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2003 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

Sixth Annual Eagle Pumpkin Art Festival!

The Class of '03, like the Class of '02, was a spunky bunch, making up in tenacity what they lacked in numbers. The Eagle Harbor Store pumpkin patch was wet and cold, with a steady cold rain threatening to douse the flickering candle flames. Nonetheless, they were the usual awesome sight as they huddled together on the store steps.

About 14 pumpkins showed up for their annual night out on the town. The patch count is down, but we have lost many of our great pumpkin carvers to the lure of heading to warmer climes before Heikki Lunta arrives to whiten our landscape. It's also been wet and cold, not the kind of weather that stimulates the Halloween juices. One had to be a jack-o-lantern junkie to get the old carving tools out this year. Fortunately for the many who paused to contemplate the nightime wonder of the glowing patch as they drove by each evening, there are still a few such compulsive carvers around. Our thanks to them all!

Unfortunately there is no night picture this year. We once again forgot to ask the power company to douse the pesky street light on the nearby corner, so, as usual, its phosphorus lamp turned the beautifully glowing pumpkins into green monsters on film. That's too bad - jack-o-lanterns in daylight seem a bit embarassed to be so exposed, so, shall we say, empty headed. Like anyone would look after a big night out-on-the-town!

The plan for next year is to have a community pumpkin carving party a few evenings before the event, perhaps with a renown pumpkin carver as our special guest. H'mm, I wonder if Martha Stewart could get a pass to join us? Anyway, the idea would be to produce a few more pumpkins for our Halloween pumpkin patch from the few souls still around the Harbor in late October - and have a little fun.

So here's the Class of '03, minus three who didn't stick around for the last day class photo - and another really big pumpkin that stopped by later. Be considerate of their appearence - how would you look after you had been up all night huddled in a cold rain for three straight days?

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Thanks To Carvers
(left to right)(bottom row)Rodney & Amy Westlake, Annie Kipfer, George Hite, Rich & Kelly Probst (middle row) Rick Finke, Elaine Finke, Unkown (top row)Anne Boggio, Dail Willoughby, Paul & Bobbie Freshwater>

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