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Report On Highlights of September 14, 1998 Township Board Meeting.

All members and other Township officials were present as were about twenty residents. The meeting was held in the Community Building.

Public Hearing of August 26th Meeting Minutes . Approved without correction.

New Fire Truck Special Assessment Roll.(See September 15th Update on this matter in Township News. Later in the meeting Supervisor Boggio and Clerk Clarkson commented that there might be a risk that someone opposed to the Board's decision on this matter might challenge it in court. They suggested that to alleviate such risk it might be desirable to submit the question of establishing a special assessment district to the Township's registered voters at the November election. I and others noted that the risk of legal challenge existed on every issue the Board might consider, but that in this matter the Board had meticlously adhered to Michigan law relating to township use of special assesment districts to fund police and fire improvements and that while someone unhappy with the decision might challenge it, the Board had already done what it needed to do to alleviate the risk of such a challenge being successful. Others noted that the Board and community had deliberated and debated this matter for almost three years, the decision had been made with full public participation, and that it was time to "put the matter behind us and get on with the program".

Township Hall and Community Building Improvements.Supervisor Boggio reported that the Township had just received long delayed Health Department and Building Permit approvals for the expansion of the Township Hall, including the installation of handicapped accessible public restrooms at that facility. Some work on a new septic system and building foundation would be completed this fall, but that most of the work expected to be done in 1998 would slip to 1999. He requseted and received Board permission to transfer $10,000 of the $25,000 budgeted in 1998 for Township Hall improvements to the Community Building (Eagle Harbor Schoolhouse) to improve and make handicapped accessible the bathrooms at that facility. He noted that for the Township to succesfully seek Federal grants and loans for Township projects, all public buildings needed to be handicapped accessible.

Assessor Bob Taylor & Water System Manager Don Keith Advise Of Pending Resignations.Supervisor Boggio reported with considerable regret that Assessor Bob Taylor had notified the Township that he intended to resign from his appoitment as soon as a successor could be named. Trustee Don Keith also advised the Board that he would resign his position as our water system manager as soon as his successor could be appointed. Both cited personal plans for travel and family considerations as contributing to there decisions. Don also noted that the water system job was also very physically demanding. Supervisor Boggio said both positions would be posted and that persons interested in either position should contact him. (Editor's Note: These are major losses for the Township. Bob and Don have provided outstanding service in their positions. Bob's very professional and ethical handling of the challenging task of assessing Township properties has done much to build equity and confidence in Township property assessments. Don has sought the training necessary to become highly skilled in managing our complex water system, and his cheerful disposition and dedication to duty have served us well.)

"Hebard Subdivision" Error. Supervisor Jim Boggio reported that the Township had recently sent letters to all 40 some propery owners in the Hebard Subdivision (along Lake Superior near Hebard Park) advising them of errors in the plat survey and the consequences to their ownership and ability to transfer title to their property. He reported that some of the owners had subsequently contacted the Township seeking further information and Township assistance in resolving the matter. Three or four of the owners were present and reinforced the need for additional information and assistance. Boggio noted that the Township's letter had advised that the owners could resolve the matter through an "Assessors Plat". He said that the Township could assist in implementing such a remedy, but that the owners would need to petition the Township for such assistance with the understanding that the cost of such a plat would be assessed to the benefited properties. The Board agreed to provide additional information and the owners present said they would pursue getting the necessary petitions.

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