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Old Pics

The Gibson Collection

Bill and Karen Gibson, frequent Harbor visitors and Lakebreeze guests, share some of the old Eagle Harbor postcards they have collected.

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Lakebreeze Resort The Lakebreeze Resort opened as a tearoom in 1922 and as a hotel in 1923. The anchored catboat is a forerunner of the Harbor Web editor's PEREGRINE, now sharing the same summer anchorage.
Lake Breeze Hotel The Lake Breeze has been operated by Marcia Raley and her husband Chris Kvale since 1989. Marcia is the grandaughter of the original proprietors, Alice and Austin Raley. Marcia's parents, Frank and Helen Raley were the proprietors from 1946 to 1988.
Front Street Remember the old slide and the whirljig that sat in the water off the beach?
Eagle Harbor Store. This old postcard of our favorite store was mailed (for 2 cents) to a family in Detroit in 1953 with a note, "We have never seen more beautiful or wild country - plenty of deer and bear."
Eagle Harbor Beach A 1959 postcard of the Harbor beach. Note the old firedock. A favorite place to hang out for kids and adults alike. Wouldn't it be great to have a dock again!
Eagle Harbor 1898 A century ago at Eagle Harbor. Note the extensive dock and warehouse in mid-harbor. A few familiar buildings: the store, the foley/Smith ( now Geis) home, and the now Kellow and Westlake structures on Front Street. Whose nice yellow clad two story is in the foreground?
Lake Brreze Hotel The card caption reads:"Lake Breeze Hotel is located on the banks of Lake Superior at Eagle Harbor, Mich. Within a short distance are extensive tracts of virgin forests and beautiful inland lakes. An up-to-date light house and a well manned and equipped coast guard station are located near by."

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