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"...when we don't live with birds or weather or waves we lose the opportunity to think hard about ourselves, to discover from nature important facts about human nature."
(excerpted from Nancy Lord's, Fishcamp)

The Fourth of July 1998

July 5, 1998. A glorious Fourth. Indeed, there has not been such a glorious Eagle Harbor Fourth in my memory. Bright clear blue sky, a warming sun, a cooling breeze off the lake, no bugs, sunlight sparkling on the harbor surface. Scores, yea hundreds of revelers decked out in patriotic finery parading about the town and gathered in park and beach for games, picnic and the fellowship of extended Harbor family. Sleeping infants, delighted toddlers, energetic children, cool teenagers, beaming parents, proud grandparents, and dogs galore - all gathered together in a swirling and noisy collage of happy humanity. Frisbees fly across the ballpark, rolling pins swoop through the sky, sand scatters as small hands dig for prize, berry pies are inhaled, canoes churn and capsize, heavy rope tugs dueling muscle weary teams to and fro. Hundreds of hot dogs stuffed down with ice cold pop and beer. Late afternoon family gatherings gravitate from camps to beach for evening beachfires and dad managed fireworks. Plenty of sparklers, a few roman candles, lots of firecrackers, and an occasional loud rocket swoosh culminating in a meager burst of light. Low key, but magic for the scores of children gathered about the several beachfires that dot the beach. A three-quarter moon looks down contently from its perch high in the clear dark sky. The glow of beach fires slowly diminish, and then one by one disappear. Sleepy children are carried back to camp by tired adults. The town quiets down. Soon, only the slow wash of water across the cooling sand sooths the ear. A chill moves into camp. The sleeping will be good - and welcomed. A wonderful Eagle Harbor Fourth!

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