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Report On Highlights of April 12, 1999 Township Board Meeting.

Members Jim Boggio, John Clarkson, Jeane Olson and Don Keith were present, as was Deputy Clerk Bruce Wagner. Treasurer Gerry Johnson and Deputy Treasurer Ann Johnson were absent. Gerry and Ann are in Houston where Gerry is sucessfully recovering from major surgery. About fifteen local residents, including several members of our Volunteer Fire Department, were also present.

The March 8th Meeting Minutes were approved with minor amendment.

Water System LeaksSupervisor Jim Boggio reported that Water Manager Don Keith and consulting engineer Dick Supino had inspected the water system over the past weekend and that a suspected leak in one of the underground pipe system's gate valves had been discovered. He added that at least one additional major leak seemed likely. The suspected gate valve will be dug out on Tuesday, inspected, and repaired if necessary.

Fire Truck Purchase Contract Awarded.In my capacity as a pro bono helper to the Township in the fire truck procurement, I presented a review of the truck bids and subsequent analysis and negotiation with the low bidder. Two bids had been received: one for $211,728, and a second for $207,032. Both exceeded the truck cost estimate of $195,000 presented at the special assessment public hearings last summer.

I reported that the proposal truck specifications supplied by each bidder had been carefully reviewed by the Fire Department, and that the specification supplied by the high bidder was found to be materially, and adversely, at variance with the specification the Township had supplied to prospective bidders. A decision had then been made to enter into negotiation with the low bidder, 3D Manufacturing, to reduce the cost to not more than the amount the Township had budgeted. These negotiations included modification and/or omission of some of the truck equipment and price concession by the bidder. I noted that some "desirable" but not "essential" equipment had been modified or eliminated, but that no change had been made in the specification areas the Department considers most important for effective operation and long term truck service.

I reported that 3D's amended proposal based on these negotiations now totaled $190,500 and presented the Board with a confirming letter from 3D. I recommended an award to 3D in an amount not to exceed $191,000, noting that for operator safety reasons one of the items eliminated, costing about $500, should be reinstated. I also advised the Board that the Township should also anticipate an expenditure of approximately $2,000 for a 5 KW portable electric power generator since the larger and more sophisticated generator anticipated on the truck had been eliminated.

Fire Chief Radigan urged the Board to approve a purchase contract with 3D in the full amount of the budget, $195,000, so that additional equipment could be added. I cautioned against that request, noting that it seemed prudent to retain some budget reserve for contingencies that might develop during the truck building process.

By resolution adopted unanimously, the Board authorized and directed the Township Supervisor and Township Clerk to execute on behalf of the Township a purchase contract for a pumper/tanker fire apparatus with 3D Manufacturing, Inc. at a cost not to exceed $191,000.

So ends a saga of over two year's duration. We should have our new truck by early 2000.

School House (Community Center) Restoration. Supervisor Boggio reported that the construction of a handicapped accessible bathroom was near completion and that the building's first floor interior had been cleaned out in preparation of restoration. He said that plumbing deficienies were being corrected and that the electrical wiring, which was in terrible and dangerous condition, was being replaced. Jim noted that the Eagle Harbor Schoolhouse Restoration Committee would soon be mailing a financial appeal letter to many Township property owners seeking the funds needed to complete the restoration in time for the community's Year 2000, Millennium Celebration.

Water User Regulations Supervisor Boggio noted that the Township had received one letter and a couple of phone calls stating objections to some provisions in a summary of the Township's recently adopted water user ordinances recently sent to the owners of the 128 properties connected to the Township water system. The principal objection was to the entry of Township personnel onto property to inspect water system connections. Jim noted that the ordinance provisions had been developed and recommended to the Board by the Township's Water Board, and that they were similiar to ordinances existing in nearby communities, including Copper Harbor. He said the concerns would be conveyed to the Water Board for review.

"Dump", Sorry, Solid Waste Facility, Summer Hours Set Solid Waste Committee chair Bruce Olson recommended that the 1999 Summer hours for the Solid Waste Facility be the same as last year: Wednesday, 10 am to noon; Saturday, 9 am to noon; and, Sunday, 3 pm to 5 pm. The summer hours will begin on May 15th. The Board approved the recommendation.

Cemetery Lot Price IncreaseTrustee Don Keith said he would offer a motion at the May meeting to increase the price of grave sites at Pine Grove Cemetery, effective August 1, 1999. He said he would recommend the price be raised from $100 to $200. There seemed to be Board support for this increase.

Pesky Geese To Get Their Eggs OiledJim Boggio, our self appointed goose warden, advised that after being told by the MDNR that shooting permits would not be forthcoming, the DNR said they would oil goose eggs if the Township would identify the nest locations. Apparently, oiled eggs will not hatch. If eggs are destroyed, our pesky neighbors just produce some more. Geese return to the place of their hatching. So folks, hunt for those nests and give Jim a call.

Eagle Harbor Needs You In Year 2000 CensusIt's not too late to produce children for the Year 2000 April Federal Census (well, it is for some of us), but if you are elgible to vote here, you can also help boost our Harbor count, and State per-capita tax distributions, by being sure you tell the census taker that Eagle Harbor is your place of residence - even if the census taker tracks you down on some southern beach. Clerk John Clarkson made such an appeal after noting that the Township's census count is only 73 souls, even though there are more than 200 registered voters.

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