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Feedback Archive November & December, 1999

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

"I am a former resident of what was the Coast Guard Station across the bay from the town of Eagle Harbor. I finished eighth grade at the old school in Eagle Harbor and the family then moved to Calumet when my father was shipped to the South Pacific during WWII. My husband and I are retired from Abbott Laboratories in North Chicago,Ill. and we now live in National Mine, Mi. We learned about your Web page from my brother Jack in Minnesota. I liked it because I'm interested in what is happening in the Copper Country."(Ann (Anna Mae Kumpula) Hill, 11/26)

"I am Phil Moen, formerly of Calumet and a good friend of the Ryan family. I went to high school with Paul and Pat, and last summer spent Wednesday night with Pat at their home in Eagle Harbor. I hadn't seen Pat since high school (I'm in class of '49), and was very happy to see him again. At that time, Pat told me about his dad in the Houghton facility, recovering from a bad fall. I have visited your web site several times, and find it fascinating. Your photos are magnificent! I imagine that life at the Harbor during winter must be very serene, except for the occasional furious storms off the lake. I remember that one year the Paulson home was washed away. My last year at the Harbor was in 1949. Great memories, especially of the full moon rising over Lake Bailey, as seen from the Coast Guard station." (Phil Moen, 12/26)

"Just wanted to let you know my husband and I visited your web site tonight for the first time and it's great. We live in Felicity, Ohio - 30 miles east of Cincinnati - and visited the Keweenaw Peninsula for the first time in September. It was beautiful. We camped at McLain State Park for 4 days and visited Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, then drove up to Copper Harbor. We definitely want to visit again and see more. The photos on your site were so enjoyable -- especially to see the area in the winter. Much interesting info on your site, also. It worked well on our system, altho' a little slow loading the pictures (but they were worth the wait). By the way -- what breed of dog is Abby? We are dog lovers and couldn't quite figure out what she is -- other than cute! Keep the photography and news coming. We LOVE Michigan and especially Lake Superior." (Pam and Ernie Bond, 12/24)

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your unique and well-designed website. I've forwarded it to several friends and colleagues, and all agree that you really have a knack for relating news, tidbits, and folksy tales. Now that I think of it, it sort of reminds of a Prairie Home Companion in print." (Dick Rogers, 12/22)

" We sure enjoy your web site. Almost like being there. We didn't get back to Connecticut in time to get into the snow fall contest, but we would never have believed what happened, or I should say, didn't happen, in October & November. Enjoy your pictures. Really loved your shot of the gate into Catoni's et al., just past Van Pelt's drive. It's my desktop background. The grand children are amazed, they think I did it. MERRY CHRISTMAS" (Betty & Malcolm Millar, 12/22)

"I'm one of the many EH fans. I enjoy the seasonal photos of the Lake and lighthouse (have just made the winter scene my wall paper). Although it makes me a bit 'homesick' (my grandfather JR Van Pelt 's cottage was the site of many a happy vacation in my childhood)'s great to be able to be connected. I have sent the moon information on to my uncle (Dick Van Pelt) and my mother (Ellen Van Pelt Price) as the 22nd is their birthdays (born six years apart)." (Sarah Hechavarria, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 12/20)

"Can you believe it!!?? It's about time that the snow flies. Today for most of the day I could not see the other side of the canal. The winds were howling and the snow was coming in buckets. Grandfather always said that someone was shaking the feather pillows in heaven. It is bitter cold and for awhile the electricity was out in Hancock but we were lucky on the south side. The canal had a thin layer of ice on it but with the winds it's wide open. It was interesting watching the array of people at the grocery store with no gloves, hats, boots or warm coats. This morning on the news on Minnesota Public Radio they said that the last salty left Duluth this morning on the way to the Atlantic Ocean. I keep expecting to see it come through the Portage Canal. The intensity of storms in this area is awesome! I can't help but wonder how my ancestors survived in Central Mine and Deleware after coming from such a mild climate like Cornwall. They had to be a very strong breed of people. It's almost midnight and the wind is still roaring and the snow flying. I hope there are not any Tech students stranded in a light house tonight! A snowmobile just went flying down Shelden Avenue. I'll bet we'll have 24 " of snow by morning!" (Sue Adams, 12/20)

"The BIG storm is big news down below. Wish we could be there to enjoy it with you. We have a new brisk wind with the "Up-North" bite in it, but no precipitation to speak of. Abby looks stately with the Christmas bow. Enjoy Friday evening at the Inn. And have a great holiday week. Regards to all." ( Jim & Barb Wachowski, 12/20)

"Hi, enjoying your page! I have fond memories of staying with the Kumpula's in Eagle Harbor (I can still hear the fog horn) in the early 50's as a child. Keep up the good work!" (Dave Harjala (in Rockwood TN) formerly of Copper City (my dad is Ed Harjala), 11/18)

"It has been years since I have been able to spend any real time in the U.P., and I miss it greatly. Thank you so much for giving me that shot of "YOOPER" that I so desperately need." (Nick Morgan, Grand Rapids, MI,12/17)

"I'm getting ready for two weeks in Orlando with the MSU football team as they prepare for the Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day, meaning that for just the second time I'm not going to be home for Christmas. I know I'm not going to get a lot of sympathy being in Florida (just like two years ago in Hawai'i), but believe me I'd make the trade with anyone in the Harbor for the holidays. I'll miss you all. One quick word of warning: as a former victim of the infamous ballyard ice rink, watch out for those potholes that always seem to develop right in back of where you're skating...I have a three inch scar on my right ankle to emphasize that. I'm sure the story will be afoot as they flood the rink. Here's hoping Heikki Lunta gets his act in gear and gives Eagle Harbor a perfect white blanket for the holidays. Happy New Year to all." (Dave Ellis, 12/16)

"Just wanted to write a note and say how much I enjoyed your site. It brought back a lot of memories for me and is now making me itch for a return to the U.P. As a child, I spent many summers in Eagle Harbor, but it has been several years since I've been back. My Uncle (Arthur Amolsch) and Aunt (Mimi Amolsch) own a house in Eagle Harbor but unfortunatly I have never made the trek up to see it. I now live in Orlando Fl, and seldom have time for a trip of that distance. According to stories I was told when I was young, I have a deep family history in the U.P. The best I've been able to trace my geneology back to is the Hoatson family who worked in the copper mines, and of my great-great-great uncle who built what is now the Larium Manor Inn (which I just recently found their web site online!). I am very interested in learning more about the area, my family history and the people in Eagle Harbor, especially now that I am older (I am 22 now). If you can offer any recomondations of links to any sites which may help me, I would appreciate it." (Jeff Amolsch,, 12/7)

"As I read your site with utter amazement last night that 14.2 inches of snow had fallen during November, I couldn't believe it! Not to mention being named Snow Prognosticator of The Month had me so excited, I could hardly sleep. Now I see that an error has been made and that, once again, I'm forced to order the Pasties from the folks myself. I will try and contain my disappointment." (Steve King, 12/1)

"Well, the Beyers family had another family get together, I am sure this is hard for everyone to believe. We ate turkey this time, no ham and potato salad. It was great to have everyone together. Seeing all the younger cousins grow up and listen to what everyone is doing. Everyone missed our time in the Harbor and can't wait to get back. Dan and Steph were missed, but Max was in Delaware to spend the holiday, with the expecting parents. Hope all is well." (Jennifer Houston, 11/29)

"I'm a former resident of Laurium and Hancock, but have been down state for more than 40 years. Presently I live in Holt on the south side of Lansing. I still have a lot of relatives in Houghton County in Toivola, South Range, Houghton, Hancock, Laurium, Lake Linden, and who knows where else. I get up to the Copper Country maybe every other year. I still love to walk through familiar streets and catch up on what's new. The pictures on your website are tremendously beautiful. They really make me homesick for the Copper Country. I check your website every once in a while and find it very interesting. Keep up the good work." (, 11/28)

"6593 km (or 4097 miles) from Eagle Harbor we too celebrated Thanksgiving together with some friends. Two days later though, since it is not a holiday here in Altenstadt, Germany. The first picture shows Daphne serving the turkey, the second the Holldorff and Golke families: Carl, Dieter G., Victoria, Hening, Daphne, Viktor G. and Christel G. Best wishes. It's unbelievable that, so far, we have had more snow over here than you all!" ( Henning Holldorff, 11/28)

"You do not know me, but you know my Aunt, Anne Bach. I was in the Harbor in June and stayed at their cottage. I am a former Keweenaw resident: (Originally from Laurium: Calumet High Class of 1972). I just wanted to let you know that I frequently check out the web site for news and I enjoy it very much. Please keep up the good work! It is a good source of info for those of us transplanted UPers, even if I am from Laurium! I have sent Aunt Anne her own (since they are non computerized) copies of her winning pumpkins! I hope to be back next summer for the Y2K reunion at CHS, and will definitely be at the harbor!" (Nancy (Stefanac) Kelly (Fairbanks, Alaska -15 degrees today! 11/24)

"Great pictures of all the wonderful pumpkins in this year's competition! (I wonder if it's a little homesickness I felt when I checked your site?) In any event, our location for your email listing is Palm Coast, FL. Regards to all." (Bob Taylor. 11/23)

"My husband told me to click on your web page for timely photos of the Keweenaw. We returned last summer for a 20 year anniversary trip. Used to go every summer till we had kids and other obligations got in the way. a 20 year anniversary seemed an ideal time to vacation without the children and go back to our old garden spot. Found it little changed except a couple more restaurants. Loved the restaurant in Eagle Harbor (Was it the Eagle Harbor Inn) approximately across from the store. Stayed at Lake Breeze for two nights and the Mountain for two nights (the rest of the week was spent in transit). Actually experienced 95 degree temperatures in Marquette. Bet that doesn't happen very often. At any rate, my husband is a big fan, Eric Grandstaff, don't know if he says hello when he visits. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the treat. We live in Petoskey, Michigan." (Alexis Grandstaff, 11/23)

"I'm on the road again with visits to Lansing, then Niagra Falls in a snow storm. Stopped to see Kurt Becker Gratia's brother in New York state and took in the Erie Canal museum there. Then ventured down to Cooperstown to see the Baseball hall of Fame and a very nice display of life on an early farm. Very well done. On my way to Boston I also visited the Basketball Hall of Fame near springfield. Then visited a cousin Elizabeth Richards Houghton. She spent a lot of time in Eagle Harbor before we had lights and water and she is 93 now. From there I stopped in Pittsburg to see Martha Royston. She had to spend some time in the hospital to get her pulse regulated but expects to be home tomorrow. Have enjoyed Hockey and Football here in the City. Oh yes Martha is doing fine. I will leave soon for Charlotte to be with Daughter Sharon and family for Thanksgiving. Waiting for the results of the sucessful PUMPKIN FEST. Happy 2000." (Fred Kellow, 11/17)

"Keith and I just returned from a 10 day vacation in England. Fantastic, but we're glad to be back. Love all your beautiful photos on the web page. So soothing. England was cold and damp with sun now and then (mostly then), but no rain and we saw as much as we could cram in during our 10 hour days flitting about. Met a lady on the plane who's husband snowmobiles near Copper Harbor...gave her your web page. If you aren't already, you'll be famous for the best web page in the universe! Check out the meteor shower tonight! Keep warm! Marilynn in Sunny California :-)"(Marilynn Ehrenreich, 11/17)

"I just wanted to let you know that I still continue to be an almost daily visitor to your site. Now I have your page, Sandy's "Musings" and John Dee's site to alleviate my Keweenaw withdrawal! I know that you get dozens of notes telling you how much people enjoy your site, but I feel compelled to say it again. Your site is great! If you are bored during deer camp season, check out my little site that I put together to keep my snowmobiling friends informed this winter. I hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" some of your pictures. Steve's Winter Fun and Fishing Pages! Take care and do your best snow dance." ( Steve King, 11/16)

"Your page, as usual, looks just great,eh? I thought about Eagle Harbor yesterday when the snow was falling and a couple of deer scampered through the yard, so I thought I'd look and see what EH was like on your page. Alexis and I came up during the last week in July to stay at the Lake Breeze to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Normally, I'd say Eagle Harbor looks about the same as it did when I first visited in 1957, but the expanded restaurant there at the edge of town was nice to see (I'm not much on change, which occurs here in Petoskey, small town, almost hourly). The last time I was up, the store was closed, but it was great seeing it open again. The deli in the store was handy when we were out hiking. We had a great time at the Lake Breeze and then headed up to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge for a couple of days there. I don't golf much because of my work, but had a great nine holes (the best of my short golfing life) playing up on the mountain. The rest of our time was spent hiking trails we found in the books at the Lake Breeze, riding bikes up to Bete Grise and down to Eagle River. Keep up the posting of the pictures of your walkabouts." (Eric M. Grandstaff, 11/15)

"Just found your site for the first time, although I visit fairly often. Your site loaded just fine, but don't ask about platforms, etc. I'm on Windows 95. That's all I know. I waitressed at Jilberts in the summer of 1949, between my Junior and Senior high school years in Hancock. I earned $1.00 a day plus board and room and tips (maybe another 4 or 5 dollars). My girl friend and I were fired for flirting with the Coast Guards who came in regularly and took up too much counter space, which was in the front room then. The Jilberts thought we were way too wild. I visit Eagle Harbor once every 2 or 3 years, traveling all the way from South Texas, but the UP will always be home." (Mary Rasmussen (nee' Kukkonen), 11/13)

"Really enjoyed the beautiful Lake Superior Storm pics. Keep up the good work." (Mike Ekdahl, 11/10)

"James{Jimmy} Kumpula is the grandson of John and Jennie and son of Bob. Charles and Stella never had children. They (Charles & Stella) would spend their summers at the harbor. Their house was down from the school and had been across the street but moved it as the waves would splash up to the house in storms. I believe that a cement slab is still there and they had a fireplace down by the water. I believe that it was next door to Milfords house that was built later on." )Jack Kumpula, 11/09)

"Found your site while looking through "Copper Country".. My parents are from the CC - dad from Centennial Heights and mom from Copper City. I live "down under" in Livonia. My parents came to Detroit in the 30's but I still have relatives "up nort". I was up this summer for the first time in 7 years and enjoyed it a great deal - even passed throught the harbor....Like to see as many pictures as possible, sights in and around Eagle Harbor, takes me back to some great times I spent up there in my misspent youth. I enjoy the pastycam also. Thanks for the site, keep up the good work, I'll stop by fom time to time to see how you're doing." (Gene Waara, 11/9)

"Your storm pictures are beautiful ... congratulations. The commentary on the smaller boat hulk was very interesting. My father who began to spend time at the Harbor in about 1905 always told the story that this boat was a "naptha launch" that exploded and burned at a dock on the west end of the Harbor with several fatalities. It was later towed to the east end and sunk by the coast guard. As I recall he said that the boat was owned by a prominent copper country family. It will be interesting to see if anyone can verify this story. Your website is first rate. I enjoy it very much." (Bob Neil, 11/8)

"I was in the Copper Country for about 27 seconds (or so it seemed) on October 27/28. Flew in from a Minn/St. Paul education meeting. Did get to stroll the rocky beach in front of sister Ann's home on Lake Shore Road and attend the Blues concert at the Calumet Theater. It was a great dose of medicine and the weather was stunning! Missed the pumpkin festival due to family commitments in IL. Ann and I drove the 8 hours to/from Crystal Lake. Surprised Mom and brother Rod. Lot of travel time but worth every minute. Idaho heat wave in process. Snow? Not even rain! Guess I'd better take up roller blades. Thanks for the web page!" (Liz Boorman Benson, 11/8)

"My name's Karen Brookie and I go to Eagle Harbor every summer w/my family! I'm 14 and I love your pictures you have on your website! Keep em coming! Thanks!" (Karen Brookie, 11/7)

"Altough we've never e-mailed you, we have visited your site many times. Our best friends are Jim and Barb Wachowski who are listed in your guest book. I went to Northern with both of them many decades ago. My wife Nancy and our son Billy visit Eagle Harbor every summer and camp at Fort Wilkins. My nephew's girlfriend's parents have a retirement home near Cat Harbor. We enjoy visiting your site and dream about being back in the beautiful U.P. Your pictures keep us in touch with the Keweenaw. Hopefully, we will have a retirement home in your area." )Bill & Nancy Oller, 11/7)

"We especially enjoy meeting all the Eagle Harbor residents. We go to the potluck in July, but unforunately we are not there during the pig roast, we hope to rectify that this summer. We rent the cottage between the Boggios and the Willoughbys for the month of July and maybe longer if possible next summer. We take our grandchildren with us for about 10 days during July so we can all enjoy the 4th of July activities and fireworks. This next summer will he our 8th summer renting in Eagle Harbor before that we only had a chance to visit with relatives for short periods of time. We have been coming to the Keewenaw since daughter was a baby (1967) to visit. My Dad was Uncle Clarnece's brother. Uncle Clarence is the last of 10 children. We receive everything from your web site fine and are able to view everything. We only have a Sony webtv, not a computer, and a tv screen. We are able to receive email and get on the internet. It suits us just fine." (Donna & John Bach, 11/6)

"Just a note to let you know how much pleasure your photos give your audience. Your latest group, the first of which is featured on the top of your web page is astonishingly beautiful. I would suggest that you submit a copy of it to Tom Skilling at WGN TV in Chicago, as he features such pictures during his noon reports. I don't believe that he can accept e-mail transmissions yet, but print up a copy and get it to him." (Karen Konwal, 11/4)

" I've enjoyed checking out your site. I visited Copper Harbor three years ago in the summer of '96. I've lived in Los Angeles all my life so going to the Keweenaw Peninsula was very exciting and memorable for me. I stayed with the Protzel's who have two stores, The Fisherman's Daughter and Jamsens Fish Market. I got a full tour of the Keewenaw and I also went to the pig roast (which I believe was in Eagle Harbor). Very fun!" (Susan, 11/3)

" As a first time visitor to your website I am pleased. I love the beautiful pictures of the harbor with the waves rolling in. I intend to visit your area soon because my niece is a student at Michigan Tech and I intend to visit her. Your site is very informative and I appreciate the work you have put into it. Your site is very well designed. Keep up the good work." (Richard C. Rauch, 11/2)

"What terrific storm pictures! It is a tremendous service you do for those of us who would like to be right there with you. Once a year is all we manage." (Becca Berger, 11/2)

"Great wave pictures. You do a nice job with the ol' digital camera. I really appreciate the "visits". What has happened with the water project? How bad are the streets torn up? When is the projected completion date? Keep up the good work. Things are pretty quiet here right now. I am dealing with a bad shoulder (accute tendonitis) from too much racquetball and hockey. All else is well. I heard that Chuck Bogart separated his shoulder during wrestling practice. Apparently a low grade sprain (1, not even 1+) so he should be back in action soon. No other Harborite news to report." (Mike Owen, 11/2)

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