April 12, 2004


CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Supervisor Douglas Sherk, at the Eagle Harbor Township Hall in Eagle Harbor, called the regular meeting of the Eagle Harbor Township Board to order at 7:00 p.m. on April 12, 2004.  Supervisor Sherk led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Trustee Lantz, Treasurer Johnson, Supervisor Sherk, Trustee Ellis, and Clerk Olson                                                                                                                                                   



MM/S Olson/Sherk to approve the agenda with the following additions and modifications.

·          Run water policy added under Supervisor Remarks.

·          Dunes Mashes Draft Plan moved from New Business to Old Business under Conservation Easement.

·          Assessor Contract added Under Old Business.

·          TV System Digital Upgrade and Separate TV Building in New Business moved to top of New Business.

The Agenda was approved 5 Ayes, 0 Nays.



·          Approved minutes of March 8, 2004 Public Budget Hearing

·          Approve minutes of March 8, 2004 regular meeting

·          Accept Treasurer’s Report

·          Approve Payment of Bills

MM/S Lantz/Johnson to approve Consent Agenda 5 Ayes, 0 Nays – Consent Agenda approved.



1.       Correspondence

·          Eagle Harbor Township Mountain Lodge Reply – Summarized with note of meeting on April 14, 2004 at 6pm regarding Mountain Lodge winterization.

·          MDOT M-26 Plans – Bridge closing and rerouting highlighted.

·          DEQ Dunes Permit – No Comment

·          Tax Land Dispute – Letter with Assessor.

2.       Remarks

·          Land Update LSL – Supervisor Sherk summarized handout.

·          Land Update Dunes-Marshes – Supervisor Sherk summarized handout noting the Board previously approved the $3000 baseline cost.

·          Wyckoff Zoning Meeting - Supervisor Sherk summarized meeting of March 29, 2004 where he committed the Township to a $600 share of the cost for a September Township zoning meeting subject to Board approval later.

·          Public Hearing Notice - Supervisor Sherk summarized handout.

·          Notice of Filing Petitions-Notice read aloud by Clerk Olson

·          Burn Permits – Notice of permit to be posted on township bulletin board.

·          Botany Workshop – No Comment

·          March County Board Minutes – No Comment

·          Run Water Policy – Policy cancelled by request of Don Keith Township Water Operator



·          Beach Committee – Fred Geis – No Report.

·          Cemetery Committee – Ginny Schubert – No Report.

            Sexton Comments – Mike Braman – No Report.

·          Community Building – Jeane Olson – No Report.

·          First Responders – Bruce Olson – No Report.

·          Hazard Mitigation Committee – Kris Callog – No Report.

·          Hebard Plat Committee – Jeane Olson – No Report.

·          911 Committee – Doug Schubert – No Report.

·          Park Committee – George Hite – No Report.

·          Recreation Committee – Barb Sickler – No Report.

·          Solid Waste Committee – Doug Schubert – No Report.

·          Volunteer Fire Department – Mike Radigan – No Report.

·          Water Committee – John Wakeman – No Report.

                 Water Systems Operator – Reid Rastello – No Report.

·          Wellhead Protection Committee – Reid Rastello – No Report.

·          Zoning Advisory Committee – George Hite – No Report.



·          Sewage Land Purchase – Tabled until purchase agreement is received.

·          Fire Truck Financing – Tabled until June.

·          Traffic Signs – Tabled until report is received from County.

·          Private Road Ordinance – Tabled/waiting for advice from attorney.

·          Conservation Easement/Dunes Marshes Draft Plan – Tabled, draft land document summarized.

·          Insurance Risk Control – Tabled awaiting further information.

·          Water Electrical Ground Ordinance – Tabled while letter to attorney is rewritten with information gathered by Don Keith from Electrical Inspector.

·          Solid Waste Signs – MM/S by Trustee Lantz/Ellis to accept wording and location of signs as indicated in the final draft with the addition of one(1) arrow sign at a cost of $60. Roll call vote passed 5-0.

·          Recreational Sign – Tabled awaiting truer color representation from vendor.

·          Assessor Contract – Tabled, no update.



·          TV system Digital upgrade – Deputy Supervisor Boggio addressed board.  MM/S Johnson/Sherk passed 5-0 to allow a new satellite dish to be attached to the Solid Waste Building for stabilization.

·          Separate TV Building – MM/S by Johnson/Lantz to explore the request of the cable system owner to construct a new building not to Exceed 32’ x 40’ to house cable system equipment.  It was noted that the intent of the owner was to turn over ownership to the Township within a 25-year period.  Deputy Supervisor Boggio was assigned the lead on this item.

·          Proposal to Renew Township Operating Millage – Resolution offered by Clerk Olson and supported by Trustee Ellis to place Millage Proposal on August Primary Ballot passed unanimously with a roll call vote.

·          Fire Truck Loan Resolution – Resolution to extend Fire Truck Loan and Grant application for a Federal commitment offered by Treasure Johnson and supported by Trustee Lantz passed unanimously with a roll call vote.

·          Revise Community Building Rental Agreement – Read by Clerk Olson and MM/S by Trustees Lantz/Ellis to add an Indemnification clause passed 5-0.

·          Zoning Grant Support Resolution – MM/S Lantz/Johnson to support costal zoning ordinance for Keweenaw County. Roll call vote was unanimous in favor of resolution.  Supervisor Sherk requested that a note of unanimous board support is noted on the resolution.

·          Request for Water Hookup – Supervisor Sherk read aloud request with MM/S by Ellis/Olson to accept the request.  Roll call vote passed unanimously.

·          Wildfire/ Homes – MM/S by Sherk/Ellis to obtain copies for the Township passed 5-0

·          Optical Scan Voting System Grant resolution – MM/S Olson/Sherk to authorize Clerk Olson to apply for grant passed 5-0 on a roll call vote.







·          MM/S Olson/Lantz to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township   




I, the undersigned, Jeane Olson, the duly qualified and elected Clerk for the Township of Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of certain proceedings taken by the Township Board of said Township at a regular board meeting held on the 12th day of April, 2004.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township