MARCH 17, 1997

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 7:01 PM by Supervisor, Jim Boggio

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Donald Keith, Peter Van


MEMBERS ABSENT: Gerald Johnson

MINUTES: February 10, 1997 reviewed: motion to accept, Keith, supported by Van Pelt,

vote unanimous

APPROVAL AS AMENDED OF MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF 2-14-97 'BUDGET MEETING': Reviewed (see Adoption of 97-98 Budget under New Business)

TREASURER'S REPORT: Reviewed; motion to accept, Van Pelt, supported by Keith,

vote unanimous

APPROVAL OF BILLS: Reviewed March expenditures, motion to accept, Van Pelt, supported

by Keith, vote unanimous.



Volunteer Fire Department - Mike Radigan

locations around town to draw water out of lakes, rivers or streams in the event of a fire

or bond to purchase

in, to be used as a source acquiring surplus material from the government. A resolution

was adopted to use this method, motioned by Clarkson, supported by Boggio, vote

unanimous. Don Keith was named as the donee on the application.

VFD Auxiliary - Anna Royce (Absent)

Water & Well-head Committee - John Wakeman (Absent)

Cemetery Committee - John Pippenger (Absent)

Solid Waste Committee - Bruce Olson (Nothing to report)

Beach Committee - Fred Kellow (Absent)

Recreation Committee - Barb Sickler (Absent)

Page two - EHT Board Meeting Minutes March 17, 1997



$1,000.00 to cover the renovation. Plans and a cost estimate will be put together by John

Clarkson, job to take place sometime in May or June

to utilize a section of the Waste Facility building to set up the cable system.

The board has agreed to allow him to set up the operation there as it benefits the majority

of the township's residents. He will cover the material & labor and monthly utility expenses

that occur. He will need to cut in an access door off the back of the building and install an

air conditioning unit.

for this donation.

has in regards to the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.


Clerk, and Treasurer was made by Van Pelt, supported by Keith, vote unanimous.

Salaries for the trustees to remain the same.

agents to hand out township information when requested. Agents of record are: Robert

Taylor re: property information, Gerald Johnson re: treasury records., John Clarkson re:

clerk's records.

items that were covered. Township to conform to recommendations of the Michigan Town-

ship Association regarding record keeping, maintenance of files, and procedures.


Clarkson is putting together a cost estimate to improve the present condition.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion at 8:20 pm by Van Pelt, supported by Keith, vote unanimous

John M. Clarkson, Township Clerk Jim Boggio, Supervisor