AUGUST 10, 1998


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 7:00 PM by Supervisor, Jim Boggio 


MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Gerald Johnson, Donald Keith, Nancy Sherk 


MINUTES: MM/S Keith/Johnson to approve the July minutes - Vote 5-0 

SPECIAL HEARING MINUTES: MM/S Johnson/Clarkson to approve the July 16, 1998 ‘Special

Hearing’ minutes 

TREASURER’S REPORT: Report Accepted. 

APPROVAL OF BILLS: MM/S Sherk/Johnson to approve - Vote 5-0


- Reviewed the items talked about at the open meeting on July 16, 1998 at 8:30pm regarding Village

Water Users.

- Discussed a letter addressed to the board from Agate Land Pool requesting a dry hydrant. Bob

Masnado will address this issue with the VFD.

- An explanation of the mis-surveyed property near Hebard Park was presented to the board.

Boggio has talked to the attorneys. A letter was sent to the (45) property owners involved with

information regarding the procedure that should be taken to assist them in obtaining clear titles.


- Purchase of firetruck:


A special Public Hearing was held July 16, 1998, where the supervisor stated that the order of business was the consideration of the firetruck purchase plans for the Volunteer Fire Department, the estimate of costs for the project, the Special Assessment District proposed to be created for the recovery of such costs and the Petitions for the same.

The clerk reported that proper Notice of the hearing on these matters had been posted in three public locations and mailed by first class mail to each property owner on July 2, 1998 within the proposed assessment district as shown on the current tax rolls of the township on March 10, 1998. Affidavits of the mailing of these Notices were then presented and filed as a part of the records of the meeting.

The supervisor called for any objections or comments to Fire Protection, the proposed improvement, the plans therefore, the estimate of costs of $238,315.00 and the proposed Special Assessment District within which costs were to be assessed as described in the Notice of the hearing.

Questions were asked concerning the project, comments were made, and total letters submitted (15); 2 were in support, 13 were not in support. A list of attendees and their comments are listed on the approved Special Hearing minutes of July 16, 1998. 

The attached Resolution (Attachment A) was, upon motion, submitted by Boggio and supported by Clarkson, vote unanimous for adoption. 

Upon roll call vote the following voted ‘Aye": Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Gerald Johnson, Donald Keith, Nancy Sherk. 

The following voted ‘Nay’: None 

Motion carried and Resolution duly adopted. 


Volunteer Fire Department - Mike Radigan

No additional comments 

Water & Well-head Protection Committee - John Wakeman

- Motion to approve the hook-up of water to Mary Langdon’s house

- Motion to create a fund for construction of a Land Acquisition for water users by Keith,

supported by Sherk, vote unanimous

- Property owned by Art Arnson has been transferred to his son and should no longer be exempt

from the user fee. Water board committee to make recommendation.  

Cemetery Committee - Ginny Shubert

- Burial rights to be handed out within a few months 

Solid Waste Committee - Bruce Olson (Abs)

- Keweenaw Youth Academy and committee met, a proposal was submitted regarding the usage of

YSI’s waste facility and residents located near that facility. 

Beach Committee - Vern Robinson (Abs)

- A ‘thankyou’ goes out to Fred Geis and Fred Kellow for the signs and preserver which were

donated from the raffle proceeds of the monthly Potluck Dinners.


Recreation Committee - Barb Sickler

- The baby seat swing has been removed, swing replacements are needed on the remaining four

swings. Basketball backboards have been provided by E.H. homeowner, Bill Jacka.





Keith, supported by Boggio, vote unanimous 



ADJOURNMENT: 8:10 PM MM/S Boggio/Johnson - Vote 5-0 

John M. Clarkson, Clerk Jim Boggio, Supervisor