OCTOBER 13, 1997

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 7:00 PM by Supervisor, Jim Boggio


MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Gerald Johnson, Donald Keith

MEMBERS ABSENT: Trustee vacancy

MINUTES: September 8, 1997 'Special Meeting' reviewed. Motion to accept, Keith, supported by

Johnson, vote unanimous. September 8, 1997 regular meeting minutes: Public

comment regarding the Gratiot Lake street light motion was challenged. A letter was read

from those residents at Gratiot Lake not in favor of the light installation. Further discussion

on this subject will be discussed later in the meeting. Motion to accept minutes as they read,

Keith, supported by Johnson, vote unanimous.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Reviewed and accepted.

APPROVAL OF BILLS: Added a $29.00 bill from Eagle Harbor Inn and Clarkson to check the

bill from Michigan Dept. of Environmental Testing for accuracy before

paying. Motion to approve, Keith, supported by, Johnson, vote unanimous.

SUPERVISOR'S REMARKS AND CORRESPONDENCE: Flu shots will be given Oct. 16, 1997 at

the Eagle Harbor Schoolhouse from 10 am - 12 noon in conjunction with

Keweenaw Memorial Hospital.


Volunteer Fire Department - Mike Radigan (Absent)

at St. Peter's by the Sea.

Water & Well-head Protection Committee - John Wakeman (Absent)

Cemetery Committee - John Pippenger (Absent)

Solid Waste Committee - Bruce Olsen (Nothing to report)

Bach during winter hours of Saturdays from 10 am - 12 noon.

Beach Committee - Vacant

they performed over the past years.

Recreation Committee - Barb Sickler (Absent)

Page 2 - Eagle Harbor Township Meeting Miuntes - October 13, 1997


$1,000.00 was allocated at a previous township meeting to meet these needs. Board will not

proceed until they have direction from the VFD.

Don Robinson, Academy Director, who turned it over to Jeff Coltas. Jeff was to talk to Mike

Radigan. The academy showed interest in the idea, but no other information has become available.


police protection instead of having the funds revert to the State of Michigan. It was suggested that

a contract be on file with the Sheriff's department similar to the contract that Copper Harbor has.

A draft contract will be reviewed by the board at the next meeting.

Eagle Harbor for use of personal bathing and cleaning of household items. Request to enforce action

in some manner to prevent this occurrence. The property involved is owned by Champion Land

Company. The concerned resident contacted the land company and they do not object to having a

sign placed on their property regarding the discontinuance of these actions. The board will not

become involved with this issue and the resident will proceed, working along with the land company

in this manner.

Letters were submitted from Bruce Wagner, Virginia Jamison, Jean Olson, and Nancy Sherk. A

letter of support and many verbal comments had been made supporting the applicants. A ballot was

given to the (4) board members to cast their recommendation. Mary Probst, resident and attendee,

and Don Keith were asked to count the votes and announce the appointment. The majority voted

Nancy Sherk as the Trustee to fill the vacancy until the next state election in 1998. Motioned by

Johnson, supported by Keith, vote unanimous. She was sworn in and took a seat with the board.

Page 3 - Eagle Harbor Township Meeting Minutes - October 13, 1997

an alternate on the Board of Review. He accepted and was sworn in.

on October 14, 1997 to negotiate the possible erecting of a tower in the Fulton area of the county.

The board approves and supports such action and would like any interested parties to attend. Motion

to show support in this action, Clarkson, supported by Johnson, vote unanimous.


ADJOURNMENT: 8:47 PM Motioned by Keith, supported by Johnson, vote unanimous

John M. Clarkson, Clerk Jim Boggio, Supervisor