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Why Sidewalks In Eagle Harbor

February, 1997

Why does Eagle Harbor, of all places, have sidewalks?

This, from Ann Gasperich (AKA Little Annie Boorman - brown cottage, corner of Center & Second - Wakeman's now) is more fancy than fact, but what fun! Enjoy!

"Subject: Sidewalks in EH
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 97 11:06:51 -0800
From: Ann Gasperich

Sidewalks are in Eagle Harbor so when Big Sisters are tossing around Little Sisters, Little Sisters have a place to land....

cira 66 or 67 Sister and friend each had one arm of mine and were doing the helocopter thing with me, spinning around and such...that was going to easy so we moved on to the next adventure...Lets see if we can made her go around the other to bottom...It was neer the cedar bushes on the ease side of Lantz's place, where there was a dip in between two sidewalks of about 4 inches or so...I remember going up....then there was the SCREAM I"M GONNA TELL!!! as I ran to Mommy!!! blood everywhere...I don't recall if Barb tackled me before Mom found out or not? This fall under the catagory -- things I probably should have forgot!!

OK the cat is out of the bag on this one!

Thanks for the memories!!

Once again thanks and
Thank you Lord for all my memories
Ann G

And this from Jean Ellis.

" Subject: Where the sidewalk ends
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 13:59:37 -0400
From: (Jean Ellis) To:

Sidewalks are in Eagle Harbor because they provided a line where people could put up fences to keep the cows from wandering into their yards. Later on, the cows were replaced by Bambi and the rest of the deer but the deer didn't catch on to the sidewalks and could jump the fences. That's why the sidewalk that ran past Boggio's on the way to the lighthouse road is now in fragments and pretty well buried.

These responses are better than the question, but we still don't know the history of the sidewalks. When were they constructed, who did it, what inspired them to do it, who paid for them, etc. Can you help?

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