Eagle Harbor Township Board

Keweenaw County, Michigan

Minutes of Solid Waste Public Hearing

Date: Monday July 14, 2003

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: Eagle Harbor Community Building, Eagle Harbor, MI

Purpose: To set Solid Waste Assessments and accept the roll for garbage collection service for the calendar year 2004.

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Doug Sherk

Board Members present: Doug Sherk, Jeane Olson, Tom Ellis and Ann Johnson

Board Members absent: Dick Lantz

Supervisor Sherk stated that an assessment roll had been prepared for the purpose of assessing a portion to the costs of such service within the township wide Special Assessment Districts more particularly shown on the plans on file with the Township Clerk at the Township Hall, Eagle Harbor, Michigan, Which total assessment is $26750.

Notice of this hearing was given in the Daily Mining Gazette, a newspaper of general circulation within the Township and by first class mail notice to those owners of property not previously assessed for such service or whose occupancy for a calendar year materially differs from the previous years occupancy affecting a different benefit assessment.

No written objections to the assessment roll were received.

Oral objections to the assessment roll were voiced at the hearing by Donna Jaaskalainen for William Kobe, Kathy Muljo for self, Janet & Bud Avery for Louise Ucman.

Public Comment:

Donna Jaaskalainen Stated that in her opinion this was a user law and asked that Bill Kobe be removed from the list for non use.

Kathy Muljo Does not use the service and asked to be removed

Janet & Bud Avery stated that neighbor Louise Ucman was only at her residence in the township for a couple of weeks per year and should not pay the full fee.

Bud Avery questioned whether this was a tax or an assessment.

Janet Avery asked if there was a different fee for part time and full time residents.

David Burnham asked if all full time residents pay the same amount.

Kathy Muljo asked what is part time and what was full time.

All questions were answered by members of the Township Board.

Adjournment: MM/S Johnson/Ellis to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 6:45p.m.



Jeane Olson

Eagle Harbor Township Clerk





I, the undersigned, Jeane Olson, the duly qualified and elected clerk for the Township of Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of certain proceedings taken by the Township Board of said Township at a special board meeting held on the 14th day of July, 2003.



Jeane Olson

Eagle Harbor Township Clerk