loved the Harbor. Thanks for the great site!!! We enjoy it frequently!"(Win and Gwel Tucker,,11/26)

"Thanks for all your work on the Eagle Harbor Web page. We go there about once a week just to enjoy the pictures and the humor. Hope to retire up to da UP in about 8 years. Keep it going. (Curt & Barb Pippenger,,Racine, WI.11/23)

" Your wonderful web site is the most often viewed spot on my 'favorites' panel. The pictures today of the snowfall are beautiful. Brought back memories of magic sights years ago. Memories from years ago - - - Playing on swings and slide at Fort Wilkins before it was restored for visitors . . . campfire picnics at Mosquito Lake (now known by the more tourist friendly name, Lake Medora) . . . listening to the old foghorn as we spent the night at the Kellows . . . jumping off the roof of the garage into snowbanks at our Clark Street, Houghton, home where all the neighbors waited for my Dad to shovel the alley so they could get their cars out. In Dallas last evening they were warning us of a COLD FRONT which would drop temperatures into the 50's!"(Elaine Paulson Wildman,, 11/20)

"I happened across your Web site a month or so ago in the course of searching for UP-related sites and have made several enjoyable revisits since then. I'm from Ann Arbor, but have vacationed at a family cottage on Lake Michigan near Naubinway since the early 50s. (Ann Arbor is a great place to live--good and varied restaurants, great neighborhoods/neighbors, more "culture" than you could ever have time to take advantage of--but Up North has and will always occupy a special place in my heart. And in my thoughts, especially during late fall, winter, early spring, when an unwinterized cabin is not visitable. So I have very, very much enjoyed mini-visits north through your site. I like the photos a lot and your reflections on life in and around Eagle Harbor. Have also liked the opportunity to drop from a distance on community activities/events in Eagle Harbor folks' lives. Thanks for all your good efforts!"(Susanne Peckham, 11/20)

"I should be working, but would rather be visiting EH. Thank you for sharing your walks around town. I really appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to share your experiences. I'm glad to see Abby enjoying the snow too!"(Mary Rapai,, 11/20)

"Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your journal titled "Storm Watch", even though I saw it all first hand from the safety of my living room, I could never begin to describe it with such majesty. November is my least favorite time of the year, and I really look forward to the winter snow quieting down the wind and the waves. I prefer stillness to the rough and tumble of the waves and wind howling in the trees. At any rate I thought I'd let you know that I printed your journal page of the storm to mail by snail to some friends who only get here during the calm days of summer."(Joyce Christenson, 11/17)

"Victoria Holldorff, age 9 1/2, has just spent some time putzing through your web page. She likes it!!! Quotes: "I like the pumpkins best", and "Eagle Harbor people have funny ideas". As she also has funny ideas, she fits right in :) :) But we know that:) She's giping that I am writing about her and not about my reactions to George's EH Web, but I haven't told her yet what a regular visitor and contributor I have been. Greetings from Daphne and Victoria.")Daphne Holldorff, 11/15)

"Just wanted to send along another E-mail from way down Tampa way and tell you how much we enjoyed your account of the so-called big storm as it approached and eventually blew its way through Eagle Harbor. Reminded me of a recent hurricane that was supposed to track our way a couple of months back. Forecasters had us scouring local grocers for bottled water, canned foods, etc. -- closing schools and boarding windows -- fortunately, the end result brought little more than a stiff breeze and some steady drizzle (felt lucky -- but, wished we'd gotten a little excitement in the weather after all the build-up). Your story inspired me to order up the book, "Fitzgerald's Storm" for winter reading. My wife and I visited the museum at White Fish Point last summer -- more than just a museum, it made us realize how challenging Superior can be -- so many brave souls lost over time. God be with them. My wife, a big photo buff, also enjoyed your new digital camera segment. The results are terrific for having to work with low light on an overcast day. Keep it up! Your web page is a wonderful outlet in the late night hours when lights are dimmed low and quiet rules the homefront. Our firepit burns outside here in the backyard -- but I can always picture the wonder dog curled in warmth with the crackling of birch and cedar in the hearth."(Doug & Tina Long, 11/15)

"I check regularly, your lake cam, and love the visual of a place my husband and I love so much. I am curious, how often do you change the image and does it on occcasion show any ship traffic out there? I LOVED the pumpkin contest, especially the categories. Wonderful, whimsical sense of humor.
We would move there in a heartbeat; jobs, and the lack of a winning lottery ticket are the only current holdup. With plenty of books, a satellite dish and the internet, I believe I could weather the winters. We lived in Marquette in the early '60's and consider it our second home and get a bit homesick for the clean, fresh air and the beauty of the lake. We recently introduced our oldest grandson to the U.P., actually his second trip. He is ready to return! His first look at Lake Superior brought the comment "Where is the other side?" Lakes here in southern Indiana are considerably smaller. And we easily see Kentucky from our vantage point on the Hoosier side of the Ohio River. For a five year old, he can tell you quite a bit about the EDMUND FITZGERALD and for his Person of the Week Kindergarten display, he took his wooden FITZ, a postcard of the ship, and a container of Taconite that we found along the train tracks in Marquette. He will gladly tell you all about the ship, its cargo and the disappearance. At Whitefish Point, we had to take time to point out the direction the rescue boats went, see the bell and all the artifacts there in the museum. We still have to introduce him to the Keweenaw, and the areas around Duluth.
Your website is excellent, I have no problems loading it [with an antiquated 14.4 modem], and enjoy the photos very much. Like the new walkabout photos. Next trip north, we may have aboard the grandson and granddog. Murphy will love it up there."(Barbara Whiteside, 11/14)

"I really enjoy this web sitet. I was up there this summer and each time I view this site I'm more convinced I left a piece of myself there. Thanks for this great site."(Merrill Mudd, 11/14)

"My name is Earl Seppala, I was born in Beacon Hill in 1931 and spent a lot of summer time in the Copper Country when I was a boy. My parents lived in Detroit. My mother was Helmi Tikkanen Seppala and she was also born in Beacon Hill in the same house I was born in. My dad was Herbert Seppala and he was born in Centennial Heights. I get back to the Keweenaw as often as I can and was just there again this summer down around Ontonagon way mostly although I did tent camp a few nights at Fort Wilkins State park. Went swimming in the big lake more this summer than I ever did before and couldn't get over how warm it was. I think your home page here is really neat and I came over to it from Keep up the good work you do on this page, you have one of the most beautiful subjects in the world to work with. Oh by the way, I am out here in Seatlle, Washington, have been for 35 years but the UP still keeps calling to me and I think I will always consider it my real home. I may move back there yet!"(Earl Seppala, 11/13)

"Just wanted to say your pictures are wonderful. Nice & clear. A novice such as I cannot tell they are your first try. Keep up the good work! A little bit of trivia from a former U.P. person. Last Sunday I read in the L.A. Times that the Anaheim Angels had hired a new pitching coach. He is Dick Pole. He is originally from Trout Creek, MI. I graduated with his sister Kathy Pole. Mr. Pole had pitched for the Boston Red Socks in the 70's. For more info research the Angels web site."(Gretchen L. Houk, 11/13)

" I really enjoyed your Web Page, as my father was from that part of the country. While growing up, we made many vacation trips up there. I have many fond memories of visitng. Keweenaw Bay was beautiful. As was Lake Superior and Copper Harbor. My Aunt, Margaret Augustine, and her brother, Ralph Sadler, still live up there in Larium and Calumet. My family name is Sedlar. I think having Internet capabilities really brings this vast world just a little bit closer together. I just built this PII 300 Mhz. computer. I'm running WIN 98. I have a 8 meg vidio card, 80 megs of ram, and a 33.6 modem. All your pages and pictures load up quickly and clear. Looks GREAT ! Nice job! I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it and have it marked as a favorite place."(Gail Sedlar-Reitz,, 11/13)

"My name is Sally (Hocking) Nelson. My folks, Simon (Bud) and Martha Hocking had a cabin about six blocks up from the beach. It had a huge pine tree on the corner of the lot. Hope it's still there. It was up from the street where Westlakes place was. They were dear friends of our family. My sister Jan worked at Jilbert's for a number of years. We all learned how to water ski there at the harbor and other small lakes. Whichever was warmer at the time. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos in town and got a big kick out of seeing the general store where we spent many a penny on candy. Our stays at the camp were somewhat sporadic since we were involved at the Bible Camp in Eagle River. The last time I water skied at the harbor was in September in the early 60's. It was sooo cold I misjudged the distance to the beach and let go of the tow rope too late and hit the beach, boy that hurts. It was the beach area in front of Jilbert's. I miss seeing the bear fights, etc., at the dump. I have to explain that to most people. I loved the aerial photo of the harbor showing all the area I hung out in growing up. Can you tell I'm homesick? My daughter and I left in the spring of 1979. We haven't been back since. My husband says he will take me up there someday soon so I can show him around. Found you from Pasty Central newspaper article Ruth and Bill Penprase sent to me. Just love it. I'm a regular visitor. Keep up the great work (labor of love I'm sure) I really appreciate it."(Sally (Hocking) Nelson, Denver, Colorado,, 11/13)

"I'm Connie Plymat, and I live in Des Moines, Iowa. How did I find you? I'm a daughter of Stan Martin, who owns a cabin (he and his dad built it in 1934) and house in Copper Harbor. I'm a frequent visitor to the Pasty Central site (virtual), and the Copper Country (actual). My great-grandfather was a miner in the old days in Red Jacket, and my grandfather was born there. I love your site---this is my first time visiting, but it's wonderful to get a taste of the UP here in darkest Iowa. I have my own desktop Snow Thermometer, and move the pointer religiously with updates from the Web site. My husband and I hope to someday retire up there... Keep up the good work...the whole world is watching...well, central Iowa, anyway..."(Connie Plymat, 11/12)

"Just to let you know I just discovered your website; and I am really enjoying it; even though I haven't seen all of it yet. My father's family (Sedlar) is from the Laurium/Calumet area; and I spent many vacations up there. But it's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to visit. Your website brings back many memories."(Peggy, 11/12)

"I love your wonderfully descriptive account of the storm and your website in general! I logged on everyday this week to get an update as did my sister in Miami. (We have property at Lake Medora) You have no idea how we enjoy your newletter sprinkled with your wonderful humor. I have to believe there are many others "out there" who feel the same...besides the ones you already know about! Don't ever stop."(Rene Bush, Kalamazoo, 11/12)

"What a wonderful web site, very professional and extremely well done. I found your web site listed on, seems we both use the same ISP. I don't have any suggestions or comments, other than to say I like what I see and have been in and out of your site countless times since I found it. It loads quick, even on my little 100 mhz Gateway 2000 system.
I live in Big Bay with my wife (Rene) of 18 years, along with our 3 great kids. I drive milk tankers for Anderson Milk Transit, waking each morning around 3:30 and driving from Marquette to Bruce Crossing where I go to dairy farms and pick up their milk, then back to Jilberts Dairy for unloading. I have two runs, the other being the Garden Peninsula/Manistique route. It's a great job, I've been doing it here in the U.P. for 6 years now and before this I did it in Ohio and Pennsylvania for 12 years.
I fell in love with the U.P. way back when I was a merchant marine sailing the Lakes, we would often come into Mrquette to load ore pellets. I knew back then I wanted to someday live here, to give my family a better way of life. It just took a few years to convince my lovely wife to come along. But now that she's here she loves it as much as I do.
My job affords me the opportunity to actually "see" the U.P., on a daily basis. The fall colors, the muddy spring, the glorious summer, and the long, snowy, cold winter. I wouldn't have it any other way. So the next time you have a glass of Jilberts milk or dish of ice cream think of me, I probably hauled it!"(Brent Tuttle,11/8)

"Thanks for the great job you and the other Harborites did in the celebration of one of my favorite holidays. The pictures and the stories made us a part of the festivities. I am amazed at the skill of all the carvers not to mention their creativity. Due to the long distence drive we send our regrets to the invitation to the awards presentation."(Judy McGrath,11/06)

"I recently visited your site after a relative sent me the url. I love it !!!! My family has owned Duck Island in Copper Harbor since the early 50's & visiting sites like yours about the northern end of the U.P. brings back so many great childhood memories. Every summer, as a child, meant another great trip to Copper Harbor for me. I haven't been up there in 5 years or so, but that whole area will always be a special place for me. I noticed on your website, that you have replicas of the "snow thermometer" for sale & I thought that this would make a great Christmas gift for a few family members. "(Steve Collins,, 11/7)

"I wanted to share with you my delight at having recently discovered your Website. It's easy to use from my work PC (Windows NT) and my home MAC G3 (MAC/OS). It's well designed and rich, both verbally and graphically. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy your writing, both in substance and style. Heard about "Pasty Central" from a distant cousin in Kentucky who'd ordered pasties for a party and found your page from their link.
Although I've not lived in Keweenaw, I have a long family heritage from there and have spent many days over the years in Eagle harbor and environs. My great-grandparents (Angus and Annie MacLean) immigrated from Ontario and lived in Hancock and Calumet. Angus owned a livery stable/ice-house, worked on the railroads, and eventually owned a car dealership (Dodge, I think) in Houghton. My grandmother (Margaret/Margie) was born and raised in Keweenaw, going to high school with George Gipp. Her younger brothers Angus (Pink) and Bob also grew up there. My Grandfather (Ray Roberts) was born in Eagle River and proud to be a "Cousin Jack",having spent some elementary school years in Cornwall. He left Keweenaw with his family in about 1914, moving to Kansas, Virginia, and then Maryland.
My Mom was born in Laurium in 1918. After my Grandmother's divorce from her first husband, my Granddad made a number of visits "up home" to court and eventually marry her in 1938. They all returned to Maryland, where Mom eventually married and where my two younger sisters and I were born. Mom and my Grandparents are buried just outside Calumet and dear old family friends still live on Isle Royal street in Laurium.
My Grandparents loved the Copper Country and I grew up surrounded by stories of that lovely country. They were eventually able to build a summer home, about a 5-minute walk west of the Eagle Harbor store, right on the lake. During their later years, I'd drive them to the Harbor in June and fly home. In early October, I'd fly in and drive them back. On each trip I'd take a few days to a week to roam Keweenaw with my Granddad.
Many of your photos (and those on the other Keweenaw websites) look like exact duplicates of those I've taken over the years. My wife made her first visit two summers ago, along with both my sisters; one sister made it back last summer and we all look forward to returning whenever we can.
I have an old photograph of Eagle Harbor which, if you wish, I'll have copied and send to you. It's taken from some height, looking south, down the beach. There are huge piles of logs on shore and I'd guess the year to be about 1870. You may see some clues to better date it. Can also send a copy of a photograph of Eagle River which was taken, if I recall correctly, in 1847. Please let me know if these might be of interest to you.
Your website helps me stay in touch with an area that's been a small, but long and rich, part of my life."( Ray Williamson,11/04,,Columbia, Maryland_

"We visited your beautiful area, for the first time, this summer. It is truly God's country. Through your site it is fairly close to being there. Thanks so very much."(Merrill Mudd, 11/03)

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