MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 7:00 pm by Supervisor, Jim Boggio 

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Gerald Johnson 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Donald Keith, Nancy Sherk 

PURPOSE: Assessment Determination & Millage for Purchase of Firetruck 

In Attendance: 39 (as counted on the sign-in sheet)


John Clarkson spoke and answered questions on the following statements:

- 1 3/4 mils suggested against SEV for period of 6 years

- Meeting with grantor of proposed grant scheduled for August 27, 1998

- Suggested Special Assessment District: all of Eagle Harbor Township

The following people spoke:

Gene Arntsen - had concerns about need of firetruck

Delbert White - will this new vehicle decrease individual personal insurance rates?

Laura Anderson - commented about decrease of insurance rating on a whole as a township

Jim Bloor - commented on insurance rating

Becky Markee - Will firehall hold both trucks?

Don Rupp - commented on insurance rating

Linda Pruner - updated equipment is needed to do the job

Gene Arntsen - do we respond to other communities in an emergency?

Cornellia Carlton - insurance for fire truck, cost?

Delbert White - other methods of financing researched, such as bonds?

Gene Arntsen - Question re: district to be taxed or is there another way of assessing only a


Delbert White - commended township board on process

Paul Freshwater - Agreed with Mr. White

Cornellia Carlton - Millage subject to annual review and what can we do to object if it

needs to be raised. 

Total letters submitted: (3) all opposed 

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Johnson, supported by Clarkson, vote unanimous 7:40pm 

John M. Clarkson, Clerk James Boggio, Supervisor