JUNE 9, 1997

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 7:00 PM by Supervisor, Jim Boggio


MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Donald Keith, Peter Van

Pelt, Gerald Johnson


MINUTES: May 12, 1997 reviewed. Two corrections to be made; 1) remove the word

'public' under New Business topic on Variance 2) add action taken regarding

the liquor fund. Motion to accept, Van Pelt, supported by Keith,

vote unanimous

TREASURER'S REPORT: Reviewed and accepted

APPROVAL OF BILLS: Reviewed June expenditures; motion to accept, Keith, supported

by Van Pelt, vote unanimous



Volunteer Fire Department - Mike Radigan

no problem with pursuing this issue.

Clarkson. Clarkson gave a presentation to explain the methods the board could use to raise


A) Special election; listing the project, mills needed, period of time based on the

taxable value would raise 14,000/mill

B) Special Assessment District; using State Equalized Value would raise 19,000/mill

by way of a Special Advisory Election of the township registered voters.

discussed and considered.

method to be considered.

'no' interest in purchasing a fire vehicle before pursuing the expense of an election, gather

the feedback and then the board could take further action based on the interest

of the community.

Van Pelt, supported by Johnson, vote unanimous.

Page 2 Eagle Harbor Twp. Meeting Minutes June 9, 1997

Hite. Clarkson volunteered to serve on the committee also. Boggio requested that a letter

be written by the VFD on EH letterhead explaining the need for this equipment and a

survey/questionnaire asking for the property owners opinion on this matter.

VFD Auxiliary - Anna Royce (Absent)

Water & Well-head Committee - John Wakeman

present to the board for action.

commended John Wakeman and his committee for the amount of work that has been

done on this project. Motion to accept new rates (see proposal on file), by Keith, supported

by Van Pelt, vote unanimous

Cemetery Committee - John Pippenger (Absent)

'Receipt of Burial Rights' (See form on file). Holders should expect this in the mail within

a week or so.

Solid Waste Committee - Bruce Olson

the prisoners.

that he and Gary Everest, landfill manager, decide what is needed and go ahead and put

something up.

Beach Committee - Fred Kellow (Absent)

Recreation Committee - Barb Sickler

Van Pelt, supported by Johnson, vote unanimous

activities to follow. The 'Popeye' Run will be July 5th. Meet at 8:30 am at the ball yard.

Volunteers are needed. Please call Barb Sickler, Nancy Wakeman, or Mary Beyers to help


donate the sand and Boggio will ask Kesanen to excavate it.

Boggio agreed to the purchase of the equipment with the funds to come from his township

expense account. Est. cost $450.00.

Page 3 Eagle Harbor Twp Meeting Minutes June 9, 1997



regulations are enforced as well as local regulations on property/land division. Townships

are required to approve/disapprove property owners requests for land development. A

roll-call approval was made; Boggio, yes, Clarkson, yes, Johnson, yes, Keith, yes, Van Pelt,

yes. (See Enrolled Senate Bill #112 Act #591, Public Acts of 1996 on file)

interested parties, the township will not take action on this issue.

Van Pelt.

resident, Laura Anderson, to send registered letter to the estate's attorney in Florida, that

the township will hold him liable if anyone becomes injured while on this property, because

of the condition it's in. Perhaps we will hear from him on this matter, since he has avoided

all other correspondence.

letter to be sent to the road commission stating that the township has no objection to action

needed to take action on this issue.

only and be removed from said property at the request of the Harbor. Motion to allow the

the firetruck to be placed on display was made by Johnson, supported by Clarkson, vote



ADJOURNMENT: Motion Johnson, supported by Keith, vote unanimous 9:20 pm

John M. Clarkson, Clerk James Boggio, Supervisor