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December 19, 2003

Environmental Canada's Latest Report On Lake Level.

Lake Level Below Normal - But Normal Seasonal Decline Dampened

November's less than normal decline a result of less than normal evaporation from the lake surface due to mild temperatures. Evaporation, not discharge into the St. Mary's River, is the greatest source of water loss.

Lake Superior typically reaches its annual low in early April, and its highest level in late September.

The November precipitation in the Lake Superior basin was 81% of the long term monthly average. Outflow through the Sault was 78% of normal.

Despite the below normal precipitation and discharge from Superior, the lower Great Lakes are recovering. Lakes Huron and Michigan actually rose almost 3" in November. They normally decline about 3" in that month. Nonetheless, those lakes are still about 19" below normal and down about 2" from a year ago.

For more insight about where Lake Superior water comes from and where it goes, go to Lake Superior.)

For a daily update on Superior level compared to last year check NOAA Daily Lake Superior Level Report

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