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Report On Highlights of May 10, 1999 Township Board Meeting.

Members Jim Boggio, Gerry Johnson, Jeane Olson and Don Keith were present, as was Deputy Clerk Bruce Wagner and Deputy Treasurer Ann Johnson. Another sure sign of impending summer was the good turnout of about 25 Harborites.

The April 12th Meeting Minutes were approved with minor amendment. ( It was noted that the Wellhead Protection Grant from the State was $12,500, not the $25,000 reported.)

Fire Truck Purchase Contract Signed.I reported that the $191,000 contract with 3D Manufacuring for the new fire truck had been signed. The truck is expected to be delivered next December or January. In response to a query, Chief Radigan assured everyone that the truck color would br "fire engine red".

911 Emergency Number Being Explored.Chief Mike Radigan reported on an exploratory meetings he had attended on the isue of extending 911 service into Keweenaw County. Houghton County is now installing such a system, financed by monthly surcharges on telephone bills. Mike requested the Townshop Board to adopt a resolution addressed to the Keweenaw County Board expressing the Township's support for investigating this emergency service option. The Board did so.

Perhaps No Beach Raft This Summer.Supervisor Boggio reported that because of the extremely low lake level this year (lowest since 1926 and about 20" lower than last summer) and the resulting risk of diving, there is the possibility that the beach raft will not be installed this summer.

Recreation Grant Reviewers To Visit Harbor Supervisor Boggio reported that representatives of the state agencies reviewing the Township's request for grants to fund the aquistion of lands in the Lake Eliza/Long Lake pinery for recreation and wellhead protection puposes will be touring the property with him on May 12th. He encouraged other board members to participate.

Hebard Park Assessor's Plat Trustee Jeane Olson, who heads the joint Township and affected property owner committee managing this endeavor to resolve survey discrepancies in the original Hebard plat, reported that ads had been placed in the Gazette for resurvey proposals, and that bids were due by June 1st. The Board will consider the bids at its June 14th meeting.

Water System Hookups and Improvements. The Board approved three additional hookups to the Township water system (one of them the seventh on a 3/4" line - a shower time schedule for these neighbors will probably be in order). Supervisor Boggio reported that the advisory Water Board, chaired by John Wakeman, will be meeting soon to consider correspondence from water users regarding service concerns about the 63 year old, "New Deal" funded and WPA installed system, and proposals for system improvements.

Cemetery Lot Price IncreaseThe Board increased the cost of burial lots for resident/property owners from the current $100 to $200, effective August 1, 1999. The cost to non-residents will remain at $500.

Township Hall Expansion On HoldBoggio reported that two bids recently recieved for the expansion of the Township Hall were substantially over budget. A third bidder offered a lower bid if the construction could be delayed. Jim noted that all area builders were extremely busy with home construction and remodels. He said Clerk John Clarkson was handling the project and would be asked to make a full status report to the Board at the June meeting. He recommended that the project be put on hold until then. The Board concurred.

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