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Township Board Meeting Report

This report is very unofficial -- just observations of Your Editor.

Report On Highlights of May 11, 1998 Township Board Meeting.

A sparse group of ten residents joined Supervisor Jim Boggio, Treasurer Gerry Johnson, Trustees Don Keith and Nancy Sherk, and Deputy Treasurer Ann Johnson in the Township Hall for the May meeting. John and Nancy Clarkson were in Florida. The meeting lasted only 35 minutes.

April Meeting Minutes . Approved as previously posted.

Treasurer's Report

We are just one month into the new fiscal year so total cash and investments on hand in all funds still totals about $255,000. All but about $40,000 is invested. No unplanned expenditures were reported.

Two File For Trustee Vacancy.

It was reported that Bruce Wagner of Gratiot Lake and Jeane Olson of Cat Harbor had filed for the trustee position on the August 4th Township election ballot. (Filings closed May 12th.) This is the position vacated by Peter Van Pelt which has a year to run. Trustee Nancy Sherk was appointed to the Board to the position until the next election. She has decided not to file.

Gratiot Lake Dry Hydrant

Fire Chief Mike Radigan reported that the fire department was working with the DNR to secure the necessary permits and possible financial assistance in installing a pipe into Gratiot Lake connected to a hydrant that can be utilized to refill the Township fire truck and DNR forest fire equipment..

Water System Fee Extension And Improvements

Supervisor Boggio reported that the Township Water Board (John Wakemen, chair) would soon meet to consider recommendations on extending the soon to expire $50 per quarter water system improvement fee and what, if any, additional improvements should be made to the system. The Water Board's recommendations are expected to be considered at the Township Board's June 8th meeting.

School House Restoration

Jim Boggio advised that work had started on the restoration of the School House exterior. He expects the work on the exterior to be completed by mid-summer. Additional financial contributions are necessary. Please contact Jim if you can assist. He reported that the Healy family had contributed $2,000 to the project.

Fire Truck

Clerk John Clarkson was not present so there was no new information on the cost estimates. Chief Radigan reported the proposed truck specifications were complete. He also said he was investigating the availability of low interest truck purchase funding through the US Dept of Agriculture Rural Development Program.

Other Stuff

CemeterySupervisor Boggio recommended the appointment of Patti Keith as Cemetery Sexton at a stipend of $500 per year. Don Keith, current Sexton at $1/day (#365/yr), will serve as assistant Sexton at no pay. The recommendation was approved. Don reported that 22 Township residents assisted in the annual cemetery cleanup last Saturday. Don also reported that the Memorial Day ceremony would be at 10 am, on Monday, May 25th.
Solid Waste Facility Hours Clarence Bach advised the Board that the Solid Waste Committee was recommending that summer open hours for the solid waste facility be set for Saturday, 9-12 noon; Sunday. 3 - 5 pm; and, Wednesday, 10 - noon. The Board approved the recommendation, effective Saturday, May 16th.
If The Fire Siren Sounds, Turn Your Water Off.Supervisor Jim and Water Department Don expressed concern about the dry weather prompting a lot of lawn watering when summer residents returned, with resulting low water pressure in the Township water system. The plan is to sound the fire siren if there is a fire reported in the area served by hydrants. Residents are requested to shut off lawn sprinklers when the siren sounds.

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