November 8, 2004


CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Supervisor Doug Sherk, at the Eagle Harbor Town Hall in Eagle Harbor, called the regular meeting of the Eagle Harbor Township Board to order at 7:00 p.m. on November 8, 2004.  Supervisor Sherk led the Pledge of Allegiance.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Trustee Lantz, Clerk Olson, Supervisor Sherk, Treasurer Johnson, and Trustee Ellis Present.



·          MM/S Sherk/Johnson to approve the agenda

The Agenda was approved unanimously



·          Approve minutes of October 11, 2004 regular meeting.

·          Accept Treasurer’s Report

·          Approve Payment of Bills

MM/S Lantz/Ellis to approve Consent Agenda Consent Agenda approved unanimously.


SPECIAL GUEST JEFF KNOOP ( The Nature Conservancy)

Report on Mt. Baldy (Lookout Mountain)-The Nature Conservancy has 1500 acres on Mt. Baldy. A private donation of $1 million has been given to the Nature Conservancy so that they can retain ownership. International Paper will grant them an access easement to the property. This donation will allow them to keep it as a nature preserve. There is still an outstanding debt of $400,000. They will be contacting previous donors to raise funds to pay off this debt. Paul Freshwater questioned motorized or handicapped access. There will be no motorized access within approximately 1 mile from the top but foot traffic is permitted.



1.       Correspondence

·          Keweenaw County Apportionment –2004 results-Available for anyone interested.

·          Keweenaw ATV Club support request – Sherk informed the Board of their request for support

·          Keweenaw Convention/Visitors Bureau – This is a new organization to take the place of the Tourism Council.  As a government entity we will not be applying for membership.

·          Keweenaw County Minutes from Don Keith –Available for any one interested.

·          Final New Water Line Cost – The final cost of the 3rd and 5th Street water projects was $56,877.39. That was less than the $58,253.10 bid awarded to Siler.

·          LLR2 Update – The Township did not receive this year’s grant from The Wetlands Conservation Group but we may be able to qualify in 2005. Supervisor Sherk thanked Gina Nicholas for all of her help with the grant.

2.       Remarks

·          MNA/EH Twp Trail Cooperation – The Redwyn Dunes Trail crosses the George Hite Dunes Marshes Preserve Land.  MNA would like to someday join their trail with the Eagle Harbor Township trail.

·          George Hite Dunes Marshes Presentation – On behalf of the Board and the Township, Supervisor Sherk presented donor George Hite with a bound set of original documents of the Baseline Study and the Conservation Easement for the George Hite Dunes and Marshes Preserve, and thanked him for making this acquisition possible. – Handout letter



·          Beach Committee – Inactive

·          Cemetery Committee – Ginny Schubert – No Report.

Sexton Comments – Mike Braman – No Report

·          Community Building – Jeane Olson – Bookings for next summer are coming in. 2 weddings, 1 already paid and a series of art classes have been booked.

·          First Responders – Bruce Olson – First responders attended a two day continuing education seminar at Michigan Tech. New equipment has been purchased –a Basket Stretcher which was on display, a folding backboard, and miscellaneous other equipment.

·          Hazard Mitigation Committee – Kris Callog – No Report

·          Hebard Plat Committee – Jeane Olson – Gary Tallon is working on property line agreements.

·          911 Committee – Doug Schubert – No Report

·          Park Committee – George Hite – No Report.

·          Recreation Committee – Barb Sickler – No Report

·          Solid Waste Committee – No Report.

·          Volunteer Fire Department – Mike Radigan- Ed Kisiel reported that the Emergency Response Drill on October 26 went well. VFD members have met with 2 manufacturers Reps to discuss a Fire Truck. They have also visited 2 other fire departments to look over their equipment.

·          Water Committee – John Wakeman

·          Water Systems Operator – Reid Rastello – No Report.

·          Wellhead Protection Committee – Reid Rastello – No Report.

·          Zoning Advisory Committee – George Hite – No Report.



·          Private Road Ordinance – Tabled awaiting further information, no update.

·          Insurance Risk Control – Tabled awaiting further information, no update.

·          Water Electrical Ground Ordinance – Tabled, no update.

·          Assessor Contract – Tabled, no update.

·          Snow Removal Contract – Tabled – no update.



·          Swearing in of New Officials – Supervisor Sherk gave the Oath of Office to Supervisor Elect Ed Kisiel, Clerk Jeane Olson, Treasurer Ann Johnson, and Trustees Tom Ellis and Dick Lantz.

·          Historical Society Copy Contract – MM/S Johnson/Olson to renew the agreement with the Historical Society for use of the Township copy machine. Motion passed unanimously with a roll call vote.





Policy/Rule for public comment: 3 minutes per person – up to 20 minutes total during meeting and 3 minutes per person – up to 20 minutes total under public comment section of agenda.

This policy will be stated on all agendas


Several Citizens were recognized for the following public comments:


·          Jeane Olson – Deputy Clerk is needed. Anyone interested may submit a resume or apply at the Township Office. Pay is $10 per hour for hours worked.

·          Trustee Dick Lantz presented Supervisor Sherk with a gift Certificate to the Eagle Harbor Inn.

·          Supervisor Sherk responded with a statement of how much he enjoyed working for the Township and with the other members of the Board.

·          Doug Schubert commented that he saw Supervisor Sherk’s automobile at the Township Hall a lot.

·          Jeane Olson announced that there would be refreshments available after the meeting was adjourned.



·          MM/S Johnson/Ellis to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township




I, the undersigned, Jeane Olson, the duly qualified and elected Clerk for the Township of Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of certain proceedings taken by the Township Board of said Township at a regular board meeting held on the 8th day of November, 2004.





Jeane Olson, Clerk

Eagle Harbor Township