June 14, 2004


CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  Supervisor Douglas Sherk, at the Eagle Harbor Township Hall in Eagle Harbor, called the regular meeting of the Eagle Harbor Township Board to order at 7:00 p.m. on June 14, 2004.  Supervisor Sherk led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Trustee Lantz, Treasurer Johnson, Supervisor Sherk, Trustee Ellis, and Clerk Olson.



MM/S Johnson/Olson to approve the agenda with the following additions.

·          Memorial Day Service under Supervisor’s Remarks.

·          Solid Waste Meeting under Supervisor’s Remarks.

·          Keweenaw Point News under Supervisor’s Remarks.

·          New Flags under Supervisor’s Remarks.

·          George Hite Marina Letter under New Business.

·          Extra Principal Fire Truck Payment under New Business.

The Agenda was approved 5 Ayes, 0 Nays.



·          Approve minutes of May 10, 2004 regular meeting.

·          Accept Treasurer’s Report

·          Approve Payment of Bills with one addition of $38 for the purchase of fuel for Reid Rastello, Water Fund 52200.

MM/S Johnson/Olson to approve Consent Agenda 5 Ayes, 0 Nays – Consent Agenda approved.



1.       Correspondence

·          Water User Letter - Supervisor Sherk read a letter from Tom Hayes regarding water rates.  He then commented on how fixed costs are a large part of the cost to deliver the first gallon of water to users.  Water quality is monitored and tested monthly and meets State standards.  The test results are posted at the Township Hall.

·          Keweenaw County Board Minutes for May – No Comment

·          Hunter’s Point Benefit – June 26, 2004 at the Mariner North from 5:00pm-9:00pm.

·          Beach Water testing - Supervisor Sherk summarized regarding the continued water testing at the beach.

·          Ketola Road Commission - Supervisor Sherk summarized.

·          Gratiot Lake Conservancy Donation - $100 donation accepted for the use of the Township Community Center to be put towards the Township’s Land Acquisition Fund.

·          George Hite Marina Letter – To be addressed under New Business.

2.       Remarks

·          Correction Mental Health Board Meeting Date – June 30th in the Community Center.

·          Don Keith Water Certification – Re-certification Posted in the Town Hall.

·          Copper Harbor Wellhead Participation Agreement – Supervisor Sherk summarized Agreement.

·          Land Updates

1.       Dunes Marshes - No change, protective conservation easement ongoing.

2.       Long Lake Refuge2(LLR2) – Under New Business

3.       Sewage Land – Under New Business

4.       DNR Trust Land (Eliza Lake Area) Signage – Being made

5.       Eliza Lake – 6/10/2004 letter to DNR re fisheries - Supervisor Sherk summarized.

·          Eagle Harbor South Update – Letter regarding deed modifications per the Water Service Agreement was summarized and Supervisor Sherk commented that sales of lots are now proceeding.

·          Kesanen Gravel Sign – No public or Board objections raised to proposed Sign on Private Road entry.

·          Purchase and Receipt of Benches and Chairs authorized at May meeting – Equipment installed with two of the older benches staying in service.

·          Receipt of Accu-Vote Machine purchased with State grant funds – Clerk Olson reported that the equipment has arrived and will be used starting the next election.

·          Special Use Hearing for New TV Building – June 29, 2004 Supervisor Sherk to attend.

·          Solid Waste Meeting prior to July Board Meeting, same day; notice will be posted.

·          Keweenaw Point – Don Keith Reported attending the DNR sponsored tour of State owned land.

·          New Flags – Supervisor Sherk stated that research into replacing worn US and State flags is in progress.



·          Beach Committee – Inactive – Supervisor Sherk reported that he will be meeting with the Keweenaw County Road Engineer regarding beach erosion.

·          Cemetery Committee – Ginny Schubert – No Report.

Sexton Comments – Mike Braman – No Report.

·          Community Building – Jeane Olson - Reported that reservations are increasing.

·          First Responders – Bruce Olson – Reported increase in calls to four in ten days.

·          Hazard Mitigation Committee – Kris Callog – No Report.

·          Hebard Plat Committee – Jeane Olson – No Report.

·          911 Committee – Doug Schubert – Confirmed that Eagle Harbor may be used for our mailing address city within the 49950 zip code.

·          Park Committee – George Hite – No Report.

·          Recreation Committee – Barb Sickler – Reported preparations for July 4th parade and other activities.  The parade will start at 9:45AM with registration at 9:15AM.

·          Solid Waste Committee – Doug Schubert – July 25, 2004 9AM-5PM is scheduled as Junk Jettison Day.  Appliances will be taken but there will be a charge of $20 for refrigerators and $5 for others.

·          Volunteer Fire Department – Mike Radigan – No Report.

·          Water Committee – John Wakeman – Seeking Grant of $2.1 Million for system repairs.

Water Systems Operator – Reid Rastello – Reported that all is well.  A leak on M-26 was repaired.

·          Wellhead Protection Committee – Reid Rastello – No Report.

·          Zoning Advisory Committee – George Hite – No Report.



·          Fire Truck Financing – MM/S Sherk/Lantz to hold a Special Fire Truck Public Comment Period of up to 45 minutes during the July Board Meeting, limit 3 minutes each speaker time, passed 5-0.

·          Traffic Signs – Tabled until report is received from County, no update.

·          Private Road Ordinance – Tabled/waiting for advice from attorney, no update.

·          Conservation Easement  – Tabled until wording of document is presented, no update.

·          Insurance Risk Control – Tabled awaiting further information, no update.

·          Water Electrical Ground Ordinance – Tabled, no update.

·          Assessor Contract – Tabled, no update.



·          Delinquent Water Bills – Treasurer Johnson reported that 3 delinquent water accounts were shutoff and would be receiving a certified letter requesting payment in full and a $50 fee for water turn-on.  One of those accounts will be added to the Winter Tax Role.  There were no objections from the Board.

·          Marina Services Support Resolution - – Supervisor Sherk read George Hite’s Marina Letter and supported the effort to restore the services at the Marina that the DNR recently discontinued.  Trustee Ellis also commented that all resources possible should be contacted and brought to bear on the issue.  His list cited Michigan Congressman, Senators, the Governor, Keweenaw County Board of Commissioners, Coast Guard, and Waterway Commission.  A Resolution to ask the State to immediately restore marina fuel and essential service was presented.  A MM/S Trustee Lantz/Ellis to accept the Resolution was passed by a 5-0 Roll Call Vote.

·          LLR2 New Grant

1.       National Coastal Wetlands Conservation(NCWC) Long Lake Refuge 2(LLR2) Resolution for application of funding passed 5-0 on a Roll Call Vote with MM/S by Johnson/Lantz.

2.       Commitment of Match Funds – MM/S by Sherk/Olson to use $7550 donations pledged for the match for grant funds from NCWC for the purchase of LLR2 passed unanimously.

3.       Grant Commitment Letter – Supervisor Sherk presented an example with no Board objections.

·          Purchase of Portable Speaker Unit – MM/S by Sherk/Johnson to purchase equipment for $219 plus shipping passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

·          Request for Water Hookup – MM/S by Johnson/Ellis that Charles Hartmann water hookup at 220 3rd Street, a new construction, be approved pending availability and any additional costs passed 5-0.

·          Water Service – Water Supply Evaluation letter from Doug Pascoe of the DEQ was summarized by Supervisor Sherk.  The following motions were then made.

1.       MM/S by Lantz/Olson for a resolution to apply for water system funding under WRDA 92 Funds (US Army Corp.) passed 5-0 on a Roll Call Vote.

2.       MM/S by Sherk/Johnson to seek sealed bids for completion of Water Master Plan System on 5th Street between Center Street and North Street (M-26), and set payment for Probst portion of construction, up to and including new curbside shutoff, at $3500 passed 5-0 on a Roll Call Vote.

3.       MM/S by Sherk/Olson to seek sealed bids for replacement of the end of M-26 east water line beyond the present 3” service passed on a roll call vote 5-0.

4.       MM/S by Sherk/Lantz regarding power backup at the well house for electrical controls was withdrawn after discussion, and the matter unanimously tabled for further study.

5.       MM/S by Sherk/Johnson to have the Supervisor pursue an Ordinance to prevent installation of private sewage disposal systems/fields in road right of ways passed 5-0.

·          Beach Work Cost – Motion made by Supervisor Sherk for up to $500 for general beach repair was not seconded and therefore failed.

·          Sewage Land Closing:

1.       MM/S by Sherk/Olson to accept Lake Superior Land Company offer to Sell 161.5 acres for $152,000 passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

2.       MM/S by Sherk/Johnson to accept Lake Superior Land Company offer to Sell the Surface Rights for $8075 passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

3.       MM/S by Sherk/Lantz to pay Attorney Christopher Iamarino fee of $550 passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

4.       MM/S by Sherk/Johnson to pay remainder of CFR Fees if any to a maximum of $8000 passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

5.       MM/S by Sherk/Lantz to pay closing fees and any additional costs not to exceed $2500 passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

6.       MM/S by Sherk/Olson to authorize the Supervisor to proceed with closure of land purchase passed on a Roll Call Vote 5-0.

7.       MM/S by Sherk/Johnson to accept the resolution to purchase the land passed on a roll call vote of 5-0.

·          MM/S by Olson/Sherk for a Fire Truck Principal Payment of $6500 passed on a Roll Call Vote of 5-0.





Policy/Rule for public comment: 3 minutes per person – up to 20 minutes total during meeting and 3 minutes per person – up to 20 minutes total under public comment section of agenda.

This policy will be stated on all agendas



·          MM/S Johnson/Ellis to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township




I, the undersigned, Jeane Olson, the duly qualified and elected Clerk for the Township of Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of certain proceedings taken by the Township Board of said Township at a regular board meeting held on the 14th day of June, 2004.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township