May 10, 2004


CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Supervisor Douglas Sherk, at the Eagle Harbor Township Hall in Eagle Harbor, called the regular meeting of the Eagle Harbor Township Board to order at 7:00 p.m. on May 10, 2004.  Supervisor Sherk led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Trustee Lantz, Treasurer Johnson, Supervisor Sherk, Trustee Ellis, and Clerk Olson                                                                                                                                                   



MM/S Olson/Sherk to approve the agenda with the following Modifications and additions.

·          Provisional Dry Hydrant under new business.

·          Additional Solid Waste Sign under new business.

·          Richard Probst’s Request for Water Hookup will be moved to the first item of business.

·          The Water System Operator’s Report will be heard as soon as he is available.

The Agenda was approved 5 Ayes, 0 Nays.



·          Approve minutes of April 12, 2004 regular meeting with one change under Supervisor’s Remarks second bullet item to read as “Land Update Dunes-Marshes – Supervisor Sherk summarized handout noting the Board previously approved the $3000 baseline cost for the conservation easement with the Keweenaw Land Trust”.

·          Accept Treasurer’s Report

·          Approve Payment of Bills

MM/S Lantz/Johnson to approve Consent Agenda 5 Ayes, 0 Nays – Consent Agenda approved.



1.       Correspondence

·          Solid Waste Sign Letter - Supervisor Sherk summarized

·          Letter to Eric Firstenberg - Supervisor Sherk summarized

·          DEQ Permit – Great Sand Bay - Supervisor Sherk summarized

·          Keweenaw County Board Minutes – No Comment

2.       Remarks

·          Dunes Marshes Article - Supervisor Sherk summarized handout

·          LLR2 Land Update - Supervisor Sherk summarized handout

·          Copper Country Mental Health – Regular meeting on June 30

·          Zoning Public Hearing - Supervisor Sherk summarized handout

·          Coast Guard Boat Open House – Cutter may be available for open house



·          Beach Committee – Inactive – Supervisor Sherk reported that Stone and Sand is shifting and that ideas need to be considered to stabilize the beach.  Federal and State Agencies may be of help for funding or joint projects.

·          Cemetery Committee – Ginny Schubert – No Report.

            Sexton Comments – Mike Braman – No Report.

·          Community Building – Jeane Olson – Reported that the floors have been refinished, the water has been turned on, and the window screens installed.  The Botany workshop is scheduled for May 29th and 30th.  Additionally, there is refuse behind the building that needs to be disposed of on Junk Jettison day.

·          First Responders – Bruce Olson – No Report.

·          Hazard Mitigation Committee – Kris Callog – No Report.

·          Hebard Plat Committee – Jeane Olson – No Report.

·          911 Committee – Doug Schubert – Reported that the address discrepancies are still being worked on with the delay being caused by the Green Bay Regional Post office.

·          Park Committee – George Hite – No Report.

·          Recreation Committee – Barb Sickler – No Report.

·          Solid Waste Committee – Doug Schubert – Requested that July 25, 2004 be scheduled as Junk Jettison Day.  The MM/S Lantz/Johnson passed unanimously

·          Volunteer Fire Department – Mike Radigan – No Report.

·          Water Committee – John Wakeman – No Report.

                 Water Systems Operator – Reid Rastello – Reported that the Hill Distribution system was turned on and that an increase usage of 1600 GPD was recorded with no water users active.  He suspects several leaks being the cause and has asked anyone sighting a leak to report it promptly.

·          Wellhead Protection Committee – Reid Rastello – No Report.

·          Zoning Advisory Committee – George Hite – No Report.



·          Sewage Land Purchase – Supervisor Sherk read resolution to negotiate purchase of land.  Trustee Ellis inquired if adjacent landowners have been officially informed to which the response was that it is not necessary at this time.  The MM/S by Johnson/Lantz and passed with a 5-0 Roll Call Vote.  The Second Resolution to negotiate purchase of Surface-Mineral Rights was read by Supervisor Sherk.  The MM/S by Johnson/Olson passed unanimously with a Roll Call Vote.

·          Separate TV Building Permit – MM/S by Ellis/Johnson to authorize the Supervisor to apply for a Special Use permit needed for a new cable TV services building about 35’ wide by 45’ long to be built on the Solid waste Facility site, with a fee limit of $75.00 to be paid by the cable company, designating the cable company as the future builder, which the company will be responsible for the building permit as well as any necessary height and lot line variance cost as well as the development and building costs associated with the construction of the facility.  The motion passed on a 5-0 Toll Call Vote.   Second motion  - MM/S Sherk/Johnson to accept payment of $5000 from the cable TV company conditional on zoning approval and company acceptance of our Terms & Conditions, and to approve expenditure of that $5000 for site preparation (filling and leveling) as needed for a new cable TV services building, with the additional costs for any required site survey certification or resurvey being the responsibility of the cable TV company.  Motion passed 5-0 with a Roll Call Vote.

·          Recreational Signs – MM/S Sherk/Olson to remove from Agenda as appropriate color was found.

·          Fire Truck Financing – Tabled until June.

·          Traffic Signs – Tabled until report is received from County.

·          Private Road Ordinance – Tabled/waiting for advice from attorney.

·          Conservation Easement  – Tabled until wording of document is presented.

·          Insurance Risk Control – Tabled awaiting further information.

·          Water Electrical Ground Ordinance – Tabled.

·          Assessor Contract – Tabled, no update.



·          Purchase Chairs for Twp Hall – MM/S by Sherk/Ellis to authorize purchase of new chairs for $1300 plus Shipping passed with a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

·          Purchase Benches for Beach – MM/S Johnson/Ellis to purchase three(3) benches for $1000 plus Shipping passed with a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

·          Richard Probst - Request for Water Hookup MM/S Ellis/Lantz passed 5-0

·          Solid Waste Additional Sign – MM/S Olson/Ellis to purchase additional noticeable sign for “Compactor Full” situations not to exceed $100.  Motioned passed 5-0 with a Roll Call Vote.  Supervisor Sherk requested copy of wording from the Solid Waste Operator Mike Braman.

·          Provisional Dry Hydrant - MM/S Johnson/Olson for Supervisor Sherk to negotiate with the VFD and County to install Dry Hydrant, not to exceed $2000, on 4th Street between Pine Street and Cedar Street at Eliza Creek if appropriate.  Motion passed 5-0 with a Roll Call Vote.





·          Dennis Royce memorialized the recent passing of Jack Pellat who was the NOAA Weather Coordinator and well known in the community.  Supervisor Sherk expressed the regrets of the community and requested that it be noted in the official record.

·          Memorial Day Services – Trustee Lantz volunteered to coordinate the event with the help of Clerk Olson to supply refreshments and Mike Braman to help post Colors.



·          MM/S Lantz/Ellis to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township   




I, the undersigned, Jeane Olson, the duly qualified and elected Clerk for the Township of Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of certain proceedings taken by the Township Board of said Township at a regular board meeting held on the 10th day of May, 2004.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township