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Report On February, 1997 Board Meeting

The Township Board met Monday evening, February 10, for its regular monthly meeting. All Board members and deputies were present, as was most everyone else in town (ten of us) including a new resident young mom with her three year old. A happy, playful child is a rare and welcomed sight in an Eagle harbor winter.

The Board handled its routine business of paying bills, approving minutes and financial reports, etc. with its usual dispatch. Treasurer Gerry Johnson and Deputy Treasurer Ann Johnson reported Winter Tax payments were being paid promptly (due February 14th) and the current balances in the Township's various funds were in line with expectations. Water Fund revenues from water sales and the $50 per quarter Construction Fee were meeting water system operating expenses and recovering the Township's cost for the new wells and pipe. The Construction Fee is scheduled to expire in 1997. Solid Waste fees are also offsetting the cost of setting up and operating the new compactor system.

The Board considered and adopted a draft contract prepared by resident Mary Beyers for resident use of the Township Schoolhouse for private events (wedding receptions, etc.) A fee of $100 will be charged and the user is responsible for clean-up. Copies of the contract are available at the Township Office. Persons seeking use of the facility should contact the Office or Supervisor Jim Boggio.

Clerk John Clarkson reported that the Township's insurance carrier would not allow "untrained volunteers" to man the solid waste facility. John said it was his understanding that the operator would need to be a trained, "W-2" Township employee. The Township has been unsuccessful in finding someone to perform this function. Jim Boggio reported that winter resident use of the facility was light and that for the present things were OK. Resident Bruce Olson, chair of the Board's Solid Waste Committee reported, tougne-in-cheek, that evrything was "solid" at the Solid Waste facility.

Assessor Bob Taylor presented a review of a computer software system for getting the Township's property assessment files on computer and recommended a system widely used by Michigan assessment districts. It would cost about $1500 to install. The Board authorized the purchase noting the effeciencies in both assessment determinations as well as record keeping.

The Board began its review of the 1997-1998 Fiscal Year budget. (The Township 's fiscal year runs from April 1st through March 31st.) Supervisor Jim Boggio recommended consideration of adjustments in elected Township officials' compensation and presented a comparison with official compensation rates in other Keweenaw and Houghton County townships. He noted that Eagle Harbor Township compensation rates had not been adjusted for several years and were generally less than those paid in townships with comparable taxable values. He also noted that growth in the Township was adding significantly to the time needed by officials to carry out their duties. He expressed concern that the Township might be unable to continue attract qualified candidates for these positions if the compensation for needed time commitments was not reasonable. Current and (suggested) monthly compensation rates are as follows: Supervisor,$350 ($450); Clerk, $350 ($450); Treasurer, $350 ($450); Trustees, $70 ($90) per meeting (usually one per month). The Board recently adjusted the Assessor's contract rate to $500 per month. Deputies to the Clerk and Treasurer are unpaid positions.

Draft 1997-1998 expenditure budgets prepared by Treasure Gerry Johnson and Deputy Treasurer Ann Johnson for the General, Water, Solid Waste, Volunteer Fire Department, and Cemetery Funds totalled about $125,000 with no apparent material variations from the current budget, other than the suggested elected official compensation rates.

The Board will have a public budget workshop meeting on Friday, February 14th at 9:30 a.m. at the Township Office. The 1997-1998 Township Budget will be voted on at the Board's March meeting. Copies of the draft budget are available at the Township Office.

Township Election Results

Federal Ballot
President US Senate Congress
Other Carl
51 88 13 2 71 80 89 61

State Ballot
State Representative
Kathy-Stupak Thrall Paul Tesanovich(e) Other
80 70 2

Keweenaw County Ballot
Contested Races Only
Prosecuting Attorney Treasurer Road Commissioner
Paul Tomasi Donna Jaaskelainen(e) Geri Hall(e) Write-Ins Mary Randa Fred Gaabo(e) Write-Ins
68 86 76 55 62 73 14

Township Ballot
Supervisor Clerk Treasurer Trustee
James Boggio(e) John Clarkson(e) Gerald Johnson(e) Peter Van Pelt(e) Don Keith(e)
131 128 127 104 115

State Proposals
A. Bingo Fundraising B. Judges' Experience C. Veterans' Trust D. Bear Bait/Dogs E. Detroit Casino G. Wildlife Mgm't
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No
88 53 122 25 121 21 86 63 72 74 98 50

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