February 9, 2004


CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Supervisor Douglas Sherk, at the Eagle Harbor Township Hall in Eagle Harbor, called the regular meeting of the Eagle Harbor Township Board to order at 7:00 p.m. on February 9, 2004.  Supervisor Sherk led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Trustee Lantz, Treasurer Johnson, Supervisor Sherk, Trustee Ellis, and Clerk Olson                                                                                                                                                   



·          Under Correspondence: Mike Radigan Letter, add (Handout)

·          Under Old Business add “Solid Waste Signs”, “Recreation Signs”, “E.H Traffic Signs” add “Sign offer Packets”

·          Under New Business add “Handouts” to “Authorization to Close on Dunes/Marshes”; Add “Map Handout” under LLR2, Add “Hunter’s Point Letter –2 Handouts”

MM/S Olson/Johnson to approve the agenda with additions. 5 Ayes, 0 Nays - The Agenda was approved with additions.



Minutes Correction: Under Correspondence, Fire Truck Grant/Loan, Change “signed” to “is signing” at the end of the first sentence.

Bills Additions: General Fund – SBC - Telephone - $79.32;

                         Water Fund – Wasail’s Cat House – Snowmobile Repair -$100; Reid Rastello - Water Operator     

                         Mileage – $77.91; SBC – Telephone -$29.32

·          Approve minutes of December 8, 2003 regular meeting with correction

·          Accept Treasurer’s Report

·          Approve Payment of Bills – With Corrections and Additions

MM/S Johnson/Olson to approve Consent Agenda with corrections and additions

5 Ayes, 0 Nays – Consent Agenda approved.



1.       Correspondence

·          Land Updates – Dunes/Marshes - no comment

·          Gratiot Lake Rescue – no comment

·          More USDA Requirements – no comment

·          Results of Risk Assessment by Insurance Company –Follow up with Hannula Agency

·          Water Fund Update – no comment

·          Mike Radigan –re: Fire Truck Need – A letter written by Chief Radigan to answer the questions written by George Hite, was read by Supervisor Sherk

·          Mike Hohner Resignation – replacement to be considered under New Business

      2. Remarks

·          YSI Rehab Costs – County Commissioner Don Keith has informed the Supervisor that it would cost about $500,000 to make repairs to YSI water system, and other systems and to perform repairs on buildings. This will be discussed under New Business.


·          BEACH COMMITTEE – Fred Geis – Fire Pits – Request that proposal for fire pits be brought to the Board.   


·          CEMETERY COMMITTEE – No Report.

·          SEXTON COMMENTS –Mike Braman  - No Report


·          COMMUNITY BUILDING – Jeane Olson – No Report.


·          FIRST RESPONDERS – Bruce Olson – No Report


·          HAZARD MITIGATION COMMITTEE - Kris Callog – No Report


·          HEBARD PLAT COMMITTEE – Jeane Olson – No Report


·          ZONING ADVISORY COMMITTEE – Consider Under New Business


·          911 COMMITTEE – Ginny Schubert – No Report


·          PARK COMMITTEE – George Hite – No Report


·          RECREATION COMMITTEE – Barb Sickler – No Report


·          SOLID WASTE COMMITTEE – Doug Schubert  -Bay Electric will be here on Wednesday to Repair Compactor


·          VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT – Mike Radigan – No Report 


·          WATER COMMITTEE – John Wakeman  - No Report

·          WATER SYSTEM OPERATOR – Reid Rastello –Everything is running A-OK.  Supervisor Sherk reported that the frost depth is at 57 inches. Let run policy is in effect. Please read your meter before and after the let run period. 

·          WELLHEAD PROTECTION –– No Report



·          Sewage Land Purchase –Tabled until Purchase Agreement is received.

·          Fire Truck Financing – Tabled until June

·          Solid Waste Signs – Six bids packets for sign projects were sent out. Two were returned for Solid Waste Signs. After much discussion MM/S Johnson/Sherk to get all new signs. Motion carried unanimously.

MM/S Lantz/Ellis to accept the bid from Colleen Grove for making the signs. Motion carried unanimously. Changes in wording, coloring and location of signs will be considered at the March meeting.

·          Recreation Area Signs – Mark McEvers was the only bid on the Recreation sign. MM/S Johnson/Lantz to accept his bid. Motion carried unanimously.

·          Traffic Signs –Tabled until report is received from the County.



·         Amend Land Acquisition Budget- Changes in the amount of Grant money we will receive and the resulting additional match funds require us to amend the Land Acquisition Budget. MM/S Lantz/Johnson to Amend the Land Acquisition Budget as follows:

Acct 371700 Land Acquisition Income-$1270, Private Donation $61,700, Acct 371800 Grant Received $247,200, for a total Income of $310,170. Expenses Acct 804400 Land Acquisition Expense-  $309,000

 Motion passed Unanimously.

·         Liability Insurance Rate MM/S Olson/Lantz to keep liability Insurance at present Level of $5 million coverage even though rates will go up 31%. Motion carried Unanimously.

·         Resolution to Establish General Maintenance Salary – MM/S Sherk/Johnson to establish a salary for general Maintenance of $200 per month. Motion carried unanimously with a roll call vote.

·         Review Budget – Budget for Fiscal year April1, 2004-March 31, 2005 is ready for review and will be available at the Township Office.

·         Salary Review – Information was not received from MTA. MM/S Sherk/Johnson to Table until information is received.

·         MDOT Annual Permit – MM/S Sherk/Olson to Apply for Annual Permit from M-DOT. Motion carried unanimously.

·         Beach Committee Request – Beach Committee requested permission to place a slide in the water, questioned the decision to not allow the raft in the water and mentioned that fire pits would probably be made by Fritz Kesanen. The Board asked that the committee be notified that before they install fire pits they have to bring this project to the Board for approval. Comparison between Raft and Skateboard parks was made. Insurer informs us that Skateboard parks are regulated and rafts are not. Supervisor Sherk had graphs showing that the level of Lake Superior was down about 12 inches. Insurer recommended no raft in the water but the slide would be okay if it was in the water. The slide that would be used is the slide that was removed from the playground when a new safer slide was installed. Discussion from the Board members resulted in the opinion that if the slide was unsafe for the playground it was not safe for the Beach. MM/S Olson/Lantz That no slide be put in the Water. Motion carried unanimously. MM/S Johnson/Ellis That the raft would not be put in the water. Motion carried unanimously. 

·          YSI Repair Costs – YSI Lease continues until June 6, 2004. County Commissioner Don Keith has asked the Township for an opinion on how much money should be spent on rehabilitation of the Water System, Sewage System and building repairs at YSI. After discussion the Board decided that we do not have enough information at this time and the Board is not in favor of spending tax dollars unless there is a new lessee or buyer to help pay this off.

·         Wyckoff Tasks 1&2 Report –MM/S Lantz/Johnson to accept and forward the zoning Advisory Committee Recommendations and George Hite’s attachments to Mr. Wyckoff. Motion carried unanimously. MM/S Sherk/Johnson to include as additional attachments the Township Board letters to zoning committee of March 12, 2002 and April 11, 2002 and also the camping ordinance draft if action was taken on it by the board. Motion carried unanimously.  

·         Snow Removal Contract – MM/S Johnson/Olson to hire Reid Rastello to remove snow from Township hall parking lots and entryways, Maintenance Building driveway, Township mailbox and Solid waste site when needed for $200 per Month for February and March and $50 weekly for any week that snow removal is done in April and May. Motion carried unanimously with a roll call vote.

·         Appointment of New Emergency Management Liaison Officer- MM/S Sherk/Ellis to appoint Dail Willoughby as the Emergency Management Liaison Officer. Motion carried unanimously.

·         Acceptance of Grant Funds- MM/S Sherk/Olson to accept the MCMP Grant Funds of $202,349.20 into the Land Acquisition Fund for the purpose of purchase of the Dunes/Marshes 360 acres. Motion carried unanimously with a roll call vote.

·         Authorization to Close on Dunes/Marshes Purchase MM/S Olson/Johnson to authorize Supervisor Sherk to close on the purchase of the Dunes Marshes and expend the agreed upon funds of $262,776.01 for land acquisition, surface rights acquisition and closing costs. Motion carried unanimously with a roll call vote.

·         LLR2 2004 –

1.       Resolution to apply for a UP Coastal Wetlands NAWCA Grant to acquire 349.6 acres in Section 12 T58N-R31W to be known as Long Lake Refuge 2 (LLR2) offered by Doug Sherk, seconded by Dick Lantz. Roll Call Vote – 5 Ayes, 0 Nays. Resolution passed.

2.       Resolution to submit U.P. Coastal Wetland NAWCA Grant Agreement for LLR2 offered by Ann Johnson, seconded by Jeane Olson. Roll Call Vote – 5 Ayes, 0 Nays Resolution passed.

3.       Resolution to accept Donor Funds as matching funds for NAWCA Grant for LLR2 offered by Dick Lantz, seconded by Tom Ellis. Roll call vote- 5 ayes, 0 nays. Resolution passed.

4.       Resolution to commit Land Acquisition Funds for appraisal /survey costs for LLR2 offered by Jeane Olson, seconded by Dick Lantz. Roll call vote- 5 ayes, 0 nays. Resolution passed.

·         Hunter’s Point Letter – MM/S Sherk/Johnson to send another letter to Grant Township in support of the acquisition of Hunter’s Point. Motion carried unanimously.






·          MM/S Olson/Johnson to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:08 p.m.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township   









I, the undersigned, Jeane Olson, the duly qualified and elected Clerk for the Township of Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of certain proceedings taken by the Township Board of said Township at a regular board meeting held on the 9th day of February, 2004.




Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township