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What George's Eagle Harbor Web viewers are sharing with the Editor

December, 2000

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"I was looking at UP stuff today and found your site. My wife and I love to snowmobile in the Keweenaw and have been in Eagle Harbor for fun, dining and lodging. Unfortunately we won't make it this winter as I'm now recovering from serious back surgery. We are looking forward to next season though. Your sit is great." (Phil & Steph Zinn, 12/31)

"Another thank you for the wonderful web site you created and keep active and current. You've given me many hours of enjoyment... since I found out about your site from Mark Stewart. Reading your entries and following the seasons with you has been a joy!!" (Eleanor Baird from Bloomington, Minnesota, 12/23)

"Stop.....stop....I can't take it any more. You are living my dream! First, let me introduce my self. My name is Jeff Heeter, I'm 47 years old, born, raised, and still living in Dayton, Ohio. I work at NCR Corporation (23 years) as a software engineer writing banking software. I am an ammeter weather buff and the biggest snow lover that I know...which can be a very frustrating endeavor living in southwest Ohio. I've been in love with the UP since a childhood camping trip. I've taken my two boys on several camping trips to the UP, even visiting Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor one year while camping at Porcupine Mountains State park. Unfortunately, about the closest I come these days is crossing the UP on I-75 on my annual fishing trip to Hornpayne, Ontario. I truly love the area. My dream for retirement has always been to combine my love of snow with my love of Michigan and get a "place" in the UP to retire to. Once there, my daily chores would involve stoking the fire, taking the dog for a walk, and snow removal. People tell me that I'd get tired of all of the snow and cold and maybe I would, but I'd sure like to try it to find out. I really just stumbled upon your web site. A friend of mine, with a similar affection for snow, told me about a site called "Live Weather Images" and that there were many Web cams available. He particularly pointed out the Lake Superior Web cam. So, of course, I had to see it for myself. Once there, I found a link to your site. As I read your diaries, I melted into my chair. They described everything I ever dreamed about - the beauty of the land, the fellowship of friends and neighbors, and especially the snow (and lots of it). You actually look forward to it instead of dreading it like so many people around here. The beauty of falling snow and the tranquility of a fresh new snowfall many times go unnoticed here. Anyway, (I'm starting to get teary eyed here), I love your site. It's a chance, until I can live my own dream, to live it through you. Your sharing of thoughts, feelings, and events makes me feel a part of the Eagle Harbor community. I'll continue to read your diaries every chance I get. Please, please, keep up the good's greatly appreciated!" (Jeff Heeter. 12/21)

"Ok you can brag about your snow, but we also have 20 inchs on the ground here in Ames. However, it has been way too cold so hopefully the temperature will be better by the lake. I drove from Yankton SD to Spirit Lake (usually a 2.5 hour trip - took 8 hours) last Saturday in the "big" blizzard. Not good. I hope we do not need to heed your travel advisor (although I am prepared with "kit")." (Moke Owen)

"George, you have me all atwitter. I start my last trip of the month tomorrow. With good luck and a hearty Mesaba crew, I might make it by midnight Thursday. Carol and Ted and my wonderdogs took off driving today. Should be a good gathering of Johnson's and in-laws for the holidays. I seem to remember that you'll be out of pocket for the big 50th anniversary party, but we'll miss you. I'll try and take your place under the light house some night listening for the cracking ice. Wish me luck, I'm on the way." (Barry Bogart, 12/20)

"I LOVE your page. I am a librarian and site tech at a high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma and every morning the first page I pull up is the EagleHarbor cam to get my Eagle Harbor "fix" for the day...I grew up in a small Oklahoma town called Yukon and your page so reminds me of our Yukon Sun paper, small towns are the best. Three summers ago my traveling buddy and I had gone to Grand Portage, Mn. and on the way home stayed in Houghton and just lucked into finding your beautiful area. This last summer we stayed at Cooper Harbor, spent two nights on Isle Royale and decided our favorite town was Eagle Harbor. After 29 years in public education my friend and I will retire in 2002 and as of now our plans are to move to your area. Your page pulls up quickly and the photographs are excellent. The people were so nice this summer everywhere we went and we did have quite a search to find one of the snow gauges. It now sits on my desk at school and the students are amazed at the snowfall. You see we just got 8" here in Tulsa and had to close school for three days and you do not want to be around an "Okie" driver on ice or snow. I am a lighthouse nut (and that's pretty hard in land locked Oklahoma) and this summer we took the tour of the Eagle Harbor light and of all the ones I went to this summer yours had the friendliest people and was the most beautiful. The Christmas light is wonderful. Happy Holidays." (Diana E. Doyle, 12/19)

"Just wanted you to know Abby guarding the Eagle Harbor Light has become my wallpaper for the new year!! I will gladly provide Abby with some treats in June 2001 if she wants a royalty! Happy holidays! We actually have 19" on the ground in Northern IN (thank god)" (Larry Westby, 12/19)

The latest winter storm that has been dumping snow on the Keweenaw has caught Houghton County & Michigan Tech off guard! We have had two feet or more of the white stuff since Friday! I shuddered watching the foolish snowmobile folk crossing the Portage on Thursday night. There were pools of water on top of the ice in many spots. That didn't deter them from roaring across the canal. I was also observing all of the skiers on Mt.Ripley, bathed in lights that make night skiing possible, from my warm 4the floor living quarters. Many of my foreign students have never seen snow before and want to ski. I could clearly spot them coming straight down "Wipe Out" parallel skiing or snow plowing, just go for the gusto and come straight down! I am waiting for one of them to get to the bottom and be jettisoned right over the canal into Houghton.
It was cold on Friday and the walk to and from campus uneventful as the white stuff continued to fall. Saturday brought warmer temperatures and a heavy wet snow. When I arrived at the hall many of the residents were leaving with cross country or downhill skis. I didn't want to dampen their spirits but skiing on heavy wet snow is lousy! The snow continued to fall in buckets all day long. Every resident returned for the dinner meal and consumed record amounts of food.
I left the hall at 6:15pm on foot for the walk home and little did I know what was in store for me! The sidewalks between campus and the Citgo had at least a foot of heavy wet snow. I thought to myself that the cars passing me figured I was inebriated for it was impossible to walk in a straight line. The city of Houghton had their sidewalks plowed and what a welcomed sight it was! The snow continued all night and the temperatures dropped. I started the trek to campus Sunday AM and after passing the Citgo it was very apparent that the only way I was to walk was on the side of US 41. I wore my bright yellow MTU heavy parka so I would stand out in the snow. I thought when I reached campus it would be clear sailing to the hall...wrong again! I labored through the snow covering the walks through central campus. When I reached the MEEM the snow was almost hip deep. I met Pedro, a student of mine and celebrity of sorts from Brazil. His brother Keeko, played the accordion at the Wash Tub Laundromat in Hancock without any clothes on 5 years ago! He explained to the officer that he was washing them.....that story made it all of the way to David Letterman. I think Pedro thought he was history. I told him to follow me as I blazed a trail the rest of the way to DHH. A student was waiting in the lobby to be picked up for church without a hat, gloves, or boots. I told him he was crazy. We didn't see a Tech snow plow for the whole day! The snow and blowing snow advisory has been cancelled. We have a small window of "Dawn" before the next new storm arrives late Monday. The city of Houghton is right on top of their snow removal. I'm manning the crisis lines at Dial Help. It's 2:05 AM and they are plowing the sidewalks, roads and hauling the snow away in dump trucks....right on!! The county and Michigan Tech are facing a huge mess to get straightened out before it starts all over again. It's a challenge to live through a Copper Country winter but it makes you tough and the blood thick." (Sue Adams, 12/18)

"Alabama temperature this A.M. 18 degrees in Birmingham and 16 degrees in Hoton. What happened to "El Nino". We hace had quite a cold spell the past two weeks with the exception of 75 degrees Saturday during the tornado that touched down with devastation and within a few hours a drop of 50 degrees." (Bill Jacka, Sr., 12/18)

"Dear George, two years ago we stayed at E.H.for a short time. Do you remember? Now we would like our e-mail adress to be listed in the E.H.mail list. But first we want to tell you, that when we saw the picture of the beautiful star at the E.H.Lighthouse, we decided to build one for ourselfs. Now it is ready, 1.7 meter high and one can see that beautiful star from about 4 km away. Our friends Daphne and Henning HOlldorf could see the star if there wouldn't be some houses between us and them. Our house is situated on the top of a hill and so it's the best place for this star. Thank you Eagle Harbor." (Dieter Golke, Germany, 12/17)

"Just a note to tell you that I've had such a good time here in the Copper Country I'm never going back to Florida. Edo is such a great host and living in the sauna has made me look 10 years younger. I'm learning everything there is to become a full fledged yooper. We go Walmart or Frakis at least twice a week. I'm getting used to the bitter cold, icy weather, long johns and choppers!! Edo told me that he was going to do donut in Fraki's parking lot. I thought a donut was a sweet round fried cake. I was not prepared for his version but hey, I gained my composure back quickly! When we get back camp I am going to go skiing behind the rusty Ford 4x4. A chain is attached to the bumper and Edo floors it as I hang on for dear life. At the end of the road he does a 180 (whatever that means)and then back to camp. What a great part of the world! There is not a concern in the world! I'm finished with politics, recounts, Mercedes Benz and designer clothes. I've heard all about Newberry's, doing polka, and saying "use guys". Bring it on, I'm here to stay." (Katherine Harris, 12/15)

"Think the web page is a great idea. My wife and I plan on moving to Marquette in five years. Can't wait.My grandparents, Pep and Maude Sundberg of Mohawk have lived in the north country most of their lives and have passed on a love of the area to their grandchildren. It's nice to have a connection such as your website to check in on a couple times a week." (Michael Osborne, 12/11)

"My Grandparents were born up there (Eagle River and Houghton) and my Mom was born in Laurium. Although my times in Keweenaw were only summer weeks, I thouroughly understood what my family meant by "Up Home". My Grandparents built a cottage about a 1/4 mile east of the Harbor, just above the Lake. It's now owned by others and, hopefully, enjoyed as much as when I was privileged to visit there. I think that, last year (?) you mentioned an ownership change for a home on the south side of the harbor once owned by an individual named "Fuss Neil" Fuss was an acquaintance of my Grandparents. We were invited into his home sometime in the 1970's and as his guests, Fuss gave us jars of his self-made Corncob jelly. It was incredibly good and I still have one of those jars of jelly, never opened. Hopefully, most people who own homes in Eagle Harbor have a strong link with, or sense of, Keewanaw's history. While it may seem a small thing, I'd like to send that jelly jar to the current owners of Fuss' home as my return to, and reminder of, Harbor family and friends. Can you help with a name and address?" (Ray Williamson, 12/11)

"We're actually getting a UP-like snow event here in the Lower Peninsula today...6 to 12 inches either here or on the way by tomorrow morning. All I worry about are the other people on the roads, since those of us who grew up in the UP know how to adapt to winter driving. I understand Rich Probst is once again heading up the efforts to get the ballyard ice rink together. If you're out on a walkabout anytime soon, could you post a photo or two of how it's coming along? I want to see what I'm getting myself into by volunteering as a "rink rat". By the way, to any of you who remember my last escapades on an outdoor rink in the Harbor...I'm wearing skate-proof ankle guards!" (Dave Ellis, 12/11)

"Thanks for the picture of the OSKOSH. By the looks of it,it appears to be the new one on the Eagle Harbor run. As the respects the second person non driver, in the late 40's "s the second person was referred to as the SWAMPER at least that was known as the Laurium OSKOSH and Henry Westfall Supt. of Streets performed that function. Today that position is known as the wingman. I understand the new one has all the comforts in the interior of one of the most expensive cars on todays market. Can't wait to see it 13 days. Off to a good snow count with 40 inches compared to 160 last year." (Bill Jacka, Sr., 12/8)
Bill's right, the new plow is an OSKOSH, and has been assigned the Eagle Harbor run. The photo, however, is from my file (I wish we had that much snow already), and is the old plow. I'll get a picture of the new plow. It's been around alot of late.)

"Mr. Hite, It has been called to my attention by some of the residents of your area and the great state of Florida that the snow contest for November was just too close to call. I'm on my way up to supervise the recount. A gentleman by the name of Edo was kind enough to offer me the use of his sauna for my stay while the recount is taking place. I have never heard of a sauna but Edo says it's like a rainforest in south America. I hear it will be necessary for me to wear something called a chook, choppers, and swampers and no spike heals.I have to consult with my designer. I also understand that you have an English Springer spaniel called Abby who is an expert at digging. I would like to appoint her as my assistant for this event. It is imperative that every snowflake be recounted, pregnant, dimpled, hanging. Pinkerton's will be moving onto the site tonight with guards and flood lights. Edo said he has a rusty Ford to drive me around, and to forget the Benz." ( Katherine Harris, 12/5)


"George, I know that you understand how hard it is to get a decent pasty down state. Last week our home economics class tried to make them and I scrambled down the hall to get greasy, hamburger filled, pint sized imitation. (with no rutabaggy) A couple, one pasty, would make my days until I am home for Christmas. Rich has access to all the food he needs. Pasties included. Be sure to let Abby know that my school mascot is a Bulldog. I know right where that opening picture is on your page...I hunted it nine days ago. I walked right down the left side. My tracks are undoubtedly still there. The pasties are rightfully mine! I hope this suspense ends soon. Thanks for making something so trivial as snowfall so exciting." (Rich Boggio, November snowfall forecast co-champion and pasties prize contender, 12/4)

"Greetings from Winston-Salem, NC (I live in Clemmons, about 10 miles west of WS). I found your web site through an article by Richard Creed of the Winston-Salem Journal. Actually, I initially found out about Mr. Creed's interest in the UP in a series of srticles that were published last winter. I'm originally from Port Huron, MI, and when I read his articles, it inspired me to write a letter back to the journal about my experieces visiting the UP, snow, and winter in general. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the Eagle Harbor area....we didn't make it that far up! I've been a resident of NC for 15 years now, but I still miss the cold, snowy winter season. Funny thing, they had predicted 5-10" of snow in our area for Sunday, but.....the low pressure system off the coast veered too far east...hence, the eastern section of the state received 6-12." Pretty good for NC! Your web site is great. By the way, I predict
you'll recieve 258.7 inches of snow. One of the biggest things I miss about Michigan winters, is the cross-country skiing. I still have my wood Asnes Tour Langen skiis at my sisters' place in Port Huron. When I worked in Lansing back in the early to mid 80's, I would skii at Lake Lansing every day, with a bota filled with hot chocolate and Peppermint Shnapps! Ahhh!" (Benjamin Curti, 12/4)

"Enjoyed your page very much. Actually, I was looking for one of my brothers and Lo and behold I found him here- dreaming of our great UP winters. I'll be checking in on your site from time to time-- perhaps just to see who has more snow. I'm over in "Big snow country" situated right smack dab between Big Powderhorn and Blackjack. Of course I must mention Indianhead to the east and Whitecap to the west. What a pity I don't downhill ski, but I do enjoy cross country skiing-- I like the quiet and the solitude. That's why we moved out here. However, if you don't mind I'd like to say to my brother Bill Pekuri of Owatonna, Mn. if we get the "usual" amount of snow this year (unlike the last couple of years) I'LL SEND IT TO YOU! Check in with you soon." (Barbara, Ironwood, Mi., 12/2)